Stirring Up Racial Tensions, Polarizing a Nation . . . Without Reading the Law

Hi, my name is Eric Holder, and I’m the Attorney General of the United States of America.  That’s a really important job, and if I make a declaration about a law, it’s rock solid because I’m the Attorney General of the United States of America.  So when I stir up racial tension and pit Americans against other Americans, on the verge of violence, I always make sure I know what I am talking about.  For example, I love to make my decisions about what lawsuits I’ll file, like the one I mentioned I might file against Arizona, based on what I read in the newspaper and see on the news.  I also go by what others say, you know, “things I hear.”  And then I just run with it!  Weeeeeeeeeeeee!


See?!  My very favorite places to research my legal opinion are HuffPo and MSNBC.  Did I mention that I’m the ATTORNEY GENERAL of the United States of America? 




9 thoughts on “Stirring Up Racial Tensions, Polarizing a Nation . . . Without Reading the Law

  1. “Umm.. much” What a bag of dogpiles!!! Rep. Poe does a good service to America. Ha – Mind boggling incompetence. That is EXACTLY right! Good post, and thank you for all of your thoughtful posts!

  2. Fuzzy, it's story time.
    When I was teaching, I used to trim trees in the Summer. One day I had a new guy on the crew. I was on the ground sharpening a saw, and looked up in astonishment at something he was doing.

    He was about 15 feet off the ground on large limb. He happened to be sawing that limb at the trunk. I yelled at him and told him to stop. I asked him what he was doing. He became angry with me for questioning him in such a manner.

    I told him (nicely) to come down for a moment. When he was on the ground, I explained the concept of gravity, and the possible consequences of falling 15 feet with a running saw in your hands. Needless to say that guy did not work out.

    The rest of the day I had him stay on the ground gathering up tree limbs. I think Obama may want to do something similar with Holder. Keep him away from mics and cameras.

  3. @ Velcro, thanks! I'm stunned and rather horrified that this WH has zero problem with stirring up racial tensions based on what they read in “newspapers” and see on the “news.” This is jaw droppingly incompetent, and worse than that, what they are doing is willfully creating a climate of fear, anger, and hysteria. It is NOT alright for the people holding the highest offices in this country to use the American people as pawns in their giant power games. Everyone should be outraged by this, absolutely outraged.

    @ Kevin, hi and welcome! This goes beyond incompetence, though he's certainly that.

    @ Kerry, no, I doubt that he has. I'm pretty outraged that Congress didn't read the healthcare bill before voting on it (both sides apparently didn't bother reading it and/or assigned its reading to staffers. With such a huge and dangerous bill, that was a big mistake, and it endeared none of them). But here, we are talking about the Attorney General . . . he's supposed to know the law, what laws actually say not what some reporter (who hasn't read it, either) says about it. I'm furious. They are playing very dangerous games with people, games that very well could lead to social unrest and racial violence. People are looking to him and the president and being told all-out lies about the contents of the AZ bill, and then we find he didn't even read it? It's 10 pages. I read it the second I saw the link for it, and I'm just a citizen and blogger!

    At least now we know why they are so worried about the internet and 24 hour news cycle, it's pretty hard to get away with stuff like this these days.

    @ Trestin, he needs to be kept away from anything pertaining to the law. This should be a crime, and I'm serious. He should be disbarred immediately for knowingly misrepresenting something he hasn't read and for stoking the fires of racial tensions and potential violence.

    @ Pedaling, heh, yeah, it's something. :p

  4. Holder: But, but, but I read the Cliff Notes on the Constitution!

    They are intentionally seeking to divide us. It's much harder for them to stand against a united citizenry.

    It's another reason they have been using progressive taxation, welfare state, etc to ensure America has a class of “haves” vs a class of “have nots”. Now the “have nots” (aka, the We-pay-no-taxes class) are about to outnumber the “haves” and will tax, regulate, redistribute the “haves” out of existence until we are a whole country of “have nots”.

  5. I think you are right. The only way the great Marxist revolution can occur is through their subterfuge, vile lies, and purposefully manipulating the populace, economy, and government. That's always been one of the main problems with Marxist thought and its offsprings, the path to the endgame had to be created by underhand means, means the heartless and power-hungry are pleased to justify from on high.

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