Screw the Scalpel, Chainsaw Massacre of Federal Budget Needed

Our country is in dire financial straights.  Dire.  We are on the verge of losing our triple A rating, there is talk of dropping the dollar as the world’s standard, and other countries own more of our debt than is comfortable (to put it mildly).  This needs to be addressed immediately, and that means that we need to start reconsidering our massive entitlement spending.  Even without the passage of the explosively-expensive healthcare monstrosity (and its implications regarding expansive government control), we are heading down a road to abject poverty for everyone in this country.  No one seems to want to talk about cutting entitlements, but let’s be honest, if we don’t cut them now, we’ll soon not have any money for anyone.  The gravy train has to end.

Considering that 47% of Americans pay zero income tax and that many of those actually receive “tax refunds” (!) and a range of entitlements from welfare to food stamps to Medicaid to unemployment (and on), that leaves the rest of us to foot the bill for everyone in this country (including illegals, who pay no income tax at all, either).  The median income in the United States is $50k (give or take), with women earning in that “median” range $35k.  So selecting $40k somewhat arbitrarily (God knows math is not my strong suit), let’s look at a handy pay check calculator and see what taxes and pay-outs are subtracted if you are a single person w/no dependents living in Massachusetts:

Salary:  40,000
Weekly Gross:  769.23
Fed Withholding: 83.77
Social Security: 47.69
Medicare: 11.15
State:  37.65
Weekly “take home” pay:  $588.97

Notice this is without any healthcare or other benefits figured in.  You are now making less than $30k a year (closer to $24k after health, dental, and whatever other benefits you get through work).  And with that you will be (in addition to healthcare) in need of housing, utilities, clothing, car, gas (rumored to be going to $7.00 a gallon, from the $2.63 it is now) and insurance for said car, food, etc. and etc. All of which are skyrocketing, while our paychecks are shrinking.  How much savings?  Retirement planning?  Pretty much none, right?  And the middle classes continue to sink into poverty, and the cycle of entitlement reliance continues . . . by design.

Now consider that unemployment is through the roof (and apparently going to be higher than expected when the new numbers come out on Friday . . . because it snowed), that businesses (big and small) are not hiring at the moment, and that there are massive cost increases coming in the form of healthcare reform, Cap and Tax, and who knows what other nasties this lunatic administration wants to impose on us (a VAT?  more taxes on “the rich” that we’ll end up having to pay from our increasingly diminished paychecks–anyone who thinks tax increases are not passed on to the consumer is living in a delusional la-la land), and you have a recipe for not only national bankruptcy but a great many more personal ones, too.  This country is going in the wrong direction.  We cannot sustain this:

(from The Corner, h/t Jill from Pundit & Pundette via Potluck)

This is not okay.  Not only are we being strangled and dragged down by insane taxes, with more on the way, but they aren’t coming close to covering the government’s massive spending: “This year’s deficit is 10.6% of the nation’s economy, more than three times the level that is sustainable, administration officials said” (source, emphasis mine).  Raising taxes will not help us or the government or anyone receiving entitlements.  The only thing to do is get out a chainsaw and start some mad massacring of these programs.  I’m not kidding.  They have to be hacked and slashed and butchered, neither a hatchet nor a scalpel will not do the trick.  Nor will piling on more entitlements, more spending, more, more, more . . . and absolutely no way to pay for it. 

We are not the “richest nation on earth,” not anymore.  We are a debtor nation.  Unless we face this and make some tough and strong decisions now, going forward, we’re going to be a banana republic.

How’d we get here?  Honestly, I could give a rat’s patootie at this point.  The only thing that can be gained by saying “well the republicans did it, no the dems did it, un-uh, they all did it” is absolutely and utterly nothing.  Get that?  It doesn’t matter one tiny iota how we got here, except–down the road–in terms of looking back, having stabilized our economy and balanced our budget, with the intent not of blaming everyone under the sun but of learning what went wrong so that we don’t allow it to happen again.  I am so not interested in who did what or what mistakes were made or how bad [insert your favorite straw man] is/was.

Our nation is in dire straights, and the only thing that is sensible is to work to get us back on a strong, American track.  That means we have to clean House (and Senate) this November, not simply because they are progs or traitors or absolute lunatics but because they are threatening our nation’s security and stability.  With them in power, we will never be able to address the serious financial problems in this country, never.  They compound them every day, and we are responsible for allowing it to continue.  If we do nothing, we don’t just lose an election, we lose a nation.




21 thoughts on “Screw the Scalpel, Chainsaw Massacre of Federal Budget Needed

  1. We start by requiring all federal agencies to cut their head count. Private industry does it when things aren't going well. Considering the size of the problem, I say 50%. Next, all programs become “means tested” and finite in length. Nothing motivates a person like an empty stomach.

