Fuzzy Shorts: Guns, Mail, Tinfoil Hats, and America’s Super Power Status

You know how you’re sitting around waiting for your crops to grow and you start reading articles and blog posts and then the next thing you know you’ve got about fifty-eleven crammed into your Read It Later?  There’s no way you can ever blog about all of those excellent articles, those rare posts that manage to find a unique viewpoint or a new spin on an old idea, and articles that you feel you should don a tinfoil hat just to read.  But something about them makes you tick them to your read later list, meaning to find some way to reference them or pull them into the discussion.  Or is this just me?

Some articles and posts are so compelling that I tweet them immediately after I’ve read them and/or post them on this page as a “Must Read,” but more often than not, I just tick them into tomorrow . . . and that tomorrow never comes.  So without further ado, I’m hereby calling today that tomorrow, so here are some of the articles taking up space in my Read It Later (aka the posts that will never be written).

Get Your Hands Off My Right To Bear Arms!

Okay, so the only gun I’m ever likely to own would pop out lip gloss when you pull the trigger, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t understand and fully support we the people’s right to bear arms.  This right was vital to our founders and intended to guard against tyranny, from the enemy within (they knew all too well the results of a tyrannical government), and the fact that Ottis McDonald in Chicago is fighting for this right for all Americans makes him a hero in my eyes.  These are exactly the sort of legal challenges that we conservatives must start making far more often.  We sat back while the left manipulated and shifted the legal framework in this country with a zillion lawsuits aimed at destroying our rights and liberties.  No more.

The United States Post Office and “Government Solutions”

Yep, the U. S. Postal Service is going broke.  Big surprise.  The government’s solution?  Cut services and jack up prices.  Big surprise.  Perhaps cutting back to five-day weeks would be good for the Post Office, but here’s the thing, why cut Saturday?  Most people work all week (or they will if we ever see job creation again), when the Post Office is open, and it’s Saturdays that most people can get to the Post Office (if they absolutely have to, who uses it if there is any other alternative?).  Why not close on Monday and Tuesday instead?  Oh, right.  Government doesn’t work on weekends.  Neither do unions.  Instead, they close on the one day that the majority of customers can actually go, and they talk about raising prices for stamps.  Again.  Typical.  How long before they start charging a cover charge just to enter the building as Massachusetts has done with its Department of Motor Vehicles?

Needless to say, this is exactly the sort of thinking that we do not want involved in our healthcare, but it’s exactly what we’d get.  (Just look at what’s happening in Massachusetts, if only our politicians could think beyond the next poll and next election, they might be able to foresee some of the “unintended” consequences of their idiot policies.  But then, maybe it’s all part of the progressive‘s tactics, a plan of sorts?)  

The Post Office is a dinosaur and serves no real consumer need any longer (all I get anyway are fliers, circulars, and other advertising–all of which go straight into the recycle bin, unopened).  Many are saying privatize it, while others are saying that’s impossible, but I say shut the whole darn thing down.  If there’s a need for any of its services, some industrious entrepreneur (or more likely an existing shipping service like UPS or FedEx) can and will fill that need post haste (heh).  And it’ll be cheaper, more efficient, and more consumer-friendly. 

Get Out That Tinfoil Hat

There’s also some buzz out there about a Saudi billionaire dictating Fox News coverage and the Saudi connection to BO’s win in 2008.  Not sure what, if anything, to make of this, but it’s worth noting, I guess, as long as we have our tinfoil hats firmly in place. 

America Not a Super Power?

And most disturbing of all is this from John Hawkins’ 5 Ugly Truths Americans Will Have to Face:

5) We will have a world where the United States isn’t a super power. As the growth of the US economy slows, our military declines, and we become ever more dependent on the foreign powers that hold our debt, the United States will cease to become a super power. We won’t have the cashflow to engage in another Marshall Plan, the manufacturing capacity to gear up as we did in World War II, or the dominant military needed to score decisive victories over our opponents. Certainly, the United States won’t become completely insignificant, but Reagan’s description of our nation as a “shining city” above the rest of humanity will no longer be true. Instead of being a colossus striding the globe — we’ll be like Russia, China, France, Britain, or Germany — just one of many.

I don’t know about you, but this is unacceptable to me.  We simply must cut all the entitlement spending and aid to other nations (what can we do to help anyone if we are brought to our knees?), and we simply must stop BO from his deficit-building craziness.  That means electing every (R) who runs this fall, every single one.  No dems, hopefully no RINO’s, absolutely no progs–we can’t risk our nation by playing third party games and whingeing on about how bad the republicans were.  Sure, they were, but putting country before party while we still have a country must be our approach.  We can worry about party problems and who’s “conservative enough” after we put the brakes on BO’s all-out war on America this November and in 2012.


