Liberal Delusions vs. Reality

With all the pitiful whining on the left about their invented racial slurs and the very real “baby killer” shout on the House floor (also said on the House floor and also said by a United States congressman–American citizens who were merely voicing their opinions are guilty of sexual deviance and vile, perverted sexual practices.  And note that he then has the audacity to talk about “civilized society” (!!!) and say that the mythical racial epithets and imaginary spitting incident diminish the office and the country (!!!)), I thought I better scour Saturday and Sunday’s Code Red Kill the Bill rallies for evidence of violence from the angry, racist mobs.

Let us remember how the police dress when they know a bunch of peaceful, altruistic, citizens with concerns only for the common good are gathering to express their dissent and/or opposition to something via their guaranteed right to free speech: 

Okay, good, that’s from the G-20 Summit last fall in Pittsburgh

Now, let’s look at how the police in the nation’s capital respond to the descent of frothing at the mouth, enraged redneck racists bent on violence and mayhem:

Oops, looks like they didn’t get the Department of Homeland Security’s memo last spring.




48 thoughts on “Liberal Delusions vs. Reality

  1. True dat!
    All those violent senior citizens at the town halls, were just out of control. I think the after photos of the capital after 9-12 compared to the mess after Obama's inauguration says it all.

  2. I was surprised the protests in DC were so peaceful ….. given the anger expressed across the blogosphere. What I have seen in the UK is that the Police now dress for gatherings/protests as though they are expecting trouble, when in fact most people, right across the political spectrum, just want to demonstrate peacefully and maintain their right to free speech. I haven't been on a demo for many a year but I always remember the Police being chatty and friendly, “one of us” except for the uniform. I don't know how I would feel if confronted with full riot gear – does aggression breed aggression?? Good post!

  3. Cambridge, what Fuzzy is saying is that the type of people protesting is the key difference. The left, at least in the US, are low-life layabouts. They rarely bathe and think nothing of smashing windows and making trouble. The protesters on the right and center, in the case of the Tea Party are the nations parents, grandparents and responsible workers. The protests I have been to w the tea party are the politest things I have ever seen.

  4. @ Trestin, lol, yep, got to watch out for people like my mom. Don't let the fact that she's 70 fool ya, she's a violent mobster. *rolls eyes* Lefties are just nuts.

    @ Odie, tell me about it. We're on bile spewing bunch, aren't we? So evil and dastardly.

    @ CL, as Opus says, this isn't about the police but about the protesters. In Pittsburgh, for example, fires were set, cars were over turned (and at least one was set on fire), store windows were broken, and bricks were flying (hitting other protesters, go figure). They are repulsive and dangerous. I'm not at all surprised that there was no violence in DC; the people who attended them were not only responsible adults but also law-abiding and tax paying citizens who have respect both for themselves and our country (and our police, we don't shout that they are “fascists”; we appreciate their service and honor them for putting themselves on the line for our peace and safety). The anger you hear about on the right is ideological and patriotic and will be expressed according to our ideology and patriotism (i.e. with respect for our great country and a desire to use our constitutional rights to change the course our government is on). The anger you hear on the left about us is completely illogical. They don't understand us at all, so they squeal RAAAAACIST and try to paint us as violent. The ONLY violence-as-protest in this country comes from the left, up to and including beating Tea Party members while calling them the “n” word (while simultaneously, of course, denying that any black people are conservatives!) and biting the finger right off a Tea Party protester. We don't behave like that. Indeed, we don't leave so much as a piece of gum wrapping paper on the ground when we leave. This is the difference between someone who understands America and those on the left who do not, who vilify and demonize people for no reason other than that they think differently. But hey, what do you expect from the inclusive and tolerant?

    @ Opus, thanks. You said it much better (and more briefly!) than I. πŸ™‚

  5. @Opus @Fuzzy – Oh well that's another difference between the UK and USA!! *duly noted in my little book ……..*

    I really don't think I could determine a British protester's political affiliation PURELY from the way they behaved on a demonstration. There are good and bad, peaceful and aggressive people amongst conservatives, liberals and social democrats. And I don't think conservatives (with a big or small “C”) have a monopoly on being law-abiding, tax-paying, self-respecting and patriotic. If they do then I and many of my ilk must be some weird exceptions to that rule – ha ha !

  6. @ CL, we're talking about people moved sufficiently to protest, not your average citizen! I know a great many liberals (not progs or socialists, though, old-fashioned JFK liberals) who are just as law-abiding and tax paying as any of us. Liberal activists (i.e. someone likely to protest) over here tend to be vehement to the point of violence and other unhinged nastiness that is just not visible on the right. That's just fact.

