The Tea Party Movement: Not On Our Watch. Not Now, Not Ever

I’ve been thinking a great deal about the Tea Party movement lately, little wonder as April 15th just passed, marking its one year anniversary.  I’m so proud of my fellow countrymen and women that sometimes when I see you all gathered on the national mall, in Boston Common, or holding a flag or sign on any sidewalk across the nation I become quite choked up.  We, the people, are the spirit and soul of this nation, its foundation, and we have been called, yet again, to be its salvation.  Thank God we are up to the task.

I listen to even Fox News and their stunned surprise at the recent NYT/CBS News poll that found that Tea Party patriots tend to be “wealthier and better educated” than “the general public,” and I wonder why they are surprised.  They being Fox News, we know very well why the NYT and the rest of the fringe media are surprised–they’ve bought their own fantasies about us being a bunch of hillbillies clinging to guns and religion, but why Fox?  My guess is that they, too, had somehow fallen for the Tea Partiers are rube RACCCISSSST buffoons who probably didn’t gradj-E-8 from high school.  Oops.  Nothing against Fox, though, they’re all we’ve got in terms of a traditional(ish) news organization, after all, and given that they’ve been relatively honest in their assessment of the Tea Party movement, we can forgive their lapse.

It is rather odd, though, that the news of our better than average education level surprises the left, particularly citizen lefties.  Reading the conservative blogs, listening to conservative pundits, and watching conservative politicians (think Paul Ryan), how can anyone imagine in their wildest dreams that conservatives are not intelligent, not educated?  And yet, they do think that; hell, many of our own number think that.  Is it the media seeping into our consciousness?  Maybe a little.  After all, we see again and again the mis-spelled signs all over the place.  These, it must be said, are apparently rare, as the same couple of signs are used every time.  Heh.

So we’re generally better educated and more likely to be above the poverty level.  Anyone other than Fox and the fringe media surprised?   I’m not.  And I would add that we, as a whole and on the whole, are also more charitable (in terms of actually donating to our churches and/or charities), that we are better thinkers (the left really doesn’t think; it just repeats talking points and becomes rather confused (and verbally abusive) when forced off script), and that we are, at rock bottom, kinder, nicer people.  And humble.  Let’s not forget humble.

The left is fond of pointing out that President Bush did [fill in the blank] and where were we then?  Well, we were blogging about it, weren’t we?  I was.  I railed against amnesty for months (and lost a good number of readers because of it–my blog at the time was more likely to be about cute shoes and chocolate Easter eggs than politics), and I was occasionally motivated to babble about the war in Iraq, Hussein’s fall (and subsequent hanging), the Patriot Act, and a couple other not in Bush’s corner news items.  So we didn’t approve of everything Bush did, or very very few did (I’ve never actually met anyone or read anyone’s comments who approved of every move he made–he was far too big-spending liberal on too many things.  We all knew it, and we all disliked it.).   So why does the left insist that we loved what Bush did but when BO does it, we resist?  Why indeed.

The left is fond of pointing out that the Tea Party is RAAAAACIST, stooopid, and on the verge of violence.  Violence, they mean, in the form of a violent overthrow of our government, but that is exactly what we do not believe, nor want.  We believe in our country, in our Constitution, and if the radical prog crazies were capable of understanding this, they’d understand why (much to their Alinsky-inspired chagrin) there is no violence from the Tea Party.  Why would we go outside the bounds of our Constitution to uphold said document?  D’oh.  We wouldn’t.  It’s pretty clear to anyone with a brain, sight, and/or hearing.  But they insist.  Why?

The left is fond of pointing to imagined “rifts” on the right, trumpeting the (imaginary) “divide” that the Tea Party is causing.  Why?

The left is fond of musing about the demise of the Tea Party–the momentum can’t be kept, they’ll get bored and go back to their Bibles and gun cleaning; that we’ll just sort of die out as a movement . . . before November, hopefully.  Why?

It’s rather funny (funny ha ha . . . well, ok, funny peculiar, too) that the left is constantly missing it.  Completely.  They are so busy imposing their own  faults and petty, wrong-headed “thinking” on us that they’ve totally missed the point, missed what is happening, and missed why it is happening.  Everything for us is not about President Bush.  Nor even about sniveling, mean-spirited BO.  Or about 2010.  Nor even about 2012.

