Why Is Anyone Supporting Quasi-Slavery (aka Illegal Immigration)?

I was reading a post yesterday by Little Miss Attila in which she discusses how our inability (or to be more precise, unwillingness) to secure our borders and confront our illegal immigration problem has led to the creation of a “quasi-slave status” for illegal immigrants, and that is an important aspect of this whole issue.  We know all the arguments against illegal immigration regarding the economy (there are even creative economic arguments for perpetuating illegal immigration, I’ll get back to that one in a bit, but let’s just say that “flexible workers” is pretty much code for “quasi-slaves”), and we all know the arguments against illegal immigration because for as long as our borders are “open” (as essentially they are), we are getting an influx of criminals, murderers, rapists, drug dealers, kidnappers, you name it, along with the (otherwise) law-abiding people who come to this country seeking a better way of life for their families (yes, these do exist, too, but they get over-shadowed by the criminal element). But we aren’t hearing a lot about what living outside the law, on substandard wages, is:  what it means and how regressive it really is.

Since the Arizona law was passed, I’ve heard and read some amazingly narrow-minded and frankly shocking arguments for perpetuating this quasi-slave status of illegal immigrants (aka “undocumented workers” or “undocumented migrant workers”).  That old “they do work Americans won’t do” cliche gets trotted out quite often, though not as often as one might expect . . . perhaps because of the massive unemployment figures (in November of last year they hit 10.2%, a 26-year high and are, as of last month, at 9.7%.  For blacks, the unemployment rate is a jaw-dropping 17.6%, reaching 20% in some states.  The figures, of course, don’t reflect people who are no longer claiming benefits because they’ve been unemployed too long, have taken a part-time job, or have given up looking).

But even without the alarming unemployment numbers, that argument never held any water because what it means is that illegal immigrants do work Americans cannot legally do for the same pay.  Illegal immigrants are not paid the federally-mandated minimum wage that must be paid to all tax paying citizens and documented workers.  Indeed, some reports suggest that some are paid as little as $3.35 per hour (the current federal minimum wage is $7.25 per hour, for some perspective, the lowest minimum wage was in 1948, at which time the minimum wage was 40 cents or by today’s value $3.14).  Yet illegal immigrants often have to work 12 or 14 hours days, six or seven days per week in order to keep these jobs, obviously with no benefits, no sick days, no vacation, no nothing.  And as if this weren’t bad enough, some employers don’t bother paying them at all, apparently not anticipating any legal action against them from an illegal worker.

And that’s not the only way that illegal immigrants are treated unlawfully.  Illegal immigrants who are the victims of crime (violent and nonviolent) don’t really have any recourse, so children are used not only as child labor (what child labor laws apply if you “don’t exist“?) but also, like many adults, as sex slaves.  And adults are robbed, beaten, raped, and murdered, and their living conditions are often abysmal.  Illegal immigrants often live in squalor because slum lords don’t fix plumbing, heating, or much of anything for illegal immigrant housing.  Obviously, statistics are hard to come by, because crimes against illegal aliens are rarely reported.  This is not, of course, to dismiss the crimes, violent and nonviolent, committed by illegal immigrants, but it’s important to note that they are often the victims of crimes and because of their illegal status have little to no recourse.

Let’s see, at what time in American history did we have a class of people who were under paid or not paid at all and against whom acts of violence and inhumanity were perpetrated, the victims having nowhere to turn?  And today, we hear the same arguments in defense of illegal immigration that we heard in defense of slavery, up to and including the economic impact (the same arguments–almost verbatim–made today about illegal immigration were once made in defense of slavery) and the “better lives” the victims endure “enjoy” here as compared to those in their native countries. 

