Another Fuzzy Rant: Simple Solutions to Complex Problems

Some things are complicated, difficult, seemingly impossible to fully comprehend.  To that I say, so the heck what?  At some point, we have to move past some of the things that are crippling our country, and why not start now?   Following is my (over simplified but darned fun to vent) list of simple (simplistic, actually, but so what?) solutions to many of the problems we face today:


To white racists:  stop it
To black people:  get over it


At home:  You know what?  Screw political correctness, screw multiculturalism, and screw everyone who doesn’t want to learn English, support America, and assimilate into our society and culture.  Seriously.  What’s so wrong with there being an English-speaking, God-fearing/-loving America?  Nothing.  It’s our country, dammit, and that’s how we like it.  Get on board or get the heck out.

Abroad:  If the above is true, then it is true in every country on this planet.  England is England, France is France, India is India, and so on.  We won’t force you to “Americanize,” and don’t even think about trying to force your worldview, religion, socio-cultural identity on us. 

Progressives vs. Patriots

We can do a few things about this, but none of them involve “bipartisanship” or “compromise.”  I’m done “compromising” away my liberties, my American-ness, and my country.  Done.  So here’s what can happen:

Progressives:  back the hell down, we don’t want your “vision” of some utopian totalitarian fascist anti-American hell.  Go back to your campuses and your espresso shops and leave us alone.

Patriots:  (recommended)  keep on this path, work within our Constitution and send the progs packing.  Vote for people who will act to remove and/or drastically cut ALL entitlements and restore American ingenuity, promise, and opportunity (all of which are being strangled out of our country bit by bit, piece by piece).


Both:  some kind of secession may be in order.  Set up two “Americas,” one that is based on the Constitution (move the capital somewhere else . . . maybe Texas), and one based on crazy BO’s crazy agenda.  This would be a short-term split because once the progs have all the people who want to sponge off of others in one place and all the hard-working, industrious people creating prosperity, freedom, and opportunity in another, the first will fold.  Fast.  Who’s going to provide financial support for their idiot dreams if we all break off?  No one.  That government, being all-powerful as BO wants it to be, will resort to force, arrests, imprisonment, executions to try to make it work (just as they do in every other instance it’s tried), and before long they’ll be begging to be part of the true America.  And we’ll let them.  Of course. 


Nuke ’em.  But strategically.  There are democracy- and freedom-loving Iranians who deserve a free Iran (one that isn’t a menace to the rest of the world).

War on Terror

Find them, cut off their money trails, torture them if they are high up on the food chain, kill them.  


Back to basics.  Screw gay penguins, embracing Islam, and every other thing that detracts from students’ learning in the name of politically correct nonsense.  Teach history, civics, math, English, science, etc.  And do so rigorously.  Raise the bar.  If someone is too stupid to learn, they should be allowed to fail.  That’s how life works.

College:  back to high and rigorous standards.  A college degree is meaningless because it doesn’t reflect anything at all.  It doesn’t even guarantee that the degree holder can read, let alone write a complete sentence.  Unacceptable.  No more cookies and A’s for “effort.”  Standards are needed.  We used to have them, and the university was the one who dictated terms.  Now students get to vote for their favorite professors and those are the ones given tenure, raises, etc.  Ridiculous.  Students don’t “vote” for the professor who actually teaches them something, but for the one who let them coast, who was “funny,” or who was “understanding.”  Hmph!  Standards are needed.  Academic standards, based on education not on bleeding heart bull crap.


Pare back the federal government to the bare bones, to the strict and limited capacity spelled out in the Constitution.  Eliminate entirely quite a few dinosaurs and quite a few other agencies that infringe on the states’ rights (Department of Education comes to mind) or that don’t serve a real purpose (National Endowment for the Arts comes to mind).  Cut it all out and cut the rest to the bones, then make tax law that actually benefits American industry, innovation, and excellence.  Set up a flat tax for all Americans and tax-paying (legal) aliens.  Everyone pays (say) 10% (or whatever someone much smarter than me works out is fair and will enable the federal government to meet its bare bones Constitutional requirements).  No deductions, no credits, no crap.  A one-sentence tax law that every person can understand and meet.