The Tea Party is about America.  Period.  Who we are, how we were founded and on what principles, and how we can take our country back.  Because they cannot conceive of anything that is big picture, that is rooted in honorable principle, they cannot see what we can see, feel, and understand:  We, the people, are motivated by love of country.  Period.  Not hate of this person or that, not the desire to see anyone suffer or fail, nothing negative at all.  We are a movement of positives, of hope (not to be confused with hopeandchange or hopeychangey unicorn crap).  We are looking not to destroy but to reclaim and rebuild.  We are seeing clearly not with spite, rancor, or hatred but with civility, honor, and love.

And because of that, we will not be defeated, we will not fail.  And we will not disappear in a puff of smoke on November 7, 2012.  Indeed, that day will be a day of great celebration, but it will be only the beginning.  This mid-term is about regaining control of Congress in an effort to provide the traitor in the WH with much-needed checks and balances and to unseat the other two who make up his triumvirate of tyranny.  The next presidential election will be about undoing the massive damage that BO has already inflicted on this great nation.  And the 2014 midterms will provide another opportunity to weed out more progs (from BOTH parties), the ones not up this time around.  And so on. 

We’re not finished in 2012.  Not by a long shot.  We’ve got a country to rebuild, and that means that it’s not over when BO slithers out of the WH in January 2013.  Indeed, it will never be over.  We are awakened, we are going to reclaim our schools, our courts, our nation, and we are not going to stop being vigilant and informed.  No.  We will be watchful for the resurgence of those we’ll cull from positions of power.  Because we know, we know that they’ll not be gone, just regrouping, preparing another hundred-year siege on our nation, our rights, and our liberty.  We will never let that happen, not now, and not in the future–ironically, BO has, in effect, created that oft-cited civilian national security force:  We, the people.

We are Americans, people of strength, will, conviction, integrity, and honor.  A group of mealy-mouthed, America-hating progs are nothing to us, no barrier.  We will prevail because our goal is honorable and noble, our will strong, our determination steel.  Unlike the progs’s deceitful, despicable, and traitorous rise to power, we will prevail in the light of day, at the ballot box, and by the means enumerated in the Constitution that we pledge to uphold and defend.  And then we will stand guard for all time, on watch, protecting our nation, passing on our hard-learned lessons to future generations of Americans who will be proud of us, of our country, and of accepting the light of liberty that we pass to them, that they might stand firm, watchful and ready to protect and serve as we are now.




14 thoughts on “The Tea Party Movement: Not On Our Watch. Not Now, Not Ever

  1. Fuzzy, you brought tears to my eyes. My daughter is among my blog readers. She told me a few months ago that she can no longer stomach listening to Rachel Maddow because Maddow often has the facts wrong. We are indeed schooling the next generation and they will not forget.

  2. Excellent post, and Deekawife 3.0 and I feel the same. We are not going back; we can't.

    The Left sees us in the way they do because they hate themselves. They get up in the morning and cannot stand to see themselves in the mirror. By ascribing all their evil traits to us, without knowing anything about us, they delude themselves and feel better. Rather than believing, as we do that we were born in this country to share liberty with the rest of the world, they believe they should feel guilt that they have it so good when the rest of the world has it so bad. The consequence of that thought process is the desire to become as miserable as the rest – self-flagellation is the term, I believe.

    I pity them.

  3. Well said. Hurrah! Or perhaps better to say, “Huzzah,” like George and Ben and Thom and Sam and company did it seems like only yesterday.

    The other day I got into a casual conversation with a few strangers and somehow the discussion turned to how our families came to this country. One person's family escaped from Pol Pot's Cambodia, another's family escaped from Viet Nam on a boat attacked by pirates; one's family fled famine. Another person's family had a narrow escape from Hitler and Stalin. Everyone in that room knew exactly why they love this country and why their families had done everything they could to blend and adapt to American ways. And we all knew for certain there was small chance that any of us would even have been born without the protection of the U.S. Sure, we all still enjoy grandma's national cuisine, but there was not a molecule's weight of question in that room that we all want to be American in the traditional sense, with full embrace of the Constitution as written and capitalism as, at the very least, the opportunity to pursue the dream, even if we might not all achieve it.

    Why the Lefties don't “get it,” I'm sure I don't know. I think they've lost contact with history.

  4. Great Rant, Fuzzy! The government has failed to abide by our Constitution and it is now left up to We the people to defend and uphold the Constitution. We are defending America and will return a sense of morality and dignity to our nation. We must repair the damage that BO is doing to our nation after he is booted out of office in 2012.

  5. wow! what a great, uplifting post! let the lefties underestimate us. i think they keep doing it because they hope that if they keep repeating their slurs that they'll magically become true. their rude awakening is coming.

