BO’s Righful "Legacy" Will Be Preserved

What I’ve been having trouble figuring out is why BO is pushing so hard on this healthcare monstrosity, why he’s intent on cramming it down the throats of the American people . . . even as he knows full well that we do not want it.  He does know this.  There’s been some speculation that maybe he’s just insulated and out of touch down there in D. C., that he’s in some sort of bubble that makes it impossible for him to hear or see us.  But that just doesn’t hold water. 

He quotes polls using the same desperate “logic” that loony leftie politicians and pundits use (taken separately–you know, outside that huge, ill-conceived, poorly-written, myopic, and ill-disguised government takeover–the American people like individual portions of the bill, select portions they’ve been fed without the context in which said approved changes will be enacted or the “unintended” consequences that are sure to follow); he skittered out of DC for the first March on Washington (not sure he’ll have time to get out of town for next week’s March, which promises to be even larger . . . and just as peaceful); he mocks, belittles, and antagonizes Fox News and its viewers because we aren’t fawning over this nightmare (either nightmare–him or the healthcare travesty).  Oh, he knows that we, the people don’t want this.  And he doesn’t care

Is he an ideologue?  A malignant narcissist?  Yes, and yes.  Is he up to something sinister, have something underhand in mind for our country?  Maybe (I think so, but we’ll see).  So setting aside those explanations for the time being (and the mountains of evidence that healthcare is but one part of his scary socialist progressive puzzle), what if he simply believes that this is about “his legacy”?  He wants to be the beloved father of American universal healthcare–the kind, benevolent, well-meaning president that future generations will love, remember with fondness.  He wants to be “great.”  And he sees this as a ticket to that greatness. 

Not on my watch.  I don’t care if this bill doesn’t take effect for several years, I won’t forget.  And every single person who suffers because they don’t have anesthesia, who receives substandard care, who dies because the government’s cost-benefit analysis showed they didn’t warrant treatment or care, who is rejected because they are too old, too ill, too expensive . . . every single one of them will be a victim of Obama.  Every person who loses their own insurance, their own doctor, their own plan will be an Obama victim.  I will shout from every rooftop his name in conjunction with every failure. 

Every time someone comes forward with a government-related health care complaint, it will be tied directly and repeatedly to Obama’s name.  Every person who is forced onto a government plan will be an Obama victim.  Every time someone declares personal bankruptcy or sinks into poverty as a result of the costs and effects of this healthcare bill, Obama will be the reason.  Every single time, every single person.  This is his baby, and if he wants to take the credit for it, counting on the short memory of the American public, he can go ahead . . . at the cost of his own “legacy.”  He will forever be tied to everything that results from this bill.  His “legacy” will be one of suffering, restricted liberties, crushing taxes, rationed care, substandard care for all most.  His “legacy” will be one of dashed hopes, dampened American spirit, dead dreams.  As American health care and medical innovation decline, and they will, Obama will carry that “legacy.”  That is my pledge.

9 thoughts on “BO’s Righful "Legacy" Will Be Preserved

  1. Fuzzy,
    This bastard wants his legacy to be “I ruined the greatest country on the face of the earth”…
    I'm going all the way back to when he was a senator, you know a year and about a week ago…
    Glenn Beck on numerous occasions provide sound bites with this jerk-off saying that the problem with the civil rights movement was that it didn't go far enough to provide “redistributive change”… He wants “reparations” for things that took place two hundred plus years ago… Well cry me a freaking river (or would that be merely a stream as he is only half blck)…

    Destroying America for revenge… How's that for cutting your nose off to spite your face…

  2. i think BO is betting on staying in for another term-
    if it's to be done; here's how he'll do it…
    make sure a.c.o.r.n. is in fully functioning order (by whatever name they want to call it)-
    and, by allowing the illegals to be legal, simply by filling out the simple, required paperwork, which at the same time will register them to vote- (then, by whatever means – getting them to vote)
    that along with many other tricks up their sleeves along these lines.

    make no doubt about it- this is a power grab- a power grab that obama intends to keep and make stronger.

    hell, before you know it, we'll all be divided into districts – providing the entertainment for them all, in way of a reality show….(hunger games fashion)

  3. I am praying this won't go through. If it does, I will join you in trying to get it repealed. And we will NOT let people forget what Obama's true legacy IS.

  4. @ Born Again American, I agree, that's his goal. But on the off chance that he's worried about his legacy, it can't hurt to let it be known exactly what that legacy will be. Hmph.

    @ Peddling, I'm not sure that he actually intended to run for election 2012, there for a while I actually wondered if he would be far enough long to make an election . . . so last decade. Now, it looks like he'll have to run, but the corruption will be immense, the voter fraud insane. And yes, he wants amnesty for votes. That's why I think we really need to start talking to the Latino community in this country. We actually share many of their values, while the dems just want to buy them off and perpetuate poverty. And heh at hunger fashion games.

    @ Opus, fighting its passage now is truly important. I keep telling myself that I really need to get to DC on Tuesday, but I just can't manage it. Then I think, what would our founders do? Would they whinge about how much freedom costs? How far away it is? Hell no. Heck, they made longer trips on friggin' horses. But yes, if it passes, next step is to elect every (R) in the country who runs on a platform that is truly conservative and that promises to repeal this horror show.

  5. Fuzzy. I take to heart your words on the Founders, and I'll have to examine my conscience. However, if you can't make it, you can't make it, this time. There are going to be other times. Plenty of other times. This administration is not going away any time soon.

    This is an equally good time to act locally. You just never know how far one little message can travel. This thing could die the death of a thousand cuts. It's time to make Dems at every level fear to be associated with Obama. I'm not talking just about the Congress Critter with a vote, but also the lowest people on the totem pole, like the political figure you run into at the supermarket: “I'd love to vote for you like always, but if I vote for any Democrats at all, Obama will think I'm voting to have Medicare taken from my old Mom or that I can afford to pay more taxes.”

    I've been trying that lately, and I can really see the wheels start turning. Ain't nobody likes Obama much anymore.

    Hey, we're Americans.

  6. @ QR, yes, this is really causing me some stress, to be honest. And alas, you are right, there will be plenty more horrors from this administration, but this one is huge, if passed . .. ugh! I am doing local things and calling, emailing, etc., but I feel I should do more. As a patriot who loves her country, I just keep thinking of the sacrifices of generations of our soldiers (airmen, marines, sailors, et al), of our great country going to hell in a handbasket, and my not doing every last thing I can. People have spilled their life blood for our freedom, and I can't make a little trip to DC? Ugh.

  7. good post…

    I pledge to support ALL lawsuits, some waiting in the wings, against an over-stepping federal government trying to take 1/6 of the private industry in America.

    cheers from a-Chicago-gal-gone-Galt-in-NZ

  8. I suspect that this health care debacle will not be the only stain on his legacy.

    And quite honestly, I don't even want to think about what the others might be.

    We're fortunate we've survived as well as we have thus far; we only have two years, ten months to go…

  9. @ Lisa, thanks! Oh yes, there will be legal challenges for decades if this passes. It's going to cost billions, maybe trillions, in legal action alone. Funny how no one is tallying that into the CBO estimates.

    @ Sol, I'm worried, but we can only bide our time until November when we can make him a lame duck for the remainder of his failed presidency.

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