Off the Wall: Zerg Creep and Radical Progressive Creeps

I still play this old game called Starcraft, and in this game there is a race of organic creatures called zerg who have to build their civilization on “creep.”  “Creep” is a pulsing purple bio-compound that creeps (spreads) outward from wherever a creep colony is placed.  It sort of oozes out and takes over the area nearby, making it uninhabitable to other races (but kind of pretty if you like purple, and I do).  Anyway, I tell you this not because I want you to play Starcraft (but if you do, shoot me an email) but because this weird analogy-metaphor-simile (depending on my brain function that day) of the creep and progressives has been hampering my fun time.  Okay, not really “hampering,” but every time I play zerg and watch that creep creep, I am struck by how this is the progressive tactic, how they got where they are . . . and perhaps how we’ll get them out once and for all.

I have to be honest and tell you that I never paid that much attention to the late-nineteenth / early-twentieth century Progressive movement.  Sure, I remember studying it in college and still have my texts from then (I’m a packrat, too, especially when it comes to books), but I didn’t really pay attention.  Make connections.  Well, you know, care.  Until lately.  Now that we have a radical prog in the WH, it’s hard not to pay attention and care a great deal.  I’m late to the plate on this one, but most of us are, most of us didn’t see this coming at all.

The zerg, in StarCraft, have this ability to burrow, they simply dig into the ground . . . if you’re strategizing worth a flip, they do so in “enemy territory” or near resources that haven’t yet been claimed, and they wait for the unsuspecting to come along so they can unburrow and kill them.  Or they simply wait there, hidden, and watch as the enemy sets up camp.  In this way, the zerg player knows exactly what is in that camp and can combat it most effectively by moving in the “counter” to each zerg fighter.  The enemy won’t see it coming until it’s too late.

So how did the progs infiltrate our society, weaken it to the point that they actually “won” the best place on the map (the WH)?  They did it methodically and by stealth, they got into our school system, our media, our local and state governments and court systems.  And they did some things that seemed to make sense.  Political correctness being the most obvious example.  Who can argue that racism, sexism, and every other ism is A-ok and should be a part of our socio-cultural make-up?  And they were.  I am old enough to remember when the “N” word was just a word, a hurtful, mean, abusive word, but one that was bandied about quite freely by just about everyone.  I can remember when movies like Up in Smoke were just funny as hell and not indictments of Latino culture that used stereotype to ridicule.  I can remember when it was commonplace to make assumptions about and cast aspersions on a “woman’s place” (well, it still is okay to do that . . . as long as you’re talking about Sarah Palin and are a liberal . . . “feminist”).  It’s good that we raised awareness of some of the less attractive, more destructive consequences of our pre-PC culture.  So we all sat back and let it happen.  We even were glad that hate was being purged from our collective unconscious. 

But that was just the dropping of a creep colony.  What happened from there was that this PC culture crept into everything . . . everything that progs wanted to control (which is everything).  It wasn’t just about combating hate anymore (like that can be legislated out of existence anyway. How naive we all were!), though it was still packaged that way.  It was about control.  Controlling speech (and thought), controlling entire demographics, controlling society to the point that everything was suspect.  Especially God.  God was the next target, and that’s the one that we should have been more vocal about, but we’d already been coached into this new “open” mindedness about “others” (other cultures, other races, other races, other genders).  And we wanted to be open-minded.  We wanted everyone to have their comfortable place in this country . . . even as that encroached on our own comfort levels, our own freedoms, our own culture, our own religion.  Sure, it’s okay if we don’t say “under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance; sure, we really shouldn’t have nativity scenes on government or public spaces; sure, okay, maybe Christmas trees are rather offensive; well, sure, okay, if you really think that the word “Christmas” is offensive, we’ll say “Holiday” instead.”  Sure, okay, it’s fine.  Up close, that pretty purple creep, like the underbelly of progressivism, is distinctly ugly. 

And we didn’t do much about the creep creeping into our schools, either.  Our kids have been subjected to anti-American ranting for decades.  Told again and again how awful, belligerent, dangerous America is.  And we sort of thought (when we thought about it at all), well, okay, sure, we have done some pretty awful things, supported some pretty awful policies.  Okay, that’s fair.  We didn’t see that the “fairness” factor, the “open-mindedness,” the embracing of multicultural beauty somehow didn’t extend to our own country, to white people, or to Christians.  We were complicit in our own near-destruction because we thought, somehow, that it was okay for us to become the enemy, the big bad in the world.  Gee, we as a nation did make mistakes, we did do some things of which we aren’t proud.  We deserve to be taken down a peg or two.  Or three.  So we built up our camps around the burrowed enemy thinking we were safe.  Somehow.