John C. Calhoun supported slavery because for him the natural rights that all men are born with (and the premise of our country’s founding) was just so much bunk.  He believed, as do modern day progs and most dems, that man’s “natural state is the social and political,” that it has nothing to do with inherent or God-given rights.  If our natural, inherent, or basic (pick your descriptor) rights come from government or society, any right so-granted, can just as easily be taken away with the stroke of a pen (think of progressive “hero” Woodrow Willson who segregated the military).  Sound familiar?  It should (it also explains why lefties are always calling everything from education and healthcare to owning a cell phone and having high speed internet access “rights”).  Race, as we experience it today, is in many ways a socio-political construct (just like our basic human rights, according to progs), and just as this line of thinking helped prop up slavery, it is helping to prop up the modern day quasi-slavery of illegal immigrants. 



22 thoughts on “Why Is Anyone Supporting Quasi-Slavery (aka Illegal Immigration)?

  1. My neighbors and I no longer do business with people who employ illegals. If we suspect they are using such labor, we make them prove otherwise. If everyone did this, our unemployment rate might drop. Cost of services might go up a little, but it's money well spent.

  2. Great post Fuzzy.

    This is the left's dirty little secret that they support human trafficking. They don't care about the people, they just want the votes.

  3. Great article. I intend to use your analogy from now on. I had a co-worker who'd taught in Texas back when “English as a second language” was a new thing. She was strongly opposed to it because in her experience it simply kept the non-English speaking kids “in their place.” I think there may be a parallel there.

  4. Well put!

    Those who support ILLEGAL immigration all have hidden agendas. None of those agendas do much for the immigrants, the economy, and in fact, do harm.

  5. I'm sick of illegals, they are costing us jobs and too much money.
    If the feds did their job of upholding the constitution, AZ would'nt have to take these necessary steps. I hope your weekend is fun, FUzzy.

  6. The Democrats want to perpetuate illegal immigration for the same reason LBJ said this:

    “These Negroes, they're getting pretty uppity these days and that's a problem for us since they've got something now they never had before, the political pull to back up their uppityness. Now we've got to do something about this, we've got to give them a little something, just enough to quiet them down, not enough to make a difference. For if we don't move at all, then their allies will line up against us and there'll be no way of stopping them, we'll lose the filibuster and there'll be no way of putting a brake on all sorts of wild legislation. It'll be Reconstruction all over again.”

    They want to make Mexican immigrants, legal and otherwise, a permanently duped underclass of the Democratic Party, just like they think they have in the black community. Luckily, blacks appear to be waking up. Mexican Americans, not so much.

  7. @ Chris, thanks! It's so bizarre to me that anyone still believes that the left have an ounce of compassion or give a rat's patooty for people as people. They care only about power, money, and votes. I guess it's true that if you say something often enough, no matter what your actions and their results, some people will be naive and stupid enough to believe it. All the more reason for people to get and stay informed and not just slurp the pretty pretty koolaid.

    @ Kerry, thanks. The people in power DO get it, that's the problem, but you're right the people who are not in power need to understand what it is they are defending so vociferously.

    @ mrpcabbage, welcome! πŸ™‚ Thank you. And yes, that's exactly the point. If the left keeps telling everyone it's RAAAAACIST to expect immigrants to learn English, they have the upper hand. Someone who cannot speak the language will not be informed, cannot see through the BS to what is really going on.

    @ LL, thanks! πŸ™‚ And yes, these policies do far more harm than good to everyone involved.

    @ Bunni Toes, yep, these are also valid points. And thanks, my weekend was uneventful, which is a good thing.

    @ SB, that quote is exactly what's been going on for fifty years! Give them SOMETHING (government handouts, false promises, the veneer of concern), but not enough TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Extend a “helping hand” but keep one foot firmly on their back to ensure they can't get up.

    @ Opus, yes, this is another problem associated with illegal immigration, no doubt about it.

  8. Opus #6 has hit on a valid point: in the good ol' days, teenagers on the west coast, and particularly in California, could get a job picking fruit crops in the summer. I, too, was one of those teenagers. We used to pick beans, and the farmer sent a bus around the neighborhoods to pick us up, take us to the fields, and this money we earned each summer picking beans was used to buy new school clothes for the upcoming school year.

