Fuzzy Shorts: Tea Parties, Gossip, and Rumors

Tea Parties, the Republican Party, and That Third Party Nonsense
For some reason there are still people who think that the Tea Party is an actual political party, or that it aspires to be.  It’s not a party, it doesn’t want to be a party, it’s a movement.  A movement is not a political party, though it can become one (and has, sort of, in Florida).  I agree with Karl Rove’s article in which he states:

The Republican Party and the tea party movement have many common interests right now. But they are, and should remain, distinct from one another. This is one instance when, if they merged, the sum would be less than the parts.

Republicans are trying, understandably to either co-opt or latch onto the Tea Party movement, but allowing that would stop the momentum before it even got going.  It would have a lulling affect on reps (why on earth would they continue the turn right if they can so easily absorb and silence the American people?), and it would be the end of our chance, our real chance, to take our country back from the traitors and thieves who are trying to destroy it.

Historically, third parties don’t do well in American politics, and I (for one of many) think that the crisis facing our country at this time is far more important than worrying about parties and what letter is after what name.  It’s anti-prog (not anti-incumbent, nor even anti-democrat) time, not let’s make a new party time or be consumed by the Republican Party establishment time.  

Frankly, if the republicans hadn’t gone off the rails into liberal land, there would be no need for a Tea Party because reps should be saying what we’re saying.  The Michael Steele-John McCain let’s all be democrat light and spend and grow government crap has to stop, and the republicans can do one of two things: keep on that path to nowhere or go back to their conservative roots and be truly conservative.

That’s what the Tea Party patriots are demanding, and the wise in both parties would do well to listen.  The Democratic Party, as I’ve said before, needs to cut the progs loose and return to JFK’s Democratic Party.  The Republican Party needs to do much the same thing and cut loose all the progs in RINO clothing and close ranks around, draw in, and support conservatives.  That doesn’t mean a litmus test, that doesn’t mean lockstep on every social issue, but it does mean Constitutional, fiscally-conservative, small government (no room for McCain, then, sorry), low tax conservatives. 

If this is accomplished, there is no need for a third party because the Tea Party movement will have done what it set out to do:  purge progressives (from both parties and certainly from Congress and the White House), fight back socialism, and restore American values and principles as “mainstream,” as they should be (strange how we didn’t notice or seem to care that America and its values somehow got marginalized  . . .  in America!). 

Operation New Dawn
Give me a break.  What is it with the left and naming?  How many millions were sunk into coming up with a new name for Operation Iraqi Freedom (and is it really any better, anyway?).  “A rose by any other name . . . .”  People just aren’t that stupid.  You can call a terrorist attack a “man-made disaster” all day long, and it’s still a freaking terrorist attack.  You can call the war in Iraq a basket full of kittens, and it’s still a freaking war.  I’m so over the games libs play.

Note to pols (both on the left and right):  public naivete is gone.  It’s dead.  We’re informed.  And we’re cynical.  Get with the program and stop wasting time and money with white-washing do-nothing new names for things–we laugh and laugh every single time; is ridicule really your goal?

Tiger Woods
Who cares?  He’s an awful person but a great golfer.  This is a case of our culture holding up all the wrong people as “role models”:  people who are disgusting but have an amazing talent or skill are still disgusting people. 

What exactly is the point of Megyn Kelly’s new show?
Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge Megyn Kelly fan, have been for ages, but I don’t see any difference, really, between what she was doing before and what she is doing now.  Daytime Fox is just one long blur of the same exact thing . . . just like before America Live (or whatever, it’s all generic, all the same, all day long), only without Trace Gallagher (I like him a lot, too, and have no idea why he got shoved off the show–it’s essentially the exact same show, sans Trace).

I was so hoping that she’d have some sort of new something going on, maybe focused on her legal background (something more than a segment called “Kelly’s Court”).  I don’t know, I just don’t get it.

I’d rather watch Judge Nap for an hour of that time going over the Constitution, examining constitutional law cases.  You know, keeping us up to date on what’s going on when libbies go after God and the flag in schools, government, society, and letting us know how Pacific Legal is making out with the San Joaquin Valley smelt are better than people case.  Talking about how lefty agencies are taking people’s private property in the name of a bird’s nest or sport’s arena or whatever.  Stuff that we need to start fighting back against, stuff that is wasting our money and diminishing our rights.  Stuff that the PC culture has imposed, and that it is our duty to fight.

Anyway, I hope that the Megyn Kelly show finds its way soon. 

