Buh-Bayh . . . BO?

Okay, this is a true shocker: Evan Bayh is not seeking re-election this fall.  He was (almost certainly) going to win that seat, and he could have kept his power.  But he walked away.  Early reports (he’s not made his official announcement as I type this) are that he’s citing “excessive partisanship in Washington” as the main cause of his decision not to run for Senate for a third term.  Okay, I admit it, I’m rather surprised by this.  Perhaps I shouldn’t be.  He is after all the same guy who warned the dems that they better pay attention to what happened in Massachusetts or ignore it at their own peril. 

So here’s the question:  do the dems in the party, the ones who are not foaming at the mouth loony tune radical progs wake up and smell the coffee?  Or do they keep shielding the progs and go down with the ship?  The dems don’t have long to make a decision, but if they don’t move to center and purge the progs, they are done.  And I mean done.  No more dems getting elected except in places like California and Massachusetts, and even there (and here), the voters are starting to wake up to the repercussions of a crazy quasi-socialist agenda.  Witness the Brown election less than a month ago.  The only hope for the survival of the democratic party is a return to the days of JFK liberalism.  Anything short of that will not wash with us, the unwashed masses.

Some republicans and some democrats it would suddenly seem are getting it.  Conservative values–general principles of governance more so than social values (we don’t hear much about social issues from the right, and that’s to the good)–are the order of the day, the decade, and I believe, the century.  It will take that long to get things back on track here in America.  More and more American youth are flocking to Islam, more and more are becoming radicalized either into terrorism, itself, or like BO working to destroy our country from within.  Decades of anti-American brain-washing are bearing fruit, a foul fruit to be sure, but what do you expect when we’ve been teaching our kids to hate their own country, to feel shame for being an American?  But the tides have turned, and we’re correcting course at last.  Bayh’s announcement, to my mind, confirms this course correction as not even the election of Scott Brown could.  Sure, Bayh initially supported Hillary for the 2008 nomination, but at the end, he said he’d run as BO’s VP; I thought he was probably a lost cause–one who had momentary moments of lucidity, as when he said that the Mass election was a “wake up call” and when he opposed cap and tax legislation. 

Make no mistake, Bayh’s not going to shuffle off quietly into the private sector.  No way.  He’ll challenge BO for the dem nomination, and he may well win it.  If they’re smart, he’ll win it.  That’s the only chance, as things stand, for them to keep the White House in 2012:  put a moderate, patriotic, stand-up man like Bayh in the running.  He’ll appeal to indies and to the wo/man on the street, normal (i.e. non koolaid swilling, wondering what possessed them to vote for BO) liberal.  Heck, he appeals to me, but that may be down to the fact that I believe just about anyone is better than BO.  Bayh is, after all, a supporter of affirmative action; declared himself “agnostic” about the public option–before being “agnostic” was cool, or rather, made a scoffable offense by our Liar in Chief; and he’s got typical bassackward libbie ideas about illegals, entitlements, and education.  But depending on whom we find to run on the republican side, he may well win the whole shebang in 2012.   

Hear the bells, Donkeys, they’re tolling for you.  Purge the progs and survive, or hang on to them, and go down for the count in November.  And for all time in 2012. 


10 thoughts on “Buh-Bayh . . . BO?

  1. The Democrat Party is, without a doubt, at a cross-road.
    Unfortunately for moderate, and fiscally conservative Democrats, one road is paved with tons of Progressive money.

  2. I'm old enough to remember when daddy Birch took a run at the Oval Office back in the 60's. Evan Bayh is eyeballing the gig himself, and just pulled a Sarah Palin manuever: get out of the swamp and function as if removed from the goo. It is obviously working for Sarah, we'll see if Evan can pull it off.

    You are right on the money, Fuzz: he will position himself as the kinder, gentler liberal. Good luck with that…

  3. In my semi-reality state of conscienceness, (I've been working on something in my shop and have been far out of the loop), I wonder why these Senators have been resigning who are young enough to keep the gravy job for many more years.

    – Have stolen enough money that even showing up anymore is a Nuisance?
    – Have been threatened by ? to the point that they quit?
    – Don't want to be associated with the Obama?
    – Or maybe what you wrote here verbatim.

    Seems like it is an outlier event though – whatever that is.

  4. Bayh is a sign of the times. Many say his re-election was a given,but many say otherwise—I don't know. He does have plans and a precieved defeat would have not advanced his dream of the Oval Office, of course to get there he would have to change parties and erase past votes in the Senate. He is a likeable guy and I wish him the best, but not the White House, not ever!

  5. @ Bunni, thanks! 🙂 And it's just another day for we single girls, you know. I did look at some Valentine's chocolates today, though, but managed to resist buying myself a 50% off heart-shaped box of chocolates. Just barely, but I resisted. heh I hope you had a marvelous Valentine's Day, full of love and romance and stuff.

    @ Joaquin, hi and welcome! Yes, they'll have to make some hard choices, but it's do or die for them now.

    @ Fredd, lol, a kinder, gentler liberal. Love it. I'm not sure he'll get around that healthcare takeover vote, but we'll see how it plays out. I don't care who runs against BO on the dem side as long as they are strong enough to beat him.

    @ Kid, I'm not so sure it is an outlier, we're seeing a LOT of retirements and lot of fast-talking shuffling to the center by some endangered dem species . . . they're catching on, some of them. They've gone too far left, that's it, plain and simple. They need to course correct, and the only way to do that is to get out or to purge the progs. Or both.

    @ Ron, yeah, I don't want him in the WH, either, but as I said, anyone is better than BO, and I wouldn't be in a constant state of dread if he were there. I just hope like hell that someone great comes out of the ether soon for our side. No one is good right now, none of the “names” are working for me. We need a Reagan, and all we have are a bunch of sleek pols playing at being conservative or real conservatives who aren't yet ready to lead and/or able to win. *sigh*

  6. C'mon… he doesn't appeal to you! He is simply a lesser evil, as I believe you pointed out (as you came around to your senses, methinks?)

    All he has to say to me is public option and illegals and I'm lost. I do, however, agree that he is likely positioning for a 2012 run, or he'll try to set himself up to run the DNC after Obama's run out of town.

    Who knows.. he may end up on Fox News?? heh..

  7. The rats are the first to leave the ship, sinking or otherwise… This however is his attempt to distance himself from Obama for what is sure to be his run for the presidency…

    We just need to field a candidate smart enough and strong enough to kick the crap out of who ever they choose to have go down in flames…

  8. @ Sol, lol, no, he doesn't appeal to me as in I'd vote for him (as if!), but compared to BO he's practically Reagan. heh And no, he won't go the Palin route; he wants to be president one day (I'm not sure she does, and joining Fox won't help her if she does want to be).

    @ Trestin, LOL, just the name of the link is hilarious!

    @ Born Again American, we sure do, and I'm getting rather nervous that there are no good contenders at this point. 😦

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