    Soon, we noticed a lot of Hispanics in the field. Then a year or two went by and we noticed that WE were a minority in the fields. Then finally the bean bus never came by anymore: illegal immigrants took MY job!!!

    Don't believe that garbage about them doing the work Americans won't do: Opus #6 points this out – there are no jobs for teenagers in California, because all the illegals hold them now.

    We gotta do something, and AZ may have the solution.

  9. @ Fredd, yep, we hear this all the time. It's so amazing to me that anyone believes that there is ANY job an American wouldn't do. *shakes head*

    @ Yukio, I had this on the other post but you reposted here, so I will, as well. Keeps things organized. πŸ˜€

    Oh, good, Yukio, glad you sorted that out. πŸ™‚ I know you meant to post this on the “quasi-slavery” post, no worries.

    I see what you mean about my not making clear the connection I have in my head about the illegal immigrants doing work Americans won't do. I simply do not believe that there is ANY job that an American wouldn't do, but I should have stated that clearly. Who was doing these jobs before illegals had them?

    My point is that illegals are doing jobs for far less money than an American can (legally), so they undercut the American applicant. We hear quite often, particularly in western states though it happens here in MA, too (we have a large illegal Brazilian population here), that there are no jobs in construction, housecleaning, farming, apartment maintenance, etc., the so-called “low skill” jobs that many illegal immigrants take for a fraction of what a citizen can take them (and yes, I think there is a good case to be made for eliminated minimum wage ;)). These are jobs that Americans most certainly would do, but they cannot take them for less than minimum wage (again, legally, there are cases in which people take jobs “under the table,” but this is illegal and I do not support it).

    Your point about illegals coming here willingly and being free to leave is a good one (though some, for the sex trade, in particular are not here willingly or have been tricked–told they will be nannies or waitresses or whatever) and precisely why I didn't call it all out slavery.

    However, I would beg to differ on the illegals not being “owned” thing, obviously they aren't outright property, but those working in certain positions (there was a factory raid in MA not too long ago that evidenced this), are “kept” by their “bosses,” their wages include “room and board” and a pittance (it was like $5.00 per day). So maybe a more apt analogy would be to sharecroppers? Either way, it's a blight on our society.

    And lol, no, I absolutely do not support educating illegals on their legal rights, that's nonsensical. What I do support is closing the borders and some sort of path to citizenship for law abiding illegals who've made a life (of sorts) here, but only after the borders are secure and we know that this will not happen again. Then I support enforcing our immigration laws. We have them. We just don't follow them.

    I have no idea what you are saying in your final paragraph. Can you say that again, at a much lower level, for me? πŸ˜‰

  10. I left my reponse back in the “Arizona, Civil Rights, and the Worst President in History” thread, and I'm just going to leave it there for simplicity.

    Sorry Fuzzy. We're bouncing back and forth here due to my inability to post comments in the right location.

  11. Excellent post, Fuzzy! The Democrats have created quasi-slavery. They don't care about the human person, only the votes. ICE should be going after the employers who employ the illegals. If that happened, that would take care of a majority of the problem.

  12. “The people in power DO get it, that's the problem, but you're right the people who are not in power need to understand what it is they are defending so vociferously.”

    yes, i meant the supporters, not the people in power. supporters are just blindly repeating the talking points of those in power. as is usually the case, i'm thinking of people like my sister.

  13. Yep, I know just what you mean. I “test drove” this argument with some of my liberal friends, and they just sort of sputtered, falling back on the “well, they have it better here than they did in Mexico” “argument.” So I remind them that this is pretty much what was said in defense of slavery. We don't have a separate standard for people based on how well they had it elsewhere. That's patently absurd. Even though progs are all for separate standards for people based on their race, religion, political ideology, etc., they hide this behind lies and false “empathy” . . . citizen liberals do not support, usually, these separate standard policies (even when couched as “social justice”–once that's scrutinized, people understand that it's inherently unfair and even damaging, perpetuating every other version of separate standards rather than equality).

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