Paul Ryan: "This Is Not Who We Are"

I adore Paul Ryan, and I hope that he one day runs for president.  Take heart from this fine patriot’s words in this, our hour of sorrow: 

We will prevail.  That is fact.




21 thoughts on “Paul Ryan: "This Is Not Who We Are"

  1. Isn't it amazing how that shameful woman (Pelosi) took the Founder's great words and trampled all over them in her celebratory dance?

    How dare her include this monstrous disaster of legislation amongst the ideas of “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit…”

    I don't wish ill will on people… I've nothing else to say on the subject.

    We should not feel sorrow today – we should feel strength and a renewed spirit of purpose!

    We now have the mistake of the liberal progressive democRats on our side, to use as an example from this day forward.

    We must elect the most clearly Constitutionally bound, federalist type, non-centrist, non-RINO candidates we can find, and we must vigorously support them in their efforts to return this wonderful nation to her rightful place as the greatest nation on God's Earth!

    We must be certain never again to allow such venomous creatures as Pelosi, Obama, Grayson, Reid, and all these other slimeballs to inhabit the hallowed grounds of our Capitol and White House. Ever. Again.

  2. The ghosts of the founding fathers voted last night, and they lost 219-212. I recommend to anyone reading this that you stop buying gold and start buying shotguns and spam.

  3. Well, I think the illegal's amnesty is next, and there you have the Libs new voting block. I will do my best from this day forward to confound every bureaucrat I come into contact with. Meanwhile, I will do my best to help Republicans get elected in my state. I will volunteer my time and money, and I urge all others to do the same.

  4. Fuzzy,

    I believe I just listened to the next President of these United States!

    As Bro said, “We are at war!” We may have lost the first battle, but this war is far from over!

    I agree with Candle, it just may come down to an armed society that will bring this Great Nation back to it's senses!

    I have a bit of a cholesterol problem, so I am stocking up on Spam-Lite!

    Lock & Load!!!

    Sons & Daughters of Liberty Unite!!!

  5. i look at ryan and others who have so bravely stood up and represented me, you & so many others…i see it….i see that they listened to us, that they are getting back on track–i see them as representing well, and i am proud….proud to stand on this side—i watch pelosi, obama and others and i cannot fathom the minds of those who allow these shallow ,power hungry, liars as their representatives…..

  6. Candle,

    Handguns and rifles too! The trouble I have had lately is finding ammo. Just found a good web site for that as well

    Lock & Load!!!

    Sons & Daughters of Liberty Unite!!!

  7. I am tired today after the emotions of the weekend. But my resolve has not diminished. Legislators like Paul Ryan give proof our voices were heard – but only by the people willing to listen. Repeal the bill!

  8. Fuzzy, Thank you for posting that. I agree, I hope he runs for president! I recently saw another clip of him in a committee trying to answer the chairwoman's question that she obviously didn't want him to answer.

    Thanks, that was uplifting in a much needed way!!!

  9. I've written this entry on my blog a few hours before Obamacare was pushed through Congress…

    I want my country back!

    It seems like the ultra-liberals have been able to bribe and coerce enough congress-scumbags to pass the Obamacare. And as I said before, there would be hell to pay for this monstrosity. Obamacare is the very definition of unlimited government – the threat of which was forewarned by the Founding Fathers more than two centuries ago. The federal government, which is up to its neck in debt and unfunded liabilities, decided to launch the biggest entitlement of all times – the medical care for all. The spending on this new entitlement will surely dwarf many if not most of Federal programs and will make the bankruptcy of federal and state governments inevitable. The time of reckoning is at hand, brothers and sisters. Obamacare is the last breath of the liberal order – and it’s time to take America back from the party of thieves and looters.

    All patriots of this nation must stand together and fight back. United we will win! There is no blue or red America anymore – there are only those who believe in America the beautiful, America the free, America the shining city on the hill – and those who believe in welfare socialism and government servitude. Today, we fight not only for our personal well-being – but for the dignity and honor of this country, for the right to look into the eyes of our children and say – we defended this nation from the perils of socialism. In November 2010, we will answer the crucial questions of our times – are American people worthy of the Constitutional Republic built by the Founding Fathers – or the Great American Experiment has failed, and we should all go back to Europe, Africa and Asia? Will American people have the right to proudly say “We are Americans” – or will they forever live in infamy and indignity of the European welfare socialism?

    I don't know about you, but I am certain of the answer to these questions. I am glad that the Democratic Party passed the Rubicon. From now on, there is no coming back for the liberal elites, no talks of compromise and middle-ground. Today, it is abundantly clear that either we will live in Obama's America or in America that our Founding Father envisioned. You cannot have both.