8 thoughts on “Fuzzy Shorts: Guns, Mail, Tinfoil Hats, and America’s Super Power Status

  1. Fuzzy,

    You should really look into taking a gun course and purchasing some type of personal protection. These days one can't be too careful!

    Years ago my wife shocked the hell out of me by informing me she had signed us up for the Sherrif's gun course here in Lee Co.

    They reccomend a 38 caliber reveolver for females because of the knock down power with the relatively light recoil and the fact that you don't have to think if there is a round chambered or a safety on like with a semi-automatic. You just pick it up and start pulling the trigger!

    With that having been said I pray none of us are ever in the position to have to use deadly force, but if it comes down to me or my family and loved ones, “Boom Boom out go the lights!”

    Lock & Load!!!

    Sons & Daughters of Liberty Unite!!!

  2. Fuzzy, as I was driving into work today, my ears were brutally attacked by the news that the post office was in a Crisis becasue *GASP* Email and Online Bill Pay was taking their volume and its associated revenue.

    I thought to myself “HOLY *&^%T^%^%!!!!!” “Like they didn't see this coming from 10 years away !!!!” (Or more likely pretending they didn't because they know there are enough stupid dumbasses that will buy that schtick)

    Then my mind immediately jumped to the following progression of thoughts:
    – The post office is a dysfunctional union laden, beast of a government run 'service'.
    – Just as is the VA Hospital
    – Just as is the Medicare System
    – The EPA
    – The Department of Energy
    – The Welfare system
    – The Federal Education System
    – Just as is the T. S. A. is a dysfunctional – Non Performing – Customer Pissing Off Beast of a Useless Government Entity
    and there isn't a breathing SOB on the face of the Earth that would defend ANY Government program currently in existence but they still BEG for GOVERNMENT RUN HEALTH CAREEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

    …………….. 1,2 3, 4,…. 100

    I have this vision of millions of slobbering idiots running full steam off of one of the viewing precipices of the Grand Canyon in Lust of Government run Health Care, coming to their 'senses' as they realize there will be a sudden fatal jolt in about 3 seconds and in their last lucid moment cry out in anger “That F****g George BUSH!!!!!”

  3. L

    You might consider the Springfield line of XD Semi-Automatics

    Notice the safety is in the back of the grip handle so as soon as your wife's attractive palm and fingers are sufficiently gripped on the pistol, it is ready to go.
    You might consider the .40 cal. as that ammo si easier to find than the more known and talked about .38, .357, .45 ammo. Go for hollow point as you don't want to fire off an errant shot and have it exit your house and into and out of a few neighbors houses before it comes to rest.

    You may also consider – for inside the house – a shotgun. You don't have to be as accurate and the sound of a shotgun shell being loaded into the chamber of a pump shotgun is a sound that draws respect from criminals far and wide as opposed to a small click of the hammer of a pistol being pulled back.

    I'm attracted to This little fella myself
    On the right.

  4. The Post Office runs like most government associates, like Fannie and Freddie. Soon your health care will only be available on 5 work days a week.
    Perhaps they should cut all there hours to 6 a day and reduce it from there until they no longer have jobs. Grunt!

  5. “…That means electing every (R) who runs this fall, every single one.”

    there's something about that sentence that just rang my bell- i could feel it.
    i do feel it.
    'every single one.'
    love it!

  6. It's time to recognize BO is waging war on the Unites States. Our world status can only suffer.

    The post office is an example of government run programs. When I was young postage was $.03 and then went up to $.05 when I was in high school. Back then the mail”mam” would drive his own car to his delivery area and walk. He was given mileage for this. Now every mail”man” has a vehicle supplied to them by tax payers and postal patrons. It could only cost MUCH more.

  7. @ L, aw, you are so sweet! I know what you mean, and appreciate the recommendation.

    @ Kid, lol, yeah, I know, right? BO will probably want to bail them out when they should just go down. If it were a private industry, they'd have gone bankrupt decades ago. And been the better for it, too, if they restructured and tried to keep up with the times.

    @ Heyman, woot! good to see you, Friend. πŸ™‚ I like the idea of diminishing hours . . . heh.

    @ Pedaling, you got it, Girl. πŸ™‚

    @ Odie, he is waging war against the United States, no doubt about that. At all.

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