Arizona, Civil Rights, and the Worst President in American History

Okay, I’ve been listening to this Arizona law debate for a few days now, and I’ve finally had enough. Boycotts?  Demonstrations?  All these RAAAAACISST accusations . . . before anything has even happened?  I’ve mentioned before that I am over (and I mean OVER) all this PC nonsense.  And I am.  So here’s the deal:  Arizona is a dangerous place to be/live.  It’s being overrun with gangs, drug cartels, violence, rapes, robberies, kidnappings, and murder.  Before this law, the Arizona police could not deport anyone, and after this law, they cannot deport anyone.  All they can do is report the illegal status to the federal authorities, who will doubtless do just what they’ve always done . . . nothing at all.

As the New York Times op-ed (yes, that NYT) explains, this law “takes a measured, reasonable step to give Arizona police officers another tool when they come into contact with illegal aliens during their normal law enforcement duties.”  Got that?  “Normal law enforcement” duties.”  The law does not allow the police to randomly stop people and interrogate them for no reason:  that is against the law now, just as it was before this law was passed.  The police cannot stop anyone for no reason, that’s illegal, a violation of a citizen’s rights (and until it is established that someone is not a citizen, they are presumed to be here legally).  How many cops do the lefties imagine are so racist, so boiling over with seething hatred for Latinos, that they will throw away their pensions, their careers, and their freedom in order to violate the law to “catch” illegals?  My guess would be about none, though there may be . . . oh, maybe one, and he or she will pay dearly for breaking the law he or she has been sworn to uphold and enforce.

The police are being trained (which I think is a waste of money, they are already highly trained, but that has to be done to try to appease the leftie loons, I get that), and they are already aware that they cannot violate someone’s civil rights.  So what, I ask, is all the outrage about?  We know the answer to that one, and it’s not hard to figure out.  BO and his traitorous horde want to create racial tension where there was none and foster it where it already existed for political ends. There isn’t much that a president can do that is more vile, more disgusting than ripping a country apart to pursue a political agenda.  But it’s what the left has been doing for decades and what this sorry excuse for a “uniter” is doing.  And he’s getting away with it.  Minorities are being fed bogus information, told that conservatives (and apparently 70% of the Arizona population!) are all RAAAACISTs, and they are expected to gobble that up and fall in line behind black Americans to blindlessly (blindly + mindlessly) follow the democratic party, who, let’s face it, haven’t done a damn thing for black Americans except expand welfare rolls and demand substandard education–all to grow their voting base, those dependent on big government.  It’s disgusting.

Luckily, I don’t think this plan will work in the long run, not with Latino/a immigrants.  But it’s the short-run we need to be worried about–that’s all BO cares about, creating as much civil unrest as he possibly can so that he and the other two who make up his triumvirate of tyranny can stay in power.


29 thoughts on “Arizona, Civil Rights, and the Worst President in American History

  1. The liberal angst is directed toward all those who block the potential Democratic voters from flooding into the US (which they would like to make a sanctuary country for all Democratic voters).

  2. Didn't you know illegals are only undocumented democrats? LOL!

    This state law only allows Arizona to enforce what the federal government has failed miserably at enforcing-illegal immigrants from crossing our border into the U.S.

    If we keep on allowing chaos in bedlam, letting illegal immigrants into the U.S., then we will be living in Mexica, and the America of old will be nonexistent.

  3. @ Odie, I think Al's legal, alas.

    @ LL, I think we're already a sanctuary country for dem voters; after all, it's not like you have to be a registered voter to vote ala ACORN.

    @ Teresa, there are a lot of problems with the assumption that dems have that Latinos/as will vote democrat. Look at Prop 8 in Cali–no gay marriage for them because of the large Hispanic voting base. The same thing will happen with abortion, too, and as immigrants become established, they'll begin voting for opportunity not hand-outs. I think the dems are being short-sighted in this, but the short-term race baiting would indeed mean near-term dem voters.

  4. Hey Fuzzy – Arizona resident here, as you know.

    I will absolutely agree with you that there are safety issues in AZ. These issues are currently contained mostly to certain areas, but we have had some real problems across the board.

    Last year a police officer was shot in the street and killed in central Phoenix because he tried to ticket a jaywalker who was… you guessed it, illegal. We also had an officer killed as he tried to answer a distress call at a check cashing place.

