Potluck: The Blog Where Conservative Women Dish Up Tasty Topical Tidbits

Jill at Pundit & Pundette had this idea that there is a dearth of all-female conservative blog sites out here.  Oh, there are many of us doing our individual thing, to be sure, but the “group” sites do seem to be run by and heavily-populated with men.  Don’t get me wrong, I love men, especially conservative men, but having a site for female conservative voices seemed like an idea whose time had come.  So, without further ado, Jill enlisted eleven female bloggers, myself among them (how thrilling!), and Potluck was born.

So far, I think I’m the one who brings that unrecognizable casserole that looks slightly off and gets pushed to the back of the table.  Sigh.  Oh well, maybe next time I’ll bring a jello mold with bits of fruit and marshmallow inside.  Just kidding, I’ll whip up a nice potato salad and see how that one goes.  Heh.

Anyway, please stop by and check us out.  Comment often (if you are so inclined) and add Potluck to your blogrolls if you like what you see. 

The eleven women of Potluck are:


21 thoughts on “Potluck: The Blog Where Conservative Women Dish Up Tasty Topical Tidbits

  1. I just replied on PotLuck, but don't see my reply. Is there a delay or is this some sort of evil gender bias. I clicked on reply at the top right of your tea party leader post.

  2. Thanks guys! It's a work in progress, as it's just started, but we'll settle in soon.

    @ Trestin, lmao, that's an awesome comment!

    @ Kid, heh, definitely NOT any gender bias; we're conservative women, not left-wing radicals, after all. That is weird, though, you should be able to reply by hitting reply. I'll go check it out and see what's up.

  3. Neat idea – I'll check it out from time to time and add it to my blog roll.

    I dropped in and left a comment on a piece Pat had written about my favorite lefty site, HuffPo.

    My comment didn't show up right away, but I refreshed the page and it was there.

    However, I have one of those funky WordPress pictures. How do I make me show up?

    Please help… lol!!

  4. Awesome idea…and I like that unrecognizable casserole.

    If I may, I'd like to recommend neoneocon (www.neoneocon.com) as another contributor to Potluck. She writes some really super stuff.

    Either way, I'll be sure to stop in for my regularly scheduled Conservative Chick fix.

  5. @ Soloman, thanks friend. 🙂 I'm still learning WordPress, myself, so I'm not sure about the gravatar thing. A few authors were also having sporadic gravatar appearances. All I did was upload a “new” gravatar image until it showed up. Then I hoped it would stay there. I'm really used to blogger, so this is all new to me, too.

    @ Deeka, thank you so much! I'll pass her name/blog along, but so far only one of my (two) suggestions has been added. I know we're keeping it kind of small and “potlucky,” and there are a LOT of great conservative women blogging. So glad you're going to make it a regular stop! 😀

  6. Good luck with the potluck, Fuzzi. And I'd bring something to set out, but being a guy, my contribution would be something completely pedestrian like a bag of Doritos. Or Cheetos. And of course, guys don't do dip. Unless it's bean dip, or Taco Bell salsa.

  7. @ Odie, woohoo, thanks! 🙂

    @ Fredd, lol, love it!

    @ Nickie, THERE you are! Been missing you, thanks so much for stopping by.

    @ Anne, lol, I'm sure we can manage that (One Ticked Chick is also a reformed liberal).

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