Shameless and Shameful Race-Baiting Hate Monger

Would it be okay for your child’s teacher to call half the class “stupid” or “ignorant” or some other derogatory term?  Would it be okay for any other person in authority, at any level, to actively stoke the fires of mistrust or to insult the people over whom they have authority?  When did it become okay for the president of the United States of America, leader of the free world and Commander in Chief of the strongest military force on earth, to stir up racial tension with outright lies?   Why is it okay for BO to call nearly half of this nation’s population by a foul label that denotes a perverted sexual practice?

BO has a habit of lying to the people, and I am not talking about “oh, that’s just the way politicians are” type of lies, those we’ve sadly come to expect and are thus shocked to our core when a politician comes along who is honest and does what he (or she) says he’s going to do (witness New Jersey’s Governor Christie doing exactly what he said he’d do and making tough choices).  I’m talking about purposefully misrepresenting the facts about something with the sole purpose of fueling anger, fear, and even hatred.  He did it during his SOTU address when he “called out” the Supreme Court and completely lied about what the ruling said and what it allowed.  And he did it during his “ice cream” speech about the Arizona law.  Unless you are holding up the ice cream stand, setting it on fire, physically assaulting customers, or in some other way violating the law, you cannot legally be “harassed.”  We know this.  BO knows this.  But he out and out, in your face, you’re an idiot who’ll believe any damn thing at all lied.  Knowingly.  But to what end? 

What possible reason, other than riling up people and playing on their fears, could he have for such a bald-faced lie?  Seriously.  What possible reason can he have?  He certainly wasn’t mistaken.  He certainly wasn’t ill-informed.  He certainly wasn’t confused.  So why did he make such a statement if not to strike fear in people’s hearts and to light the fuse of anger and hatred that stems from that fear?

And perhaps most importantly, what is his real goal in stirring up racial and social unrest?  Surely it’s not just for votes as so many are arguing.  That may play a part in it, but it can’t be the whole reason.  What is he up to?  Why does he want the people of the country he leads at each others’ throats, on the brink of violence?  What does he stand to gain?  These are the questions I keep turning over in my head, but I don’t have an answer yet. 




12 thoughts on “Shameless and Shameful Race-Baiting Hate Monger

  1. I know politicians lie, but Obama really takes the cake. He lies so much that he makes Bill Clinton look like he tells the truth.

    I have no idea why he does it either. To make himself feel better? To make people like him? Not sure…

  2. Why indeed. And why do so many accept it? I just hope that more and more start to see it as he continues to do it, because we know he won't stop.

  3. He lies to achieve the division amongst the nation we're already seeing. This division makes it easier to achieve his goals (divide & conquer). Those goals? I dunno, but looking as who he's kept company with from Day One (his leftist family, 60's radicals, Jeremiah Wright, etc.) I'd say he wants to “punish” America as he perceives it. Just a guess.

    That wouldn't be the entire nation, just those supposed “fat cats” and exploiters of the downtrodden. To sum it all up, he feels he can now be the Avenger of the Poor & Downtrodden.

    Meanwhile, to Hell with everyone else.

  4. Hi Fuzzy! My unsettled feeling – and I hope I'm dead wrong – is to create a violent civil crisis, impose something like martial law, and usher in something akin to National Socialism.

  5. @ Trestin, lmao, yep, that must be it.

    @ Odie, thanks for the link. That video is an eye opener for sure. Ugh.

    @ Hazaa Dazzle, woohoo! Good to see you again 🙂 LOL, not sure if his goal is to make people not like him, but that is certainly the effect.

    @ Subvet, hi and welcome! And I agree that he's out to “punish” the America he loathes. He won't be happy until he's completely ruined our nation and subjugated the people to his complete control. He is disgusting. Every tyrant starts the same way . . . asserting they are working for the “common good,” and it's always bullcrap. Always.

    @ Velcro, I think you might be right. I'm not sure what the end goal is, but it's definitely not anything that resembles the America we all know and love. This is one of the reasons that regardless of the provocation, we cannot become violent. The second we do, he wins. And he knows it.

    @ Opus, the CP chaos already has us heading into fiscal disaster (as designed), and that alone will usher in social unrest. Why fuel it now, somewhat prematurely? I just can't figure it out, but you're right.

  6. “And perhaps most importantly, what is his real goal in stirring up racial and social unrest?” (Fuzzy)

    The reason?

    To incite the feeling among ALL Hispanics that “they're under attack, in order to cement their votes in the Democratic column this November.

    The 2 big items on the pre-November agenda are going to be (1) legalizing some 12 to 20 MILLION ILLEGAL immigrants living here and (2) making Puerto Rico our 51st State.

    If they accomplish that…and charges of anti-Hispanic bigotry can definitely help with BOTH those things…the Obama-Left and ACORN will have effectively conquered traditional America.

    This is essentially a “Goldman Sachs” strategy….brilliant, effective and disastrous for all but the political class.

  7. I think Obama is a blood-thirsty power hungry politician that will do anything to be able to stay in power. He could be stirring up violence on purpose. I hope I am wrong but there are many renowned individuals that think we are on the brink of both an economic collapse and of Obama declaring Martial law. The prediction is that this will happen sometime in 2011. I really, really hope all these people are wrong on both counts.

    I am hoping its just a political maneuver just to get the votes.

  8. @ JMK, perhaps, but I am seriously beginning to wonder if it's not more sinister than that (pass the tinfoil hat, please).

    @ Kid, maybe that's “all” it is, but I wonder.

    @ Teresa, that won't happen if we win the House and Senate this year. That has to be our goal, it's the only way to stop these crazy people.

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