    Illegals and coyotes (human smugglers) in Pinal County (which is the home of the freeway intersection between I-10 and I-8) have more than once deliberately driven erratically in an effort to cause accidents as they attempt to evade authorities.

    We have a massive burden on our entire infrastructure, and every public service is overwhelmed and underfunded.

    Additionally, we suffered six years of Janet “Crappy Nappy” Napolitano – yes, the creator of “man caused disasters” as our governor, so our financial system is in ruin. When she came into office we had a $2billion “rainy day fund;” in 2008 (her last year in office here) we had a $1.6 billion annual deficit – labeled the worst in the nation as a percentage of spending.

    Anyway.. I could go on…

    As you mentioned, this is turning into a major power play by the leftists. We are once again witnessing the effort to confuse “social justice” with equal justice, because “social justice” as Obama sees it wins the emotions of the feeble-minded and those who do not understand The Constitution and how it preserves Liberty.

    However, just as important are the issue of Obama's lack of respect for the rule of law – doesn't his “misguided” comment remind you of the Cambridge Police “acted stupidly” comment?

    I consider his comments regarding this issue as immoral and reprehensible. He is showing that his pure agenda is division in an effort to conquer. He has diminished the Office of The Presidency to the level of a schoolyard fight at best.

    Okay… I'll breathe now. I did a post on this subject, I don't know if you've had time to stop by. I've only posted the once about this subject, but since it's (literally) so close to home I'm consumed by the need for information right now.

  5. Fuzzy, you are much more than “just another blogger blogging”, lol.

    I think they key here is the FEAR caused in the minds of the illegals. That is what they left wants to protect them against, not the actual machinations of the legal process. Because FEAR is what will drive the illegals away from Arizona, and stop the slippery slide into 3rd-world-style gang/cartel violence.

  6. Heyya Fuzzy,

    Everyone is crybabying about how this is SUPPOSED to be so racist against the Mexicans… as if they are the ONLY illegal aliens in this invasion of our sovereign nation.

    WRONG! They only make up about 56% of the invasion force entering our country. According to any number of sources from the Pew Hispanic Center to the US Census Bureau, there are people from every corner of the globe doing whatever they have to to get their chance to get into this country… from outright buying their way in, to carrying drugs in to be sold on our streets, high schools, and even middle and grade schools.

    The Coalition Against Trafficking in Women has reported numerous cases of Chinese, Indian, Russian, and Thai women being forced into years of indentured servitude: most commonly in the form of prostitution to pay their way here.

    Yeah, there are a LOT of Mexicans here, but there are a lot of other illegal aliens, Germans, Italians, Greeks, Swedish, Russians… oh wait… those are generally considered Europeans. What the HECK are THEY doing here anyway, i thought all those countries were so much better than ours? And the last time i looked the stereotypical German is fair skinned. We all know that the Swedish are supposedly all blonde, blue-eyed, make uncomfortable furniture but the women… (hey, i'm a guy, and i'm married to a woman of Swedish decent… they are easy on the eyes).

    But Germans, Swedes, Russians, Britons are not considered in the PC wailing about the 'poor illegal immigrants'. Why is that? Because they are too much like us… there is no way to sell them on the altar of Liberal handwringing and guilt-tripping. Is that why we are not being inundated with nightly sob-sister stories detailing how cruel life is for them?

  7. I sure am glad that BO has forever bridged the racial divide. I know I feel better! It has been seven whole days since I was personally accused of being a racist! That's a new Obama era record.

    I have heard it said that hell is an absence of reason. I think it is safe to say BO has taken this country to hell.

  8. Great post, Fuzzy! As an Arizona resident and one of the RRRAAAAAACIST (spell check is out of order) people here, I'm supposed to be worried about what the law does NOT allow that MIGHT happen (God forbid – profiling!) instead of acting on what HAS happened. Solomon gave good examples of this.

  9. There isn't much that a president can do that is more vile, more disgusting than ripping a country apart to pursue a political agenda.

    NOTHING is passed up for politicization.
    – The mine explosion
    – The oil rig explosion
    (watch these two become major fodder for the government taking over the energy industry from mindless greedy dolts who are killing the Earth in their zeal to collect another dollar and coat another 1000 birds with oil.)
    -Absolutely everything goes through the 'Can we use this to discredit our opposition or take over another industry' filter and if the answer comes out no, it is simply ignored.