  7. I don't know Fuzzy, at our sign waving rally last Saturday the local police came in full riot gear to tell not to park in the bank parking lot… (just kidding about the riot gear) We had 60 people and managed to make the local news and dare I say not a bloodied face, broken window or even an overturned car… I guess we're just not good at what we do…

  8. Fuzz this is perfect, thanks for posting this. Perfect juxtaposition. By the way, my wife was up there on Saturday and met Steve King, who thanked her and the various folks near her. She didn't have blood on her face or anything and they STILL let her in the capital, wow!

  9. Born Again American, you are AMAZING at what you do! Would that all Americans were as patriotic as you are. 60 people?! That's friggin' awesome. Good on you. Keep up the fight (heh, like you wouldn't).

    @ Candelabro, I am so pleased to hear that your wife could make it. Please thank her for me. And lol, she was all covered in blood and shrieking like a banshee?

  10. Fuzzy,

    Thanks for another Great Post!


    My lovely bride (38 yrs.) and I drove up from Florida to DC for the 9/12 Rally. Depending on who's count you use there were between 800,000 and 1,2000,000. The DC and Capitol Police did not make one arrest and were as cordial and polite as any one could have hoped for. Most were laughing and joking as they chatted with the marchers and read the thousands of clever signs.

    You are absolutely right, I have seen bigger messes after Little League games! It only proves one more time what an outragiously dangerous bunch we are!

    Lock & Load!!!

    Sons & Daughters of Liberty Unite!!!

  11. The very fact that the leftist Congressman in the video you linked begins his speech by calling citizens “teabaggers” completely discredits him.

    Love the post by blogprof you linked… sadly the mud's been slung and it was all over many major newspapers and cable outlets, so therefore the many “regular” (non-political) people believe it to be true, and it's so damned hard to debunk these lies.

  12. Can't wait till they get some of that real spitting and name calling on tape! And when they arrest the real people doing that kind of thing – they won't be from our side.

  13. @ SG, heh, true.

    @ L, thanks! πŸ˜€

    @ QR, lmao, I thought that was pretty funny, as well. πŸ˜€

    @ Nickie, right you are.

    @ Kid, thanks, and yes, I can't stand the hypocrisy, either. I also think it's sad that they are so completely devoid of self-awareness.

    @ Velcro, “spoiled brats” pretty much sums it up.

    @ Sol, the danger here is great. The fact that the left is increasingly vitriolic, increasingly convinced that we are subhuman is a very real threat. This is the same tactic that is used throughout history to justify everything from jailing opposition, rounding them up in “camps” ala the Japanese-American camps in WWII, and outright genocide. This is something that is incredibly dangerous, and the incipient hatred and dehumanization is not going to lead anywhere good. Again, the lack of self-awareness is mind-boggling by those on the left who seem to truly believe the insane lies they are fed and that they gobble up mindlessly.

    @ Janie Lynn, I agree, that's certainly been true thus far.

    @ danps, thanks for stopping by, but the very fact that you cite “Joe the Pilot” (I'm guessing you mean crazy Joe Stack, whose rambling manifesto was more in line with left wingnut ideology than right) discredits you completely.

  14. Stack's manifesto is rambling, but overall an anti-tax and anti-communist rant. Solidly right wing, in other words.

    And if you need more examples, see this. Or this. Or this. Or this. Or this. Ignoring the evidence you don't like and claiming the exact opposite about the rest is fuzzy logic indeed. To say that up is down and therefore I am completely discredited is no way to engage in debate.

    If this is about comfort food for ideological fellow travelers, fair enough. But then you might want to reconsider the “common sense” part of your masthead.

  15. Comfort food it is, then!

    In all seriousness, as long as the right is only interested in preaching to the choir it can expect to be in the wilderness. You obviously don't have to debate anyone, but an unwillingness to even acknowledge evidence you find inconvenient is a pretty good description of a fixed false belief that is resistant to reason or confrontation with actual fact.

  16. danps, that's a valid point (re: preaching to the choir) and one that many of us have addressed in numerous blog posts. However, the key to debate is that both sides have an open mind, and frankly, you are interested only in convincing me that I and other conservatives are right wing extremists on the verge of or engaging in violence. That's ridiculous, and I see no point in responding.

