The American Spirit

What do you think of when you think of America?  I think of American ingenuity, American resourcefulness.  I think of pioneers heading into the unknown, be it to an unknown continent or into the unknown wild west.  I think of American inventions from the cotton gin to refrigeration to the Ford assembly line to the telegraph.  I think of Americans walking on the moon, building skyscrapers, making discoveries in science and technology that have changed the world.  I think of Americans as staunch allies and generous providers of aid, both financial and military, where and when needed.  I think of Americans reaching out to each other a helping hand after tragedies like 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina, and I’ve seen first-hand, having lived for some time in the hurricane-buffetted Florida panhandle, that this willingness to help, this eagerness to aid a neighbor or stranger, is not reserved for only these levels of catastrophe.  I think of Americans reaching out with equal empathy when tragedies strike other countries (we are always first to respond to tragedies be they tsunamis or earthquakes, and as we have the most to give, we give the most.  Freely.  With compassion.).  I think of America, still, as the land of opportunity, the one country on earth where you can still achieve the “American Dream.”

What has made all of this possible is that we apply our American ingenuity and resourcefulness to all situations.  When industry needed regulation as revealed in Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle, we changed it.  When people were being exploited in steel mills, we changed it and improved the working conditions in factories across the country.  We have abolished slavery, given women the vote, enfranchised the poor.  We have defended freedom, our own and that of others, around the world.  We have shared our resources with our allies (and too often with our enemies).  We have been a beacon of hope for people around the world.  And we have been able to do all of this because we are a free people.  We have a limited government that instead of micro-managing every aspect of our lives has instead provided the protections and opportunities that Americans have needed, have been blessed with, to accomplish so very very much.  We grew from a rag-tag bunch of misfit rebels into the most powerful nation on earth.  In less than two centuries!   

When government steps back and leaves businesses and individuals to flourish, flourish they do.  We’ve proven that.  It’s fact.  When government steps in and oversees, controls, and legislates everything–businesses, people, countries, entire civilizations wither and die.  We’ve seen that in country after country in our own lifetimes, and it’s been the truth, fact, throughout history.  When a people are given hand-outs from the government, they become listless, unmotivated, dependent.  Productivity, innovation, even the will to survive decline to an eventual and inevitable stand-still.  People shrivel up and die rather than shuffle through life on a meager existence that offers no hope, no nothing.  When people are given opportunity and freedom, they bound into action, they become independent, prosperous, and successful.  This is truth.  This is fact.  If people have to work, create, invent, and innovate to survive, thrive, and prosper, they will.  All people, not just Americans, will rise to the occasion, meet the challenge head-on.  We, Americans, in my not-so-humble opinion, are blessed to have that certain something, that American spirit, that prevails in all things.  We are proud people, yes, but we are also independent people.  A people who want opportunity, not hand-outs.

We saw this clearly in the fall-out from the Cornhusker Kickback.  In order to secure Senator Ben Nelson’s vote on the (first-step, or “starter home,” of the) government takeover of our healthcare system, Reid granted Nebraska a free-pass on Medicaid, the federal government would pay for all of Nebraska’s Medicaid for all time.  “The federal government” doesn’t have an income beyond our taxes (and some frantic borrowing and money printing that are getting us closer and closer to a true economic collapse), so that means that 49 states’ taxpayers would be footing the bill for Nebraska’s Medicaid–healthcare for the poor.  Forever.  We would be taxed for another state’s services, taxed, of course, without representation because we can’t vote there.  This caused an uproar across the nation.  We were indignant, not only at the idea of footing the bill for Nebraskans while also paying for the Medicaid in our own states, not only at the idea of taxation without representation, but at the idea that a vote on a fundamentally un-American bill can be bought like that.  That the concept of America, what it means to be American, is for sale.

The most important part of this story, though, is that the people of Nebraska themselves rejected it.

Pause and digest.