Illegal Immigration

Adopt the policies of any other country on this planet.  NO other country allows illegals to pour into their country and suck their resources dry.  Place a world map on a table, close your eyes, and point to the map . . . whatever that country’s immigration policy is adopt it here.  And then deal with the freakishly large and crazy-expensive illegal immigrant population here in that exact manner.  Get the word out.  End of problem.


Treat it like the religious holiday it is and not like a scarlet letter of shame.  If you’re not religious and just like the pretty lights, trees, and presents . . . yay!  Go for it; celebrate it if you wish, as you wish.  But in the open, not hiding in shame, afraid to say the words, “Merry Christmas.”




34 thoughts on “Another Fuzzy Rant: Simple Solutions to Complex Problems

  1. “Abroad: If the above is true, then it is true in every country on this planet. England is England, France is France, India is India, and so on. We won't force you to 'Americanize,' and don't even think about trying to force your worldview, religion, socio-cultural identity on us.”

    Hmmm. Where did that come from, I wonder? πŸ™‚

  2. Fuzzy,
    Like Cambridge Lady, I remember suggesting that you run (that's American for stand) for president on a previous post… It is soooooo comforting to read common sense solutions to ever day problems…

    Rant on Fuzzy, rant on…

  3. @ Hack, Teresa, Linda, and Chris, thank you! πŸ˜€

    @ Opus, lol, yeah, I guess so!

    @ Odie, you won mine long ago, so thanks! And that's some darn gorgeous stuff at Dust n Lint. I love so many of those quilts and am in serious awe of your woodworking skills. Wow! As long as we're plugging folks (and we can!), do check out Fanta's art via the link under my profile photo on this page. She's seriously talented. Also my good friend Ed does some amazing paintings of cars (they look absolutely real, it's amazing), and my other good friend Kerry does some truly awesome photography (

    @ Pedaling, Kid, Deekaman, American Mom, thanks all! And welcome, American Mom πŸ˜€

    @ Yukio, heh. Yes, hmmm . . . I wonder. As the great philosopher-band Chicago once sang, you're my inspiration. πŸ˜‰

    @ CL, aw thanks πŸ™‚ And lol, I'm not, but thanks for the vote of confidence. At least on my watch, we'd have a damn strong relationship with the UK, as we should and have until this boob took office.

    @ Tammy, thanks! πŸ˜€

    @ Born Again American, heh, thanks, and I remember you're saying that on another post. You make my day. πŸ˜€

    @ Kerry, will do *hugs*

    @ QR, heh. And alas, yes, I was once a liberal and still have some somewhat liberal social views. Though to be honest, I'm rethinking two of those in a big way. I'm posting on them both sometime soon. Well, you know, one day. πŸ˜‰ I'm definitely over the entitlements are good for the poor crap that I bought for so many years. Ugh.

  4. One thing I would diverge with you on your rant. Iran. At some point, we can no longer consider the population as innocent yet the government as evil.

    Eventually, the government will become such a threat that they can no longer hide behind the population for protection, much like Japan and Germany's population in WWII had to be included in our retribution, all the while they wreaked havoc on the world.

    It would be nice to surgically take out only the mullahs, and leave the population unscathed, perhaps using a 'nutron bomb' that left the people standing, yet the mullahs wiped out.

    Nope, nothing like this will happen in reality, the mullahs, much like their allies in the Taliban, al Qaeda, the Palestian Authority, Lebanon, Syria and on and on, cannot in perpetuity hide behind the skirts of their populations and rain death upon the rest of us without sustaining significant 'collateral damage' in the long run, meaning that their populations will suffer.

    It's time for their populations to rise up, if they know this is the end game in the long run.

  5. GREAT post!

    I especially like; “Pare back the federal government to the bare bones, to the strict and limited capacity spelled out in the Constitution. Eliminate entirely quite a few dinosaurs and quite a few other agencies that infringe on the states' rights (Department of Education comes to mind) or that don't serve a real purpose (National Endowment for the Arts comes to mind).”

    If only….

    Sad thing is, that even when we have “Conservatives” (Reagan, Gingrich) in power, that sort of thing doesn't get done.

