Mad as Hell, Yes, but Don’t Miss the Message

Why We Don’t Get That BO Doesn’t Get It. 
There’s been a lot, and I mean a lot, of talk all over the internet and by pundits on television about the insanity of BO and this administration’s bizarre (and it is bizarre) “reading” of what is going on in this country.  They say that they haven’t explained their agenda well enough, they say that we don’t get it because of their “messaging,” they say that they have to pass that healthcare monstrosity to help make things better for BO and dems, they say that there is an “anti-incumbent” feeling sweeping the nation, they say that if they say it again and again (and again) we’ll somehow all cheer and be happy.  Crazy.  Out of touch.  Deaf, dumb, and blind.

We wonder how can they so fully, so completely, so resoundingly miss the point.  I have two theories–BO is an ideologue, and this is an Alinsky-style maneuver to push a negative through until it comes out the other side a shiny new positive, and I think they may be working together to form this strange fantasy world that the dems (and some republicans) seem to be living in.  First, we all know that BO is an ideologue.  To his twisted, narcissist brain, he IS his agenda.  He cannot be separated from his radical ideology, though oddly he could suppress it and hide it on the campaign trail (we saw glimpses of it during the campaign, and those of us who weren’t slurping BO-flavored koolaid were pretty appalled, but these glimpses of his true self were either ignored by the media, glossed by the campaign, or dismissed for one reason or another by the voters).  But now that he’s in office, he’s letting it all hang out.  He thinks, somehow, that even though he campaigned as a fraud, as something and someone he is not, that somehow the Amerian people, in voting for him, voted for his nutso far left agenda, an agenda he and his handlers were careful to keep hidden.  All hail the Dissembler in Chief!

He’s wrong, of course, but that brings us back to that ideologue thing.  He sees his still somewhat positive personal poll standing as approval of his agenda.  This is a misreading of the numbers, big time, and frankly, they’re a mystery to me (I don’t understand how so many Americans can hold a positive view of him–someone on Fox last night said that Americans would love to have him over for dinner.  Um, don’t count me in that craziness.).  Still, though, he is personally popular, but his ideology and his entire agenda are not.  Americans see them as separate, but to him, they are not.  This is me, this is who I am, so if you like me, you must like my radical socialist insistence on taking over every private industry I can get my hands on, you must approve of my bow to everyone, simper and whine approach to foreign policy.  You must like what I think, for that is what I am.  Um.  Not so much. 

Mad as Hell, Yes, but Don’t Miss the Rest of Our Message
But this, I think, is at the root of the strange statements about how the people are “just angry” (like it’ll go away when we take a “time out” or get a good night’s sleep. Hmph!) or that it’s “anti-incumbent” time at the U. S. Corral.  First, we are indeed mad as hell (and not going to take it), but that’s not the entirety of it.  Latching on to the “mad as hell” thing is a big mistake for dems because this is not the usual gee, did you hear that there’s another tax hike coming or that those bozos in Washington are screwing things up.  We’ve always had that.  And there’s always been a certain amount of anger about it out here in America.  What’s different this time is that we are not only mad as hell, we are also outraged, insulted, offended, and deeply, sincerely concerned that our country is being destroyed.  On purpose.  That it’s being “fundamentally transformed” into something that is not America or American or anything vaguely related to our country’s values and principles. 

That’s not something that will fade away or be eclipsed by an improving economy or a sudden dramatic decrease in unemployment.  I think that even if we started booming again (which is impossible with BO in charge, of course, but let’s pretend) and every last American had a job, we’d still have the Tea Parties, we’d still have patriots (like me) standing in opposition to BO and his agenda.  It runs deeper than anything we’ve seen in this country in a long time (certainly in my adult lifetime), and it’s not simply a matter of being mad as hell.

We Are Taking Our Country Back
The crux of the whole thing is that we are finally awake, and what we mean by that is not that we are mad as hell and not going to take it, or not only that, but that we want our country back.  And we’re going to get it back.  This goes deeper than BO, than this administration; this goes back to our undoing all of the damage done to our country by the long-term, creeping progressive presence in every aspect of our lives, from our classrooms to our Congress to our White House.  This is a conservative revival, a return to our constitutional roots, a great big what was I thinking and how can I fix it response to every single action, tactic, and strategy that upended our American values, that undermined our American exceptionalism and patriotism, that almost destroyed our country.