  6. This is a great view of things, Fuzzy. I think most lefties don't get it because they don't want to. If you contrast some of the qualities you mentioned in the first few paragraphs with those at the opposing end of the spectrum, you find lefties. Which means, largely, that they are self-serving and dishonest. Sometimes blatantly and sometimes subtle and discreet (e.g., their version of “charitable”).


  7. Hey – welcome back!!!

    Hey, I have a couple of points about which I'd like to differ with you. No big deal… just fun discussion…

    It's not that the left just repeats talking points – although that is somewhat true. Truth is, thought, that sometimes we can appear to be guilty of the same.

    The real difference, though, is (as you point out) that Conservatives think, because it is intrinsic of Conservatism to understand truth and facts as they are.

    The left, however, feels, because at the heart of liberalism is the desire to do what superficially seems to be the right thing, to do what feels good. They do this over and over again, even though naturally that thing (or those things) is incorrect, and ultimately will cause more harm than good.

    The other item – when people say, “Where were you when Bush… blah, blah” my answer – as much as for any other reason because I didn't have a blog back then – has become:

    “What's the difference, I'm here now… and if we're all really looking out for the best interest of America, then why are you supporting Obama's spending today?”

    That one really gets 'em at HuffPo… heh.

    Anyway – just some thoughts. Above all, though – good to see you back!

  8. Your really on to something about our humility. I think my humility is what sets me apart from other people. In fact, if you knew how humble I am, you would probable be in awe.

    Have you noticed that BO is not appearing on as many magazines lately?

  9. @ Opus, thanks, and how great is that about your daughter (not that I'd expect otherwise when she has such an amazing mom!).

    @ Deekaman, thanks. You may be on to something about that hating themselves thing, they certainly are ashamed of America (or rather of their twisted vision of our great country) and by extension of their American-ness. Perhaps pity is a good response. That and a smidge of disgust, maybe. Heh.

    @ QR, thanks muchly! It's amazing how the more recent immigrants to our country love it more than people who are second or third generation, isn't it? Well, maybe not “amazing,” given the decades of anti-American vitriol our youth are subjected to in school, culture, and society.

    @ Teresa, yep, we've got our work cut out for us. Good thing we're not afraid of a little hard work (unlike . .. well, you know. Heh).

    @ Kerry, *hugs aplenty* I do think they will be rudely awakened, they are still so deaf, dumb, and blind to reality that when they finally do get the message, they'll be stunned. *shrug* Not my problem.

    @ Velcro, yep, self-serving and dishonest, that sums it up nicely. Why'd I write all those paragraphs again? LOL

    @ Sol, thanks for the warm welcome back, my friend. And we're not on different pages at all. I agree that it can seem that we on the right are “talking point puppets,” but the difference comes in the conversation that wanders off those talking points. We can hold one. And you're right about it not mattering how or why we got here . . . only that we did. I think I've expressed similar sentiments in other posts. I definitely believe that and rather think it a waste of time to say “well, Bush did it!” and think that's some sort of justification for continuing failed policies.

    @ DS, I'm pretty okay with being underestimated, to be perfectly honest. Let them live in their dream bubble for as long as possible, gives us more time to get our act together. Hee!!

    @ Trestin, your humility is definitely your finest quality. Mine is mine, too (if I do say so myself). Heh. Thanks for the early morning giggles! 🙂

  10. Ah yes the Tea Party People ( I are one too ) are an unruly crowd that just doesn't understand the Libtards just want to help them !

    Odie's lesson in common sense … our first duty is to show RINOs we mean business ! The second is to wake the apathetic voter up before their country, they're not aware they have, disappears. Third, the media is fighting this same “win the apathetic voter over war” we are, but for the administration. And the lessons are endless. We can not stop questioning Washington's actions and decisions that affect our lives any longer.

    I believe the retiring libs from office is the plan all along. In November the “new” Democraps running will all puff their chests out and say, “it wasn't me”. It's our job to convince the apathetic voter all Dems are the same. During the primaries, we have to fight for the conservatives. Then during the general elections, we have to come together and vote for the Republicans. There should be NO talk of a third party.

    Don't forget, all Republicans (including RINOs) stood firm against ObamaCare ! Now get out there and stay in Nancy Pelosi's face !

  11. @ Odie, hear, hear! We're getting rid of them all, that's the plan. 😀 We need to get to work on our neighbors, friends, and family, too, best to get them seeing sense sooner than later.

    @ Pedaling, nope, we're on watch now. No more nonsense from the Alinsky / PC brigade.

    @ Tammy, thanks so much! 😀

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