    I can take the criticism. “Hater”, “starver of children”, blah, blah, blah.

    This is something that really IS for the children.

  2. Paul Ryan was on Hardball tonight and made this case exactly. There really does need to be a serious reform of the entitlement programs and it is going to require tremendous political courage on the part of those who are least likely to exert it, politicians.

    When Glenn Beck talks about making the sacrifices that will be difficult but necessary to take the country back he is dead on. The question he continues to ask is whether the country is ready to make those sacrifices. I wrote a post on this back in October. Are we ready to admit the party is over, I am not convinced the country is there yet. You are right though, the first step is cleaning house in November. Beyond that we need to support and defend those brave enough to do what will certainly be politically unpopular because it is the right thing.

  3. Actually medicare and social security won't be much of a drain as obamacare is designed to kill off most of the aging population post haste through denial of service outright and through long delays in treatments if they come at all.

  4. We do need to cut entitlement programs dramatically. There needs to be an incentive for people who are on welfare etc to work. I know if you work a certain number of hours than you lose all of your benefits so what ends up happening is people don't even bother looking for jobs anymore. Instead, we need to let people keep half of their benefits when they find a part-time job and then give them a time limit for them to be self-sufficient financially. And, then you cut-off the rest of the person's government benefits when that time is up.

  5. rat's patootie. heh.

    I usually say rat's fat backside…

    I made a comment somewhere recently that of all those currently serving, there aren't more than about twenty I trust.

    There are beginning to be rumblings from the true leaders about what must be done.

    Jim Bunning is a hero, and sadly he's being demonized by the leftist media. The only thing I've heard about him that I can agree with is that he was on the gravy train during the Bush years.

    Fine. At least he's got the cahones to stand up now and be counted as one who sees the truth we currently face. Maybe he'll be the beginning of the big push from those who want to speak out but have been afraid to do so.

    Bunning was on Hannity's radio show today and had some very compelling and downright frightening things to say. He's been on banking and finance committees forever now and knows the truth.

    As MarySue said, Paul Ryan is definitely one of the ones who seems to get it. I too saw his interview on Hardball tonight and posted it. I was and continue to be very impressed with him.

  6. Yes it's a disaster waiting to happen. Some of it could be fixed over time by allowing privatization of Social Security. What could you end up with if you invested 15% of your income for 40 years ?

  7. These guys have been bankrupting the country since FDR, and it has indeed got to stop. Throw the bums out, I say. All of the Democrats and every Republican except for Jim Bunning, and darn if he isn't retiring. Notice how nobody on the right side of the aisle is standing up with Sen. Bunning and shouting, 'yeah, how do we pay for this handout?' All we hear from Bunning's fellow Republicans is : “……….(crickets chirping)….”


  8. @ Deekaman, exactly, this is about our children and their future. Starving them? Hardly, saving them from third world style poverty is more like it.

    @ MarySue, I caught this on the second showing (insomniac), and Ryan is so fabulous. We have to do something about the massive entitlement spending before it all falls in. And it will if we do nothing.

    @ Kid, the goal is single-payer, so every gov't run healthcare program will be merged into one. That's scary as hell.

    @ Sol, heh. Well, that's the thing, Bunning is only taking this stand because he's retiring. He probably does believe it's the right thing to do, but it's not nothing that he didn't do anything when he knew he'd be seeking re-election. And your post on Ryan is great. 🙂

    @ Bunni Toes, we can, but we won't if we don't act now. This cannot wait. And yes, me, too. We'll find something soon, have faith.

    @ Odie, you mean if I were able to keep more of my income? That would be good, but as is, hardly anyone can afford to save or invest 15% of their income. The cuts have to start at the top, so we have more money to take care of ourselves.

    @ Fredd, as I said, to Sol, Bunning's stand is admirable, but suspect. I wish that the other reps had stepped up to the plate, but they didn't. We know who they are.

  9. Oh, pooh! I somehow missed your comment @Teresa! I'm so sorry; this is where threading would be a good thing on Blogger comments.

    Anyway, there is some sort of revised formula for people collecting unemployment after one year; I'm not sure how it works, but benefits do go down based on your income, and if your income is lower due to collecting unemployment, the payout is lower. I think. Anyway, yes, we can't keep paying people not to work. But that's not going to do anything as long as the government is strangling business, making it impossible to grow and hire new people.

  10. A couple mths ago a petite very bad english speaking little gal (maybe 18 yrs old, lives in SUBSIDIZED housing at the other end of town) came to our door wanting to do yard work..long story short..she needed $ to buy diapers cuz she hadn't received her DISABILITY ck yet. I said disabled? You are disabled? She grinned and said yes. I asked if she had a job? Her reply is not hard to guess…NO. That has been sticking in my craw now for mths.