    It is so rancid I find it inconceivable anyone paying the slightest attention cannot see it.
    But I know there are millions who eat this up hood line and sinker and can't wait for the good government to take over all major industry from the bad, evil, greedy captains of industry.

    Makes me wanna puke actually.

    Watch for situations to be setup in Arizona, that will tear at the heartstrings of the mindless dolts who are already on board with the Racist rednecks filling Arizonia.

    I lived there for 20 years. Certainly it's more dangerous now, but there are many great areas too.

    I used to eat at Los Dos on S Central. I doubt I'd do that anymore.

  10. @ LOL, Kid, that we are. πŸ™‚

    @ Sol, thanks, this really goes to the heart of the problem in terms of crime and the danger to our society and to the citizens of Arizona.

    I agree, too, that this is about “social justice” which is really a contradiction: justice is not just if it is based on race, class, religion, or anything else. Only equal justice makes sense (and is actually redundant!).

    I read your post in Reader(I don't miss your work!) and loved it. I'll have to click out and drop a comment so you know I'm there. πŸ˜€

    @ Janie Lynn, that's the spirit. Until we stop walking on eggshells and emphasizing difference, we're not going to make any progress toward true equality in this country.

    @ LL, hmph! and grrr. Yep. Funny how the way forward shoots us straight back pre-1850, huh?

    @ Opus, aw, thanks! πŸ™‚ The left are so funny about fear . . . they LOVE it, but they always say its the right who use it to control people. I think it does happen on the right, but it's an actual page in the leftie playbook, in the top ten control the masses pointers.

    @ dubyavu, where ya been? Missed see you around here. Great comment, though, worth the wait πŸ˜‰ The sex slave trade peddles other Eastern European women, as well (Latvian, Lithuanian, etc.), and you're right, all illegal immigration needs to be stopped. The only people who get anything out of it are the criminals and those who exploit humans for their own gain.

    I've been watching the British PM debates with great interest, and I have to say that I can't help giggling every time they talk about how hard “border security” is there. It's a friggin' island. How many people are swimming the English Channel or North Sea to get there?

    @ Trestin, oh, me, too, Trestin! It's so wonderful to live in a society in which race plays no part, in which we are all judged by the content of our characters and not by the color of our skin.

    What's sad is that he really could have been a great president, he could have done so much, but nope, he has his crazy prog agenda, and progs rely on division, hate, and intolerance to gain and retain control. Sick.

    @ Velcro, thanks! πŸ™‚ And I'm so sick of hearing “profiling” used as a dirty word. More PC crap. Profiling is logical, efficient, cost-effective ….

    @ Kid, yep, your filter thing is great! And too true. It is sick-making, it really is.

  11. “But even without the alarming unemployment numbers, that argument never held any water because what it means is that illegal immigrants do work Americans cannot legally do for the same pay.” et al.

    Ummm… how does this disprove that illegals “do the work Americans don't want to do” argument?

    It seems to me that you've set up a straw man argument by arguing against a point most people don't make– a similar method employed by Leftists when they start talking about how the right are hypocrites because they support the military but it is a GOVERNMENT thing.

    Most people haven't made the argument that illegals work for FAIR WAGES and do the work that Americans do not wish to do. The argument has been that illegals work cheaply and take jobs that Americans don't wish to do for even cheaper wages than Americans would demand anyway.

    Your argument appears to be that underpaid illegal immigrants “often have to work 12 or 14 hours days, six or seven days per week in order to keep these jobs, obviously with no benefits, no sick days, no vacation, no nothing.” Okay… so how does this address the argument that illegals do the jobs Americans won't? Are you suggesting that these conditions would be acceptable to American workers, or that conditions would necessarily be forced to change and that such changes would not bring about the outsourcing of jobs or further government subsidies in regard the farming and dairy industries?

    While your sympathy for illegal immigrants is laudable, the fact is that illegal immigrants have a fair amount of legal rights within the US. That they are unaware of this is a problem, but would you support a program educating and informing illegal immigrants of their legal rights while in the US? If not, then I question the sincerity of your argument in this post– not your personal sincerity or sympathy (there's nothing personal in this comment, as I am sure you know). The Right has gone into sputtering fits regarding such programs in the past.