    Your talking points are the same tired crap that is spewed at Kos and HuffPo (yes, I read them on occasion). I know what you're going to say before you say it, so why even bother? Likewise, you are not going to convince me that I and my dear friends are “violent RAAAAACISTs.” We're not. You're wrong. Period. End of “debate.”

  17. I did not write that you “and other conservatives are right wing extremists on the verge of or engaging in violence.” Your theme was that the absence of violence in DC on Sunday implied the DHS report was wrong. I provided multiple links documenting the rise in it. DHS was right, and I think the evidence I provided makes a pretty persuasive case for that.

    I didn't say all conservatives were extremists or that you and your friends are violent racists. Look at what I wrote and please don't put words in my mouth.

    My point is very simple: Rightwing extremism has increased, DHS was correct, and you were wrong to imply otherwise. Period, full stop.

  18. There's some really ugly rhetoric coming from the Left right now. Further proof that they're never happy, even when they get their way. As ticked off as we are right now, cooler heads need to prevail. The Left loves to engage in the politics of distraction, so let's just ignore them and focus on what's really important — the November elections.

  19. Fuzzy,

    As your post clearly shows, the only time there is violence is when the radical left get together and try to impose their views on the rest of the world like at the G-20 meeting in Pittsburgh.

    Can you imagine what would happen if 1,200,000 Marxist A**holes got together for a demonstration? They would have burned the freaking city to the ground all in the name of Social Jusice!

    damps, you didn't think I would end without:

    Lock & Load!!!

    Sons & Daughters of Liberty Unite!!!

  20. Hi FUzzy. We all know they lie so much, it's just unreal. We stand there very respectful, and they make it out like we are flesh eating zombies. They are the zombies, and they need a stake through the heart, like vampires they are, pulling more crap in the middle of the night.

  21. Fuzzy,

    You OK? It's been 8 days and Bro and I are hoping nothing is wrong!

    We need our Fuzzy Fix! BO is up to no good saying that we should “Drill Baby Drill!” I get very suspicious every time he opens his Big Socialist Mouth!

    Lock & Load!!!

    Sons and Daughters of Liberty Unite!!!

  22. Aw, L, thanks so much! You guys are the best. πŸ™‚ I've been knocked out by a monster cold (well, I think it was the Nyquil that knocked me out, heh), but am starting to feel better now. Still not one hundred percent, but I should be able to write something in the next couple days. Thanks again, your note made my day. πŸ˜€

    @ RI, thanks πŸ˜€

  23. Remember when Al Gore tried to steal the '00 election, and 'unruly mobs' of finely dressed Republicans took to the streets in FL, sporting Brooks Bros. sport coats and wing tip shoes? All the while munching on their shrimp cocktails as they shouted down the opposition?

    And also remember: these lefty kooks with their peace symbols on their tie died T shirts are the ones who loathe the 2nd Ammendment. It's those Brooks Bros. types that still possess firearms. When push comes to shove, I know which side of things those polite folk you depict demonstrating on that sunny day above will land on.

    Live free or die, right Fuzz?

  24. @ Kid, thanks! I'm feeling a bit better now, but am still stuffy and can't taste anything. Sad, but at least my head is clearing a bit.

    @ Fredd, yeah, well, we can't let them push us into anything violent. I believe that is the goal. It's straight out of Alinsky: force a wretched situation that incites violence then stand back and lap up public support that would never have been there if violence had been incited (how unions got public sympathy, remember?). Anyway, it's not going to work, no violence needed. Besides, it's the friggin' public they're inciting. Idiots. But yes, at the end of the day, live free or die.

    And lol, I fell for that Common Cents thing once and actually even linked them for a few days before I saw them on a bunch of people's blogs copying and pasting the same message over and over. More idiots.

    @ Sol, lol. You *are* grand, no delusions needed. πŸ™‚

  25. Fuzzy,

    I know we will hear from you when you are back on top of your game! WE just miss your insight and ideas about how we can get this Great Country back on the Right Track!

    We are all praying that you are back to your marvelous self ASAP!

    Lock & Load!!!

    Sons & Daughters of Liberty Unite!!!

  26. Aw, thanks so much you guys! I'm on the mend now and hope to be back in a day or two. I've been a big baby about feeling sick (even had to go to the doctor! Ack!) and don't even have any ideas for a post, but I'll sputter something out soon. πŸ™‚

    @ Bunni, thanks! I hope you had a good Easter, too, my friend.

    @ Odie, thanks so much Odie. πŸ˜€ I miss you, too.

    @ RK, thanks! Am feeling better now. Yay!

    @ L, you make my day, my friend, thank you. πŸ˜€

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