    But who knew that Reconciliation had such a wide variety of uses?

    If the Liberals can attempt to use it on healthcare, it can certainly be used to pull all this crap out by the roots down the road.

  6. Hey this is a pretty handy little rant from a formatting perspective – I like it! I wanna try!

    Republicans: Less L. Graham, more J. DeMint.
    Democrats: More tickle fights! Yaaay!

  7. “Screw gay penguins?”


    You just destroyed my image of Opus, the most ultimate iconic liberal-wannabe penguin ever!

    Aside from that… how's your weather? Heard y'all got a little rain and wind up there?

    Sunny and a beautiful 81 degrees here today…

    Great rant!

  8. @ Thomas Bruce, I'm glad you found my blog, too! πŸ˜€

    @ Fredd, the population of Iran is trying to stand up, but they're being beaten down (literally). And we are doing nothing to help them. No one is. And we need to keep in mind that no one will help us, either. We're on our own . . . but hey, we're Americans and we can handle it!

    @ Loralee, lmao, no thanks, I'll stick to blogging and getting involved as a private citizen. I could be a speech writer, though, huh? That would be fun. :p

    @ Kerry, of course! You know I love your photos. πŸ˜€

    @ JMK, what an interesting point. Of course dems are setting a messy precedent, but frankly, I think reconciliation on huge issues is a baaaaaaad idea, no matter which party does it or for what ends. We lose ourselves in doing something that goes against our Constitution and our founders.

    @ Candle, lmao, feel free to go nuts with the format. Your brain is a wondermous place. πŸ˜‰

    @ Sol, heh, thanks. πŸ˜€ Gray and rainy and cold, but it's pre-springtime in New England, so that's to be expected.

  9. Fuzzy,

    Great Rant! How do you keep coming up with these? The Born Again and I would love to hire you and or your speech writer!

    I just wish you would tone it down a tad, your are making way too much since! NOT!!!

    Lock & Load!!!

    Sons & Daughters of Liberty Unite!!!

    PS: Been down a while, but I'm back!

  10. Always an inspiration Fuzzy. I sometimes wish I had your strength of spirit and your optomistic outlook on future trends. However as a devout cynic, I feel that much hard and fast change will be required before we see much of your plan evolve. The statists and the entitlement class will hold on to your throats and drag the nation down as we all drown in regulation and executive orders. For example–As the Slaughterhouse Five pass this monstercare bill, they have decided to take over the student loan program right along with it. They don't need no stinkin' Constitution! Your children will tow the line and all victims groups and Obama supporters stand at the head of the line. And you want stricter standards? This brave new world of bureaucrats is to be run by the lowest common denominator. It is the devolution of Man. Good luck reversing a trend that has been in motion for 100 years.

  11. Sol, you scared me. For a second there, I thought you mentioned me. (Opus) πŸ˜‰

    Fuzzy, I hope you are holding up OK this week. Is it me or is this the longest week ever….

  12. Opie – heh, : )~

    Sorry for the momentary confusion… but I'd hope by now you know I've a little more class than that?

    Besides, you're not a gay penguin, are you? LOL!

    Alright… I'm a gonna shut up now… hope I gave you all a good laugh though!

  13. @ Scott, I believe in America and in our enduring spirit, independence, and abiding patriotism. We're not going down without a fight, and I believe we'll win. That said, I do get discouraged and overwhelmed, particularly when I look at all the seemingly unconnected and individually unremarkable things that this administration is doing. But I'm an American, and no one, not even another American or group thereof, is going to destroy my country while I sit around mute and inactive.

    @ Opus, I've been a walking frayed nerve all week, and my poor tummy is upset. But that's okay, I think of it as a fire in my belly and shrug off the sense of dread by visiting your page and those of other patriots I know that I and this country can rely on. πŸ˜€

    @ BB, lol, not even. I would be happy to be a consulting type or a speech writer, but I'm not a politician. I'm a patriot.

  14. Two Americas? One being normal? What would it be like?
    Would we be allowed to let cattle graze, with worrying about the desert tortes getting excited and pissing itself to death? Would we be able to once and for all, rid ourselves of the insidious freedom destroying cancer known as soccer? If only we knew

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