  11. If you want to see our future if we maintain this course, see the last 100-or-so years for Argentina. From industrial powerhouse to economic disaster. What's interesting is to see the Leftist spin. It reads something like this: “If it hadn't been for Capitalism…”

  12. Fuzzy,

    How do you find the time to keep coming up with these Great Posts?

    I was talking to my financial planner today and he is looking for anywhere from 50 to 100 acres in the UP of Michigan.

    When I asked him why he quite candidly told me this nation is on the verge of total collaps! Now this guy works for one of the BIG WALL STREET companies and he thinks it's over! He said Iceland went bankrupt last year and we have all heard about Greece, Spain, France, and the UK being on the edge as well. The kicker is that California has more debt than the entire country of Greece!

    He went on to say that it won't be long before we are back to a “barter system” because our money will be worthless! Now I want to tell you this scared me a little!

    He then gave me some great websites to buy ammo. You gotta love a stock broker that collects stamps, coins, and GUNS!

    I'm glad my wife and I have 10 1/2 acres in Tennessee! Raising goats and chickens is looking better and better!

    Lock & Load!!!

    Sons & Daughters of Liberty Unite!!!

  13. L:

    Dump your idiot stock broker. Fire him right now. He's the one telling you that the sky is falling, and to find a hole to hide in? And he's managing YOUR money? The US is still the strongest nation on earth, we STILL AS I WRITE THIS have the strongest currency the world has ever known, the strongest military, and we have had periods in our history similar to this one.

    Remember the Carter years? When inflation was 15% And you could buy a 36 month CD that yielded 20%? And if you could get a 30 year mortgage under 14%, you thought you got a sweet deal?

    We may see inflation surge, but our economy will not collapse. Once things start to really suck, we will kick the bums out and get back to the basics, and elect a leader and a congress who know what they are doing.

    That idiot stock broker can cash his chips in, go up to northern Michigan and hide, but things are not going to resemble 'The Road Warrior' any time soon, not here in the good ol' USA.

    You can take that to the bank.

  14. Amen sister! Unfortunately, politicians don't get elected promising to take stuff away from people, and too many voters are addicted to free stuff.

    You also touched upon another problem, that almost half the country pays no taxes, so of course they are for more big government programs.

    I am pessimistic, but I am also a God-fearing man, so I think there is still hope that enough people can wake up and see that we're on the road to hell.

  15. @ SG, yep, there's a lot of that going on. My favorites are the Mexicans who pop over to the U. S. once a month to pick up their entitlement checks and the go back to Mexico. Our government is genius. (hmph!)

    @ Deekaman, yeah, love the capitalism bashing, fun for the whole loony leftie family. They don't see where this is heading, though, because if they did, they'd be singing a different song entirely. Idiots.

    @ Ron, exactly. The main thing that has stopped any real change is the constant “well, you did, no you did” crap, and I'm sick of it. It's always a red herring designed to deflect serious discussion of a way forward (we saw this for YEARS before the surge in Iraq, and we see it every time the reps say a thing about healthcare-well you had control of Congress until 2006, why didn't you do anything THEN? Um, what? That's a useless thing to say, and it always has the same effect . . .off they all go in the wrong direction).

    @ Opus, yep, just like naughty children: “not me” syndrome at its finest. And most damaging.

    @ L, aw, thanks 😀 Hopefully, it won't get to that point, but you know, it doesn't hurt to get our own financial houses in order. Being debt-free and adhering to a strict “pay-go” policy is something that every patriot should strive for.

    @ GV, heyas and welcome! I love your page and will be visiting often. We like-minded people from all countries need to band together.

    @ Silverfiddle, hi and welcome! Well, that's about to change. If we don't make some serious choices this year and in 2012, we absolutely won't have the votes in the next cycle. By 2014, on this path, 54% of Americans will not be paying any taxes at all. We won't have the numbers. Period. To make any changes. The situation is dire. And immediate.

  16. It might not mean a lot, but when you did the math about how much “take home” pay was after all of the taxes… I like to tell the teens at our church, “that 100 dollars you pay, your employer is matching it – that's a part of your salary you never get to see”.

    I've also talked to people who actually believe the taxes rightfully belongs to the government, and can't understand why we get upset.


  17. @ theafiles, so sorry that I missed this comment! It does matter that hiring people costs businesses money–it's not strictly relevant to take home pay, but those taxes and benefits certainly play into how much companies will pay in salary. Where we might think, gee, I'll be making $40k (and bringing home about $24K), businesses are paying (say) $50k for us. It's all so ridiculous!

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