FMJRA (sort of)

It’s already been a week since my last post, ugh.  I’ve been, as I’m sure many of you have been, caught up in the healthcare drama and simply haven’t had the heart to write anything new.  Everything is happening so fast, and I just can’t wrap my mind around all of it.  Geez, BO has agreed to let Russia drill in the Gulf of Mexico (we can’t, however, to “save” the environment; I guess it’s okay if Russia does, though?) and refunded ACORN (all the better to steal elections with, my dear) and practically declared war on Israel (the other U. S. ally he loathes is the UK, so watch that relationship carefully, too).  And all this while he, Pelosi, and Reid plot to overthrow our Constitution and with it our country by using “demon pass” to sign into law things that haven’t been voted on by both Houses of Congress.  It’s mind-blowing.

Mind-numbing, actually.  I’m in shock and feeling that long, silent scream feeling.

So I thought I’d finally finish (mostly) that FMJRA post I’ve been working on for months (and months). 

The conservative blogosphere is a bustling, busy place bursting with patriots fighting for our country, our freedom, and yes, simply to be heard amidst the massive and truly fabulous roar of outrage, newsy items, and insightful commentary.  We’ve developed a strong online presence, much to the dissatisfaction of the left (heh), and in the spirit of online camaraderie (and in keeping with FMJRA), I wanted to take the time to recognize a few conservative bloggers who have been kind enough to send some linky love and traffic my way.

Up first is Opus_6, her MAinfo is a daily must-read.  She also does a good job of explaining why she doesn’t do that many of these posts . . . they are time-consuming, and in addition to that, you don’t want to miss anyone accidentally, causing hurt feelings or giving the impression of a snub.  This is my first (and may be my only, so enjoy!). 

Soloman over at The Wisdom of Soloman is always good reading: he is indeed wise, but also funny and very insightful.  Another must-read.

Actually, these are ALL must-reads, that’s the real reason that I’m mentioning them–the part of the FMJRA that I don’t particularly like is that you’re supposed to link to everyone who links to you, even if they suck. Hmph!  No suckage here.  I’m not really good about keeping up with my site monitor thingy, so if I do miss you, it’s not because you suck (probably) but down to my own incompetence in keeping track of these things.  

I’ve been rather surprised (and secretly pleased as can be) to have been noticed by two of the best, most-read, most-respected bloggers out here in conservative blogland:  William Jacobson over at Legal Insurrection featured me as one of his Blogs of the Day back in January and again last month (you’ll have to take my word for it, but he did.  Really.  I promise.), and Jill at Pundit & Pundette featured me as her new BFF.  Heee!  P&P also featured my blog on her featured feature.  How thrilling is that?  I have to say that if you don’t read these two blogs daily, you’re missing out on two of the best voices out here.  And not just because they featured me, either.  They both have keen minds, excellent senses of humor, and an apparently tireless ability to find the best stories, post the best links, and write the most insightful, thought-provoking posts. Another blog great has also sent some yummy traffic my way: the BlogProf.  His posts tend to be thorough and well-written, with lots of links, vids, and commentary.  Good stuff.

One of my first conservative blogo-connections is One Ticked Chick over at Coffee Milk Conservative.  She’s also among my favorites.  She’s smart, funny, and sassy . . . qualities that I value a great deal (as you can tell because these are common traits amongst the bloggers I mention here and read voraciously).  She, like Opus and Sol, engages with her readers in the comments section, and this is something that I find draws me to pages (translation: prompts me to click out of Reader and post a comment on the actual page itself, not that I don’t post comments on pages by writers who don’t interact with their readers, just that I’m more likely to do so, you know?).

One of my newest favorites is the mostly conservative Yukio over at Critical Narrative.  I admire very much his methodical mind and analytic approach to a range of topics (he reminds me why I was so drawn to academia in the first place).  He’s impatient with surface-speak (that thing I do more often than not), so he keeps me on my toes.  I like that.

Potluck is chugging along nicely, and the women over there each have amazing, must-read blogs.  Do check them out:

Well, if I keep this up, I’ll never get to everyone I want to mention (and yes, I’m going to be mentioning folks who’ve never linked to me, including some who never will, alas, but if I’m going to do this, I want to be as comprehensive as possible), so I’ll do a bit of generalizing and categorizing.