    The slavery argument you make is carried too far. Yes, illegals are treated poorly, worked hard, and paid criminally low wages. And yes, race is a factor in the political mess of the issue. But illegal immigrants came here and stay willingly, enjoy numerous legal protections, and are free to leave at any time.

    I'm not waxing poetic about how wonderful illegal immigration is, but the differences between it and slavery are too enormous to overlook. Illegal immigrants are not owned, have not had their “human-ness” questioned by science, society and the courts, nor have they had their children stripped away, been sold, been routinely raped by their owners, etc.– just a few differences for starters.

    You're quite correct in the statism of the Left and the manner in which it constructs the arguments for illegal immigrants. That is probably where the argument actually lies, and not in the straw man argument, nor in an analogy between illegal immigrants and slaves. Perhaps these points could be used as evidence for an argument, but not as the basis of an argument.

    Okay, and minor thing here, but I just can't let this lie. When you say “Race, as we experience it today, is in many ways a socio-political construct,” you seem like you're hedging your bets. I defy anyone to prove that race is a legitimate biological construct and give me a working definition of it. Biology cannot provide working definitions of some of the most basic concepts such as life (viruses) and species (various cats and other exceptions), but it can define race. Yeah, right.

  12. Oh, good, Yukio, glad you sorted that out. πŸ™‚ I know you meant to post this on the “quasi-slavery” post, no worries.

    I see what you mean about my not making clear the connection I have in my head about the illegal immigrants doing work Americans won't do. I simply do not believe that there is ANY job that an American wouldn't do, but I should have stated that clearly. Who was doing these jobs before illegals had them?

    My point is that illegals are doing jobs for far less money than an American can (legally), so they undercut the American applicant. We hear quite often, particularly in western states though it happens here in MA, too (we have a large illegal Brazilian population here), that there are no jobs in construction, housecleaning, farming, apartment maintenance, etc., the so-called “low skill” jobs that many illegal immigrants take for a fraction of what a citizen can take them (and yes, I think there is a good case to be made for eliminated minimum wage ;)). These are jobs that Americans most certainly would do, but they cannot take them for less than minimum wage (again, legally, there are cases in which people take jobs “under the table,” but this is illegal and I do not support it).

    Your point about illegals coming here willingly and being free to leave is a good one (though some, for the sex trade, in particular are not here willingly or have been tricked–told they will be nannies or waitresses or whatever) and precisely why I didn't call it all out slavery.

    However, I would beg to differ on the illegals not being “owned” thing, obviously they aren't outright property, but those working in certain positions (there was a factory raid in MA not too long ago that evidenced this), are “kept” by their “bosses,” their wages include “room and board” and a pittance (it was like $5.00 per day). So maybe a more apt analogy would be to sharecroppers? Either way, it's a blight on our society.

    And lol, no, I absolutely do not support educating illegals on their legal rights, that's nonsensical. What I do support is closing the borders and some sort of path to citizenship for law abiding illegals who've made a life (of sorts) here, but only after the borders are secure and we know that this will not happen again. Then I support enforcing our immigration laws. We have them. We just don't follow them.

    I have no idea what you are saying in your final paragraph. Can you say that again, at a much lower level, for me? πŸ˜‰

  13. I am friggin' brilliant toaday and left this comment here under the wrong post. Again my apologies. I really am off the vicodin… Heh heh… Heh heh… (Beavis and Butthead laugh)

    You ask who was doing these jobs before. The answer is not this simple, but a lot of people currently on welfare were doing them. It's a heckuva lot easier to pick up a welfare check and dream of a better tomorrow than to bust your back picking fruit, working in a dairy (it is dirty, nasty, hard work– I worked on my uncle's dairy for a couple of summers in High School), etc. for a few dollars more.

    The creation of a welfare state creates a greater need for unskilled labor, one that is often filled by foreign immigrants. Why do you think illegal immigration shot up so much after the Great Society was introduced. This has also been the case in Europe and accounts for the greater influx of immigrants in recent deacades– including the dreaded MUSLIMS. But perhaps that is an argument for a different post.