She said that she said that she said . . . rumors and gossip in the conservative blogosphere
This just in from Pat at And So it Goes in Shreveport: 

Carol at Carol’s Closet is chasing down rumors:

I heard it through the grapevine that a group of fabulous female bloggers are joining forces to form a new blog. I don’t have any details yet but I suspect that Pundette may somehow be involved. So far she’s being very closed mouth about it but Pundette did mention that Pat might know the scoop. Pat claimed she didn’t know anything about it but I have the feeling she knows more than she’s telling. Anyway, Obi’s Sister said she spoke to a Backyard Conservative who saw Ruby Slippers over at Adrienne’s Corner talking Fuzzy Logic to a Politicaljunkie Mom while a Coffee Milk Conservative pretended not to notice. We all know what that means. Well, if I were one to gossip, which obviously I’m not, I would say they are all up to something. 

Where there’s smoke?


14 thoughts on “Fuzzy Shorts: Tea Parties, Gossip, and Rumors

  1. It's not a party but a group of very concerned citizens. It will be their job to keep the discussion honest. I would think in primaries the Conservative will get a Tea Party endorsement rather than the RINO.

    Tiger who ?

  2. I'm not so sure about the people being informed thing. Yes it is much better now, but most of the people I work with are clueless. I think some people will not wake up until big brother unplugs the X-BOX

  3. Fuzz, good thoughts. What I really cannot understand in regards to your comment about 'wasting money'…why is no one going after immigration that is out of control and the economic effect it is having on California and the rest of the country with the cost of social programs and schools paying a tremendous amount for education of 'non-english speaking' immigrants?

  4. megyn kelly and other things on my mind…
    i don't get kelly's court either- glad i'm not the only one…
    though there are many things i agree with glenn beck – 3rd party, 4th party- whatever new party formation…is not one of them- who cares about the party, the letter…. yes, let's just get back to our roots and continue on with movements and conservatives voting anti-progressive- pro constitution!

    hmmmm, these rumors, joining forces…. gossip, new blog…. and the telephone game may in the end, develop into something interesting….

  5. A new (third) party would be a disaster. The key for TEA Partiers (Party! Yeah!) is to hold all their representatives accountable. We need to be at the meetings, making what we want known. When they don't meet our needs, we let them find “new opportunities”.

    Take it back, y'all.

  6. @ CL, geez, even over there. I'm so sorry that you have to deal with it. That's rather embarrassing, really. Ugh.

    @ Odie, lmao at “Tiger who?” No kidding. And yes, I imagine that conservatives will get endorsements from the Tea Party groups, but there are (or actually will be again, at least I think so) conservative democrats. They all sort of got silenced and pushed back (and bought off, so those need to be replaced), but conservatives are making a come back. In both parties.

    @ Trestin, Oh dear, that sounds awful . . . and discouraging. Remind me to stay in my conservative politically-aware bubble in which I can pretend that Americans aren't ignorant morons. Please. 😉

    @ SG, you're the rockingest! I like Beck, too, but he's wrong on this one. Very wrong.

    This illegal thing was all talked about a few years ago, but it's not been discussed much (gee, wonder why? lol). I'm sure that when the issue comes back up, we'll be all over the economic drain on our economy that illegals represent (I feel a tangent coming on, so will stop there). heh.

    @ Deeka, I couldn't agree more. A third party would be a nightmare for us and a blessing for dems. The LAST thing we can allow to happen. Not now.

  7. @ Pedaling, OMG, HOW on earth did I miss your wonderful comment! I think I sort of merged your and SG's in my brain. Ugh. Sorry about that. Anyway, what I said to SG about Beck (heh), and telephone game, hee! that's funny. Hopefully, everything will be clear as day and not get garbled or lost in translation. :p

  8. The history of populist movements in this country is that their positions are almost always adopted by one of the major parties and then their reason for existing is gone. Populist movements do however serve a purpose in bring an issue to the forefront in the national debate. Occasionally a major movement will co-op a party and replace it, but this is the exception rather than the rule in American politics. And sometime a third party will replace on the major parties as was the case of the republican party in the middle of the 19th century. I'm a big tea party supporter and would love to see it maintain its purity, but that will never happen.

  9. @ Ron, this is true. But honestly, don't we WANT a major party to act on our views, isn't that sort of the point? I do think that we'll survive as a movement, though, simply because we are now the watchdogs that our media will never again be (if they ever truly were).

  10. BB, I know what you mean, but that was always going to happen (well, if the Tea Parties took off, and boy did they!). They'd be fools not to try. It's up to us to insist that we remain separate.

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