Patriots Who Do Us All Proud

The Born Again Americans rock my world with their amazing love for our country, as do Teresa, Ron, Kid, Rotti, Fredd, SuperGranny, Hack Wilson, Deekaman, Bungalow Bill, What Makes Us Right, Diogenes, and last but never ever least the good folks at Nickie Goomba’s It Don’t Make Sense.

Round ups, Reporters, and Commentary

There are all types of conservative blogs, from the “round up” blogs that provide quick notes about and links to articles or other blogs of interest, to the “reporter” sites that post the latest news as it breaks (and often before it breaks, thereby actually breaking stories–bloggers!  Who’d have thunk it only a year ago?), to the video-based that post political and patriotic clips, to the “commentary” sites that, like mine, offer commentary on issues of interest, to the sites that scour the web and offer up the “must reads” of the day.  Most blogs, including my own, occasionally blur the lines between these admittedly artificial categories, but most people tend to do what they are comfortable with and do it well.

My new favorite “round up” sites are (in addition to the fabulous Instapundit, of course):  Little Miss Attila.

The must-read “reporter” type site: Gateway Pundit.

Essential “commentary” sites:  Another Black Conservative, The Other McCain, Riehl WorldCassy Fiano, HillBuzz, and Quick Wit.

The Right Scoop posts every Glenn Beck show in its entirety and because of this is a great place to find those hard-to-find clips that (somehow) don’t make it to YouTube–and is also good for those of you who don’t have cable (I’m still thinking about getting rid of it). 

The best conservative commentary can be found on The Corner, The Weekly StandardAmerican Thinker, and Town Hall.

The people to read:  Michelle Malkin, Mark Steyn, and Ann Coulter.

All-’round, one-stop-shop sites are Breitbart‘s “Big” Sites, HotAir, NewsReal, and PajamasMedia.

Fun Places to Visit (When You Need a Break from Politics)

We can’t be all politics all the time (or our brains would explode, or we’d sink into a horrible pessimism), so it’s important to read some fun blogs (that do occasionally do the serious political piece).  My favorites in this category are:  Amusing Bunni (she finds the most amusing and seriously cute vids on the ‘net, and she’s funny as hell no matter the topic, but when she goes for BO, it’s truly rolling on the floor funny), Tammy at Time Flies and Peddling (they make everyday life a delight and post an array of personal(ish) stories, great pics, and random thoughts–all worth reading), and Cambridge Lady (she’s a liberal, but we can overlook this distressing fact because she is lovely.  She posts some gorgeous photos of England, another land that I love, and some thoughtful posts about her take on everything from climate change and education to the scandalous sale of Cadbury to Kraft).

More fun places:  Michelle Obama’s Mirror, Woodsterman (our beloved Odie),  Stuff White People Like, and the Shoe Blog.

Okay, I know I’m forgetting someone (or someones), but I think that’s because I’ve been working on this for so damn long.  If I missed you, I am sorry.  Send me an email and I’ll fix it.  Just for you.


18 thoughts on “FMJRA (sort of)

  1. I'm almost forgiven for being a liberal – yay :o)

    You have to forgive me for occasionally wanting to convert you all over to the “dark side”. Seriously, I do think there's always room for ideologies to evolve through exposure to different points of view – my own very much included in that!!

    Thank you so much for the mention and link-back Fuzzy :o)

  2. Fuzzy, you are the best! Thanks for the kind comment. I got busy this week too, and I am back to answering comments this morning. It has been an awful week. Lets hope the weekend goes well.

  3. “Seriously, I do think there's always room for ideologies to evolve through exposure to different points of view – my own very much included in that!”

    ie. my own ideology can evolve through listening to your POV, not that my POV should necessarily alter yours (though it'd be cool if it did!)

    I read that sentence back to myself and it sounded a bit arrogant if taken the wrong way :S

  4. this post with all the links, commentary and info, must have taken forever! i read most of those mentioned, but a few are new to me and i can't wait to check them out.
    i'm so grateful for soloman for leading me and others here to you- love tammy at time flies and MAinfo is truly one of my top 5 sites!

    yes, much going on- it's concerning- it's freaky – refunding ACORN, (we all saw that coming), now BO just has to get the illegals, legal and voting – and he WILL try, – get the healthcare in order and the student loans controlled and then he's off to win 2012! we have seen his plan from the start.

    we will fight and stick together- we will have faith and understand that God sees the big picture ….He is in control – and in the end, things will be alright! so, i don't know about everyone else, but my prayers, concerning this great country, have increased, big time!

    take care-
    and thanks for the shout out- wasn't expecting that since you've highlighted me before – you are too kind!