    I have seen the argument that in Ca. are dealing with high unemployment– I have three teen-aged nieces in SoCal– but the problem is NOT that all the great and highly sought after fruit picking jobs have been taken away by illegal immigrants. These kids weren't picking fruit before… The fact that the Ca. economy is in shambles due to govt. overspending, inflated porperty values, etc. has little to do with illegal immigrant jobs.

    Clearly I am not talking about illegal immigrants being held captive as sex workers, etc. And clearly, while a problem, this is not what the vast majority of illegal immigrants must contend with. Certainly, I would agree that the disingenous treatment of illegals is “a blight on our society” but it just is not slavery as practiced in the US prior to the Civil War. I just cannot reconcile an analogy between the two.

    Why do you say: “no, I absolutely do not support educating illegals on their legal rights, that's nonsensical.” If illegal immigrants possess legal protections and rights (which they do), why should they not know about them?

    You say that you support closing the borders. What exactly does that mean? Have you ever driven along the Mexican American border in Texas? I have. It is ridiculous to suggest closing it. There's nothing there. Oh, sure there's El Paso (one of the few places in the world where the third an first world– using the out-of-date terminology– collide directly) but most of the land is open, flat, dry and empty. A bunch of parts in the movie “No Country for Old Men” (didn't like it by the way) was shot in that area. There's no closing this.

    Are you going to constanly patrol the Texas border with sophisticated surveillance craft 24/7? Do you have any idea how expensive that would be? And for what purpose? To arrest a few people who are just going to try again the next day? Closing the border is easy-to-say rhetoric, but it's not practical.

    Enforcing existing laws, as the AZ law seems to do (haven't read it myself), is fine. I'm not arguing against it. But as long as the need for cheap, unskilled labor exists there will be illegal immigration to fulfill the need.

  14. Sorry. My comment was too long again. I do go on…

    What I meant in the last paragraph, and sorry for phrasing it so clumsily, is that race is a socio-political construct and needs no hedging or qualification for that fact. If race was not a sociological construct (provide by either the sociology or anthropology schools) it would be biological construct– as many people claim it to be. Yet, biology does not actually provide such a construct for race– although there are biologists who claim otherwise. In fact, the concept of “life” and “species” (basic ideas) working definition break down under scrutiny.

    Biology is an inexact science whose historical roots are in restrictive zoological observation, thus by classifying varying animals biology came up with the concept of species (which we embrace as truth) but the working definition (that two things are of the same species if they can mate and produce viable offspring) can be disproven by cross-breeding various cats in captivity (1 example: tigers and lions produce ligers– which although unhealthy due to their size [they're the biggest cats around] are not sterile like mules). The accpeted definition of species doesn't work because it is not universal. There are other examples, such as the Portuguese-Man-of-War– a fascinating… thing… hard to say what it is exactly other then it is certainly alive and animal.

    Wow, this is too long. Sorry. Pretentious science fiction writers like myself often get way too wordy with biology– we all have to create alien species after all. Anyway what I meant was that biology is incapable of defining life and species, but that some people report that it can define as subtle as race. I don't buy the argument.

  15. You say/ask: “Why do you say: “no, I absolutely do not support educating illegals on their legal rights, that's nonsensical.” If illegal immigrants possess legal protections and rights (which they do), why should they not know about them?” If they can learn of them the same way everyone else learns of their legal rights, that's fine, but your initial question implied that there would be some sort of government plan to do so (or maybe I read that into it). I don't think that we need to spend more taxpayer money educating people who shouldn't be here in the first place.

    And when I say “close our border,” I don't mean literally, like shutting a door. Though I do think a fence is feasible, just not needed. There are ways that we can make illegal entry undesirable, thereby “closing” our borders. One that I support (as an example) is going after employers of illegals, what they are doing is illegal, too, and they should be held accountable for violating the law. Again, we have all the laws we need on this issue, but they are not enforced. A law that is not enforced really isn't much good at all.

    Ah, the old “nature or nurture” thing. I wasn't really clear in my final paragraph and have been pondering another post tackling the basis for rights (are there inherent or God-given rights or are they only what the government says they are, etc.), but what I was trying (far more clumsily than you, I'm sad to say) to express was the socio-political construction of race and the way that it is used to “keep people down.” So while someone's skin might be black or brown (or whatever), that shouldn't change the fact that they have certain basic rights that are protected, that they should not be socially or politically defined by and kept separate (“othered” to use the fun '80's term).