Nebraska did America proud by adamantly opposing the Cornhusker Kickback.  They didn’t want the hand-out, they didn’t want the “favor” that would make their lives easier (or at least slightly less expensive than the other 49 states).  They refused to be bought off, to be taken under the government wing and “nurtured.”  They wanted to stand alone.  To thrive and survive, to retain their independence and stand, like the proud Americans they are, on their own two feet.  The people of Nebraska were furious and embarrassed, and they booed Ben Nelson out of a pizza parlor, they spoke out against this travesty, and their governor let it be known that Nebraska would not fall, would not hand over their sovereignty, their American spirit to a traitor to our country’s principles.  As a result, Nelson has been shamed into asking that the kickback be removed from the bill.  But he has revealed himself to be anathema to the American spirit.  A traitor, really (how else can you describe someone who so fully misses the point, who so “robustly” misreads the American spirit?), and his political career is likely over as a result. 

BO, of course, misread the entire thing, but that’s because he doesn’t get it.  He doesn’t understand–deep-down, intuitively know–what it means to be an American.  He thinks that the republicans caused the reversal, he thinks that this is politics.  He doesn’t understand that what he is doing, what he wants, what he is goes against the grain of America, that it grates against the grain of the American spirit, of our most foundational principles and beliefs.  He doesn’t get that we aren’t a people who want the government to provide for us–that we are a people who want the government to provide only what it is constitutionally directed to provide: opportunity, protection, and representation of the people.

The people, those in Nebraska, and those across this land reject BO and his traitorous horde’s plan to “fundamentally transform” our country, not because we are stupid or that it hasn’t been explained correctly, not because we are political pawns bent on saying “no,” but because we understand very well what is being proposed.  We understand that it is anti-American, that if flies (and spits) in the face of who we are as a people.  We fly free, we forge paths, we protect and defend.  We don’t cower in the shadows waiting for our next hand-out, we don’t slink uninspired and listless through the sewers of life wondering what someone else will do for us.  We stand tall, we innovate, we invent, we succeed, we rush to the aid of others because we have not only the wealth and strength to do so but because we are a good, decent people.  We are Americans, for God’s sake, Americans.




21 thoughts on “The American Spirit

  1. WOW!!! That was powerful… In my usual off beat mentality, all I can see is that Dairy Queen add where it's just the big red lips talking “NAILED IT”…

    Are you doing anything say for four years starting 2013? You would make a great president for the simple fact that YOU GET IT… That being what it means to be an American…

    I'm going to our local 9/12 meeting this morning with more pride than normal…

    Thanks Fuzzy…

  2. I see that red cape is working out for you. This is a great post. At times I wonder if our nation will recover and if we still have what it takes. We the people are still great, and our government better wake up.

    Today I hared the video of Glenn Beck poring gas on some guy, to show my friend in Indonesia what many people think of Obama. The reaction was total shock that he could do that. He said if someone did that here, they would shut down the station.

    That is why we can win. In other countries socialist have taken over and done all kinds of horrible things. While it is taking a beating, we still have our constitution protecting us.

  3. Our current state of the union did not happen over night. It took decades of incremental liberal policies to make our country teeter on the brink of socialism.

    I think that Obama's overreaching has unveiled socialism to many of the previously unenlightened for the rotten fish that it is, and we as a nation, because of all of the virtues you decscribe in your excellent post, will pull us back from the brink in November. We can at that point start to incrementally dismantle these redistribution programs, brick by brick, that are killing us now (to include SS, the progressive tax code and the IRS in general, Medicare, Medicaid, blah blah blah…).

    Great post, Fuzz.

  4. GREAT post.

    Eventually (or perhaps it already has happened) Americans will reach a saturation point and reverse the tide of the homogeneous society fantasy being sold. Self reliant individuals are the backbone of this country. Our social policies have only enabled and grown a class of freeloaders and Americans are finally realizing lowering the bar is not the solution.

  5. Excellent post!
    Between the horrors BHO has visited upon us and those he and his supporters still have in the works, here is another way he is proving his determination to de-construct this country:

    In 1997 the United Nations adopted The Declaration of the “Rights of Indigenous Peoples.” The USA and Canada voted against adoption. This didn't stop President Clinton and his Executive Order 13175 “Consultation and Coordination With Indian Tribal Governments.”

    Now, the U.N. Declaration states that the “arrangements between States and indigenous peoples are … matters of international concern, interest, responsibility and character”.
    Basically, without boring everyone to tears with the minutia of it all: this Declaration and Slick Willy's Executive order redefines the relationship between 'indigenous peoples', the government, the UN's ability to oversee them.