  5. Like Pedaling, I wasn't expecting a shout-out either, so thanks. I've read a few of the blogs that you linked, but am excited to check out the others.

    It is mind-numbing to think of all that is happening right now. I try to live my happy little life but just get so mad when I hear the daily happenings of our government. The only good thing this government has done is awakened the sleeping public. People are paying attention now and I'm thankful for blogs like yours that help keep us informed

  6. It's taken me long enough to just start looking at all these blogs….. you must have spent hours pulling together all the links for this post! Fantastic ….. bookmarked for future reference.

    BTW, I just wanted to say, whatever happens with the vote tomorrow, I hope everything works out well for you and all the American people in the long run. There are going to be lots of very unhappy people out there whichever way it goes. I am an interested observer and have no desire to see the USA go bankrupt, for millions to be without affordable healthcare, or for (heaven forbid!) some kind of civil war to break out. There must be a solution that all can agree on ……. I hope Americans get there in the end xx

  7. Thanks for the kudos. You are too kind. We will continue the fight after today, no matter how it turns out. We will win in the end. Some of us may not live long enough to see it, but we will win.

    Next stop: Amnesty.

    Torches and Pitchforks.

  8. I haven't been around, haven't been posting (for the most part) because of that silent screaming feeling. Calling congress, sending emails, and I still feel like I'm going down the up escalator.

  9. From one former liberal to another… thanks so much for the listing as a “must-read.” I'm flattered!

    It's been one hell of a week, and of course we know it ain't over yet…

  10. Regards paragraph one, we are thinking exactly alike. If I could cry, I think I would cry at the level of stupidity and hypocrisy I see around me in people still supporting obama and crew.

    And thanks for the mention. 🙂

  11. PS – I actually wrote my foreign policy rant as an email response to a friend on Thursday and he suggested I turn it into a post. So I cleaned it up and did so. But uncanny the parallels in thinking.

  12. Hi Fuzzy! This is the most awesome post! You are SO right, (as is Opie), these type of posts are so time consuming and hard to do.
    I know all the great blogs on your list truly appreciate your compliments, I know I do. I am happy to try and provide a laugh, cuteness and cheer. Considering the horror we are up against by the democRATS, we need diversion.

    I hope you have a lovely week, and thanks again for all the wonderful things you write on your blog!

  13. Fuzzykins….long silent scream with a huge yucky lump in my throat and a kicked in the stomach feeling. It is mind numbing, unreal and flat out insanity.

    I have not been blogging or reading blogs much or even tuning into the news much other than to just SCREAM at the radio…..

    Our life here is busy and in preparations for a total economic meltdown which NOBODY will see coming…it will just be here….so we prepare.

    Do I live in gloom and doom? No way…I have too much fun in my life and laughter and hope…but I see this horrible writing on the wall.

    Amazing…just absolutely amazing the crooks are getting away with this.

  14. @ CL, lol, there is no way any of us will ever convert to the dark side. Been there, done that, woke up. 🙂 But there's still hope for you.

    @ Born Again American, we will fight on together, my friend.

    @ Opus, it has been a hellish week, but we're all back on track, more fired up and determined than ever.

    @ CL, no worries, I understood what you meant 🙂

    @ Pedaling, yay! I love your optimism, that's just what we all need to carry us to victory.

    @ Tammy, aw, thanks! 🙂

    @ CL, there is no solution we can all agree on, and there is no desire to reach a compromise. We will fight for our country, and that means that there is no room for more encroaching socialism. I'd like to see the entitlements we had before this healthcare monstrosity gradually cut our of our budget and our consciousness. They drag us down, make us weak and dependent. That is NOT what America is about. Not now. Not ever.

    @ Deekaman, oh yes, we'll win. There is no choice at all.

    @ Odie, you are serious, dear Odie, I'll make sure you're listed as such if I ever do this again. 🙂

    @ Janie Lynn, it's been so difficult, but we're through that part and moving on stronger and more unified than ever.

  15. @ Sol, nope, it's not over yet. The battle lines have been drawn, we know the score, and we're in for the long haul.

    @ Yukio, heh

    @ Kid, I need to get over there and read your post, dear. I've been so caught up in this healthcare debacle that I've not been good at keeping up with everyone.

    @ Bunni Toes, you're a doll. 🙂

    @ Cubbykins, whew! Was wondering where you are, but totally understandable and necessary to deal with our daily lives. No doom and gloom, though, we lost a battle, not the war.

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