    The November elections will be the most important elections in our lifetime. If you don’t vote for America in November – you don’t deserve to be called an American.

    Written by a Russian immigrant who loves America and who loves freedom.

  10. Thank you so much for posting this here. I have read it (I think at Left Coast Rebel, but maybe somewhere else) and tweeted it! 🙂 We will not allow our country to be hijacked by traitors who seek to dominate, control, and oppress us. Of that you can rest assured.

  11. Ooops, I'm a big old goof, I thought I'd responded to you wonderful patriots! D'oh! My apologies.

    @ Hack, yes, I really really like him.

    @ Sol, Did you see her with that monstrous-sized gavel waltzing in front of the Tea Party patriots? She's such a horror show. But gee, I missed her speech after the vote. Bummer. And you are right, once the initial shock and horror ebbed away, I feel renewed and reinvigorated. No way are they getting away their plans. And (again) yes, we will indeed run the progs back to ground and never allow them near our Capitol or White House again. Enough is enough.

    @ Yukio, I thought so, too. He really nailed the American spirit . . . and what is so very wrong with the trio of tyranny.

    @ Diogenes, I agree that's he's a rising star. I'd really like to see him be governor, but the man's sharp, patriotic, articulate (really, without teleprompters and inane, insipid cliches). Yep, one to watch for sure.

    @ Candle, heh, I hear ammo's hard to come by these days, but luckily our L found a site. 🙂

    @ Odie, yeah, amnesty looks like it's next, and Kerry is pushing Cap and Tax. These idiots just won't be happy until the entire nation is bankrupt and every citizen impoverished and dependent on the government to “subsidize” everything. Grrrr! That is SO not going to happen. I, too, pledge to donate my time, energy, and money (well, you know, if I had any) to get every Republican in every election elected. We will, too. Watch.

    @ L, I think so, too. It'll be good to watch him over the next few months. At least he's had experience in the private sector and run his own firm, so he's not a ninny airhead like BO. I need to look into his entitlement act thing (his “Roadmap” act, forget it's name now–it fizzled) that he proposed back in 2008 (something about making the big three stronger and universal health care(!), but it may be the same thing he's proposed recently). I'd like to see someone run who wants to cut entitlements, but I guess that's never going to happen 😦

    We are at war, that much is abundantly clear (well, we all knew before this, but it's undeniable now). No harm in stocking up on ammo, and LOL at Spam-Lite! 🙂

    @ Pedaling, well, the thing is, and we have to face this, there is a contingent of Americans who are indeed well-represented by these traitors, liars, and thieves. These people have no idea about history and have been taught for decades to hate and be ashamed of our great nation. We're actually culpable in that to the degree that we all didn't stand up sooner and put a stop to it, but we were just trying to “get along” and not make a fuss. Hmph! It's fuss time!

    @ Janie Lynn, I loved that part of Ryan's speech. I got goose bumps at his saying that he and other reps DO hear us, do understand, and can not only articulate our sentiments but SHARE them. Woohoo!!

  12. @ Velcro, lol, are you talking about him slaughtering Slaughter? That was priceless. I love that he is articulate, logical, grounded, intellectually agile, and likable. He's definitely got president-potential. I'd be damn proud to have him as my president. (I've rejected BO and do not recognize him as the president of my country, our America–he's the president of some socialist “utopia” that doesn't exist and that will never happen within these borders.)

  13. Fuzzy –

    You mean the gavel she was carrying as they (the libs) marched in “civil rights” formation, as San-Fran-Nan had that
    goofy-assed grin on her face ?

    Yeah… saw it. Ugh.

    Made me sick and made me laugh, all at the same time. She's got the most unorthodox body language and expressions. She is incredibly unnatural, to say the least.

  14. Fuzzy – Yes! That was the one! He handled it well without getting bent out of shape or sidetracked! I would have just jumped up and boxed her ears or something…

  15. @ Sol, it makes you miss President Bush's ability to rise above pettiness. In retrospect, he was a hell of a statesman. There are too few of those these days.

    @ Velcro, lol, watching this all unfold, I've often wondered how our Congress doesn't devolve into some sort of yelling match (ala the UK Parliament).

  16. Heh, Chick, maybe. I need to look at him more closely before I jump all-in (ditto ANY candidate for prez, they have to be able to beat BO, yes, but they also have to be able to govern, including foreign policy, defense, etc. Ryan's wicked strong on the economy, but I'm not sure about the other areas. Yet.)

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