    And BHO has the implementation of this as a “top priority”

    Now, how patriotic is it for the president to be signing away national sovereignty?

  6. @ Pedaling, thanks so much! šŸ˜€

    @ Born Again American, a heart-felt thank you. And lol at 2013, what a lovely thing to say. šŸ™‚ You're an inspiration to me, big time, and for that I thank *you*

    @ Rotti, thank you so much.

    @ Trestin, thanks šŸ˜€ We lost our way. Period. But we've found it again, and in that sense, this travesty of an administration will have the positive effect of getting us back on track, back to our core AMERICAN principles and values.

    @ Fredd, thanks šŸ˜€ It did indeed take a long time to get here and will take a long time to put right, but we can do it. We are Americans, after all.

    @ Mo, thanks so much. The fantasy is alive only in the addled brains of the radical left; they are so moved by their own crazy plans that they can't see, can't know, that it's not going to happen. That we will stand and fight for what is right, for our country. Socialism is killing Europe. Russia is privatizing. Every socialist experiment has failed. We can't let that happen here, too.

    @ Kerry, thank you. *hugs*

    @ dubyavu, thank you šŸ˜€ Handing over our sovereignty has been his goal all along, it ties in with the whole Global Warming hoax. He can sign whatever he wants, it won't happen. Come November, he'll have his hands tied, and we'll have majorities. If he keeps signing away our sovereignty, we'll impeach his crazy progressive azz and send him packing. In disgrace.

    @ Bunni, thanks so much! šŸ˜€ He wouldn't understand this post. At all. It's about spirit, heart, soul . . . something you either intuitively know or will never ever grasp; the American spirit can't be learned from texts. That fundamental disconnect is one of his main problems, but he'll never understand it. He's not capable.

    @ Kid, lol at Patton! Thanks, that's high praise indeed.

  7. Ben Nelson's running for cover now. Hopefully it's too late for him. This entire exercise illustrates the contempt politicians have for the “little people,” and how out of touch they really are.

  8. @ Chickadee, heh, was just at your place writing a comment! And yes, I'm somewhat confident that Nelson is toast. They are contemptuous and out of touch, that's for sure, but what strikes me more is that they don't even seem to understand our country at all. It's weird, almost surreal.

  9. Fuzzy, That was a most excellent and inspiring post! America has been built on ingenuity and innovation and not by our government being a monetary giveaway system for lackadasical citizens. Obama either doesn't get America and its foundation or is going against American principles on purpose. Or, it could be a combination of both. Either way, we must take this country back from people who believe that the government is the answer to our problems. Government is in fact the problem.

  10. Continue the fight, Fuzzy. We are legion in our numbers and power. The Left will find out in November. They fear us already (hence the name-calling), but really have little idea about what is coming.

  11. Wow, Fuzzy. You hit another one out of the park. Very inspiring.

    Obama does not understand American rugged individualism. He parrots that phrase in his speeches, hoping to convince voters that he does understand it, but deep down, he does not. He was raised to hate the capitalist system that nurtures American innovation. He was told that business exploits all workers. That all private profits are evil and stolen. Unless they go into his own private bank account, of course.

    This man is the Anti-American dream. Our enemies must be thrilled.

  12. @ Mal, how sweet of you! Thank you. Happy (belated) Valentine's Day to you, too.

    @ Teresa, thanks so much! šŸ˜€ Exactly, government IS the problem, and we need to fix it. Yesterday. (well, November will do. heh)

    @ Deek, thanks šŸ™‚ We ARE legion, and it's wonderful to feel it again. I've not felt it for so long I'd almost forgotten it.

    @ Opus, thanks so much, Girl. *Biggo grin* You nailed it. He doesn't have a clue what it means to be an American, not as I (we) understand it. And that's to our advantage, really. Every time he stands before our military and tells them he'll think for months and months before sending them into harm's way (and is always met with silence, not the resounding applause he expects) and every time he tells us that he knows we are wondering what the government will hand us next he simply reinforces how much he doesn't get it, how he'll never get it. He's a disgrace.

    @ SG, aw, thanks so much! Fire in the belly is what we need. We also need to remember who we are and what we stand for. We may be mad as hell, but it's more than that. Deeper. More meaningful. And therefore more lasting and destined to bring us victory.

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