Our saving grace isn’t our superior strategy or our superior forces but rather that the progs are n00bs.  They unburrowed too soon, they didn’t have their best offensive guard hotkeyed, they were straggled out all over the map.  Revealed too soon, strategically speaking, the radical progs were unprepared for our own rush (zerg rushes are one of the best early-game strategies according to most StarCraft players, but they have their place by the two other races in mid- and late-game).  The Tea Party, the Town Halls, the way that we conservatives awoke across the country and bounded into action . . . it all caught them unprepared.  They were looking the other way (probably sitting around upgrading their stats).

Even when our counter-assault began, they were unimpressed, convinced they had the upper hand, sure that they’d covered enough of the map with creep, burrowed units, and defensive measures such as our PC culture that would silence and shame us (fyi, in Starcraft the defensive structures are spore colonies for air defense and sunken colonies for ground defense.  But we’re playing Terrans, the human-military race in StarCraft, and we have ways of spotting those burrowed units, seige tanks for taking out sunks, firebats w/medics to cut through whatever weakling zergling rushes they may muster).  At the end of the day, we have the power that they cannot comprehend: we have something that the progs can never touch, we are something that progs can never understand and never combat.  We are proud patriots who love our country.  We are Americans to our core, and we will not sit back while they creep their way to the destruction of our country.  We will unearth them wherever they are hiding, we will vote them out of office, and we will prevail. 

Game over.


7 thoughts on “Off the Wall: Zerg Creep and Radical Progressive Creeps

  1. Perfect analogy Fuzzy.

    PS – The new creeps are the Muslims.

    And they are loving that we are fighting each other with hardly a mention of what dangerous mindless murderous evil they are. Divide and conquer. Someone said that once.

  2. I wish I could remember where I read it, but someone did a post about the idea that Obama wasn't ready for and is not equipped to handle the Tea Party / Conservative uprising.

    He's never faced a real Conservative opponent in his political life, so he has no idea what to do or say. He's pretty much cheated his way into every position he's ever had, and he's always had nothing but 'yes men' surrounding him.

    Right now he's just flailing stuff at the wall, trying to get something to stick – and it's just making more of a mess.

    We got very lucky in the timing of this “event” in many ways. Had they waited and been more organized our resistance might have been futile. Because they were incompetent at their highest levels we were able to catch up in time.

    Now what we have on our side is the truth of history. Truth will always win over slogans and catch phrases…

  3. They spent so long brain-washing people. They had to be shocked that people woke up. I think that may be the one silver lining to BO. He moved so fast it alarmed us. For years now they have been moving slow gradually taking power. I think BO will be to the progressive movement what invading Russia was to Hitler.

  4. @ Kid, yes, Islam is creeping out across the world, including here. Taking our country back is the first step to stemming that tide on our own shores.

    @ Opus, oh! Does Candle play StarCraft? Fun!

    @ Soloman, that's the truth. He didn't expect it, our uprising, and doesn't know how to handle it. But the point, as you note, is that we got LUCKY here. It was their incompetence, their hubris, that prompted them to show their hand too early, that allowed us to (finally) understand what is happening.

    @ Trestin, I think that plays a part in it. They didn't realize that we have been in the process of waking up for years, that the whittling away of our freedoms has been grating on us all along, but that we were largely silent about it. It helps that they simply don't “get it,” that they have no idea what it means to be an American . . . what it means to us, anyway. And yes, BO is the death of progressives, for sure, and like Russia, BO will end up beaten, without resources (political capital in this case), and sitting on the bench for a good long while.

    @ Chickadee, thanks! 🙂 Yes, this is a real problem that we need to address post haste. Again, we all need to get involved with, elected to our school boards, to stop the indoctrination of still more. What we do about the ones that have already been created, I'm not sure. But I do think that many will simply shed the silliness once they mature a bit, and once they understand that what they've been taught is all wrong (on so many levels).

    @ WHT, awww! Valentines hugggs right back atcha! 😉

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