BO is the face of all that, but he’s just the tip of the iceberg, and nothing he or any progressive can do, say, or say yet again is going to change the simple, irrefutable fact that he and his progressive buddies are anathema to everything this country stands for and to everything this country is.  Mad as hell?  You betcha.  But above and beyond that is the simple fact that we are taking our country back, restoring it to its former glory, and the drive to do that is rooted not in a temporary flare-up of anger, but in a deep, abiding patriotism that will not waver, that will not fade, that will not be defeated.

9 thoughts on “Mad as Hell, Yes, but Don’t Miss the Message

  1. Great Post Fuzzy!! Yes, we're mad as hell and we are not going to take it anymore. We patriots are determined to stop these progressives from destroying our country. And, with working together we will do just that.

  2. BO is trying every possible trick to sell his agenda…lies, creative new names, lies, blame bush, lies, campaigning, lies….
    how about he just come out and say it?-
    the other approaches are.not.working-
    just say it BO
    yes, his plan is plain and clear… to transform america, take over our schools, capitalism, make us completely dependent to the mighty government—pay our $$ to the government- give them the wealth and the power…..

    for what?

    come novemeber- we will- speak—-
    any chance we get we will rally-
    we will call, vote, be informed and we will inform others….we will do whatever it takes!

    great post
    and thanks for the thank link…:)

  3. “We're mad as hell, and we're not going to take it anymore.”

    This famous phrase was shouted at the ficticious TV cameras in the 1976 movie 'Network,' in which madman news anchor Howard Beale urged people to shout this out their windows (and they did, across the nation). The producers loved it, and shadowy, big tycoon Mr. Jennings insisted that Howard continue this harangue day in and day out.

    BO thinks that HE is Howard Beale, channeling this anger to power his agenda, and as you point out, Fuzzy, he has it completely bass ackward. The Tea Party movement is the ones shouting this out their windows, and BO is their target, but owing to his tin ear and enormous ego, he thinks the shouting is in his favor.

    The disconnect is staggering, simply staggering.

  4. BO was a troubled boy who grew up and was groomed under troubled wings of Bill Ayers, et al.

    Were not gonna take it, indeed.

    Dinner with BO, are people kidding?!? They seriously need to get lives.

  5. This has been a huge wake-up call. I really, truly hope in 5 years that people don't forget what happens when you elect liberals. BTW, BO “gets” it in a cerebral sort of way. He just doesn't understand it. That's what happens when you're ego-centric.

  6. Yea, Barry is mad that we don't get it, that we just simply cannot understand so he will continue in his effort to convert or maybe confuse us. Barry, we were fooled once by your silver tongue via your TOTUS, but not this time around. We now see you for what you are: we are the patriots who support and defend the American Revolution and you sir, are the counter revolutionary who would undue the gain of that great struggle. You sir are not a patriot and are like your lover, Chris Matthews, who said just last night that he doesn't even like the word “Patriot”. So I suppose that makes you sir, “unpatriotic” and with that goes unamerican! My rant for the day!

  7. @ Teresa, thanks so much! And we sure will; it's an exciting time (scary, but exciting).

    @ Pedaling, I love your brain! Your comments and posts are always such fun and so full of goodness. Bravo!

    @ Tammy, thanks so much 😀

    @ Fredd, heh, I almost went off into a Network analogy tangent, but then thought better of it. You're right, “staggering” is the perfect word for it.

    @ Jannie, thanks and welcome! 😀 And seriously, I was pretty shocked to hear her say that (she was some lib pundit) and no one questioned it. I guess that whole respect for the office if not the man thing is at play, but I can't stand him. Luckily, I'd never be in a position to have him over for dinner . . . or rather refuse to do so. It would give me many nights of lost sleep trying to figure it all out (but *shudder* I can think of few people on this planet that I'd less rather have over for dinner, and most of them want to kill me and my fellow patriots outright).

    @ Chickadee, it's been a wake-up call for us, big time. Wonder when BO will here the alarm bells? Sometime in November next year, mayhaps?

    @ Ron, You go! I love your ranting so so much.

    @ Trestin, heh, well, let's lower the bar and hope that the next snake oil salesman is at least a patriot who loves America. That doesn't seem much to ask.

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