    I definitely wasn't talking about biology or science–waaaay out of my teensy realm of knowledge. But never apologize for going on too long. I do love your mind and enjoy discussions with you.

  16. You wrote:

    “You say/ask: “Why do you say: 'no, I absolutely do not support educating illegals on their legal rights, that's nonsensical.' If illegal immigrants possess legal protections and rights (which they do), why should they not know about them?” If they can learn of them the same way everyone else learns of their legal rights, that's fine, but your initial question implied that there would be some sort of government plan to do so (or maybe I read that into it). I don't think that we need to spend more taxpayer money educating people who shouldn't be here in the first place.”

    Okay. But you described working conditions for
    certain illegal immigrants as abyssmal, and suggested that their “quasi-slave” status had much to do with this– a state which is against their legal rights. It would stand to reason that knowledge of their right would help illegal immigrants in this situation. And you called this “a blight on our society.” Would this not be worth spending federal dollars to eliminate this blight?

    I was actually thinking about a pro-illegal immigrant rally Lou Dobbs was covering, and the fit he had over people handing out pamphlets that outlined the rights illegals had to illegal immigrants. I'm not sure if there were federal dollars at work there (probably since it was most likely a “charity” that was doing it) or not, but that was more of what I was talking about. Federal dollars are so prevalent, it's hard to find anything vaguely political that is not somehow funded by the feds.

    Enforcing the laws is one way to combat illegal immigration (a fence is not feasible, take my word for it) and I wrote a post about that a while back.

    The problem is no one wants to enforce the laws. The voters don't want it (especially during a recession) because of the rise in costs for goods an services. The employers don't want it because they like paying cheap wages (and they pay lobbyists lest we forget), and the Hispanics don't want it for reasons that are pretty apparent.

    As I see it, illegal immigration isn't really a problem in itself. It's the result of labor problems and issues that have come about following the changes in American society since the 1960s. Like it or not, illegal immigration cannot be eliminated. It can be limited to a degree with a concerted effort, but even then the results will probably be negligible and politically unpopular.

    Oh, and I read that junk at (thanks for the heads up) and left a lengthy comment. It's moderated, so I might not make the cut. I'll see, I guess.

  17. It's worth spending money to eliminate the blight, but not if that entails more government expansion (and it would to teach illegal immigrants their legal rights, something I have problems with anyway). I'm not as pessimistic (you'd say “realistic,” heh) as you about being able to drastically minimize, even eliminate, illegal immigration. But we won't know until we try, and to date, we haven't tried.

    But yes, the very root of the problem is that “no one” wants to enforce them. Which is odd, because I think the majority of Americans DO want to, but it's true that it's a political hot potato. But we're fast approaching a crossroads at which this country will have to make some hard choices and do some politically unpopular things simply to survive as the country we know.

    And your response over there was perfect.

  18. Heh. I liked your second comment over at Vox Nova. Have you read Karlson's response? Priceless! He has no answers, and is retreating into what his friends say…

    FYI: I left a 3rd comment, but I doubt he'll let it through. I dared him to, but he probably won't.

  19. Fuzzy and Yukio,
    Thank You so very much for your comments at Vox Nova. They were magnificent. They don't even understand what it means to debate over there (for the most part).

  20. @ Teresa

    Of course not. They went to college. If you're a conservative in college (or more of an actual independent as I was) you learn to debate– or you learn to endure. A Leftist simply learns to nod his/her head and agree.

    Sorry Fuzzy. I don't mean to use your blog as a pesonal message board. I'll stop now.

  21. Fuzzy and Yukio,
    I have tried leaving 4 short comments at Vox Nova and Karlson refuses to post them. Isn't that a little controlling, dare I say fascist?

  22. @ Yukio, yes, I was just over there and even typed up a comment, but the guy's a dolt so I ended up not posting it. Your response, though, is still there. And it's great! Just the right amount of condescension in response to his childish antics. A lot of people don't really understand fascism and misuse the term, but you'd think that even an idiot would know what anarchy is. *shakes head*

    @ Teresa, no worries, you know I have your back. πŸ™‚ I must say, though, that I'm glad I didn't post my comment if he's not even letting them through. Whatever, the guy's seriously deranged and ill-informed.

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