Credit Where Credit Is Due: Yield Not Another Inch

We’ve been complacent, silent, and ineffective in combating progs and their agenda . . . until recently (like last year), and it’s important that we change our mindset and understand, even give credit, to them for their accomplishments.  Yes, I remind myself of Olivander in the Harry Potter novels, but he was right, Voldemort did do “great” things–terrible–but great.  Progs have been incredibly successful, incredibly.  They have infiltrated every aspect of our lives from our schools to our city and state government right up to Congress, the White House, and the Supreme Court.  They’ve moved us step by step, inch by inch, in the direction of socialism, a thing that we now hear people singing the praises of.  That’s not nothing.  In fact, were any other group, one with a positive vision that was in line with America’s founding, her values and her spirit, so successful, it would be laudable.

Now I’m the first one to downplay some of this, to call people incompetent or useless, but just as when the attacks on President Bush’s intellect and ability were made, there is a mountain of evidence to the contrary.  Progs are slowly, (yes) “progressively,” changing this country, that it has accelerated over the past year doesn’t change their success (!) nor their accomplishments.  While we are distracted (ala Alinsky) by this outrage or that, they are undoubtedly plotting more than we can even imagine behind the scenes. There are bills, executive orders, czars, and other shady things going on in the background–power is being moved from the legislative to the executive branch, from Congress to the EPA, from the states and the people to the federal government.  Putting down “foundations” and “starter homes” for the overthrow of our Constitutional republic.  That’s just fact:  welcome to “fundamental transformation,” America.  It’s about getting rid of a dated and tired document and the very government, and nation, that it creates.

This isn’t tinfoil hat land, this is reality.  Reading Elena Kagan’s thesis (since pulled by Princeton, does anyone not think the WH was involved in that?), I was struck by the way that she wrote (on pages 34-36 for those of you who suspected it might be pulled and downloaded it) about the two methodologies of the socialist movement (there can be no doubt, now, that we are indeed right smack in the middle of a socialist revolution, one that this administration is working night and day to turn violent, for that is their surest way to complete “success”).  One branch of the early socialist movement in this country was for an actual revolution, the other–the progressive version–for the creeping, steady, slow but effective infiltration of our government at all levels, our schools, our courts.  Anyone who holds the children, as Hitler and every other totalitarian knows, holds the future, the society, the culture.  Anyone who holds the government and the courts, holds the present and shapes the future. 

It has taken them a hundred years of sneaking, manipulation, and conscious planning to get them to where they are now.  Clearly, they are confident in their power and control, confident enough to speed things up.  Are they doing so prematurely?  Did they misread their hold on society, on the people?  I think so on both counts.  I think that they believed, that BO and his traitorous horde, believed that our doormat response to having our religious, legal, and constitutional rights stomped on for decades would continue.  That we were sufficiently cowed by the PC culture and failed multicultural experiment to simply sit mutely throughout the final days of “fundamental transformation.”

They were wrong, and we’ve been showing that in the Tea Party, in Town Halls, in the new media, and in elections.  But they have come so close, have so little left to do, that they are not about to back down, not about to admit or even acknowledge defeat.  Quite the opposite.  They are doubling down (another Alinsky dictate); they are stepping on the gas, pushing through . . . regardless.  Thinking them stupid or incompetent (and I often do, heh) is a huge mistake, one that will all but ensure their victory.  I’ve said before that I think it’s to our benefit that the progs underestimate the Tea Parties, underestimate the conservative revival, and I do.  But I also think that it’s to the progs benefit if we underestimate them.

We need to roll back the infiltration of the progs (in both parties, nationally and locally).  Run for office, defend our flag, refuse to have your constitutional right to freely exercise your religion (whatever that may be) challenged.  Do so loudly and often.  Do not let them get one more inch of ground, for it’s by inches they’ve gone as far as they have, all but banishing and outlawing Christianity and pro-American sentiment.   You have a constitutional right to pray anywhere you want, including in public buildings, and you have a constitutional right to be treated equally.  You have a constitutional right to say the Pledge of Allegiance, including “one nation under God.”  Our free exercise of religion and the establishment clause go together, work as one.  The state cannot establish a religion, nor however, can they ban one (or any).  But we’ve let them do just that, time and again. 

I’m heartened by the push back that has been developing and gaining strength over the past year.  Patriots across the country are not sitting silently while progs continue their attacks on our religion, our flag, our constitution, and our country.  We must keep this up, keep speaking up, refuse to be silenced or marginalized.  And we absolutely must not lose steam or sight of the import of this fall’s elections.  There has not been a more important election in our lifetime.  Not when Reagan was elected after the Carter catastrophe, not when Bush (43) was elected after 9/11 . . . never.  We can do this, oh, yes we can.  And we will.



12 thoughts on “Credit Where Credit Is Due: Yield Not Another Inch

  1. As usual, you are crazy awesome and spot-on in your assessment. Remember…they hate themselves and must bring everyone to equality in their misery.

  2. I love your fantastic rants! You are spot on!

    We are fighting for our Liberty, our Freedom and to save Our Republic from socialist invaders. We are literally fighting the enemy within.

  3. Not another inch.

    I like that.

    And I also am feeling a bit like stepping on some toes as I move forward an inch or two to occupy some of the space I used to have. . . .

  4. Spot on, Fuzzy. We have the same subversion in the UK to such an extent that even our new government, which hasn't even acknowledged the problem, would have a tough time eradicating the rotten parts of the infrastructure if it wanted to. We can't rely on politicians – they're not to be trusted with our freedoms.

  5. They have been picking away ours laws and traditions for a hundred years. They never gave up, but just chose a different tack on occasion. We have one hundred years of standing by and letting it happen to make up for. ALWAYS PUSH FORWARD !

  6. Brilliant Fuzzi, you know, I had held back a piece about becoming Dumbledore's Army because I didn't want to seem over the top. But Umbridge and the laws for Hogwards are becoming very oppressive indeed. Anyone for firecrackers during exams?

  7. Fuzz: I can't argue with a single syllable in your rant. If ever there was an administration with a tin ear as to the will of the people, this one takes the cake.

    As for the majority of voters in Jack Murtha's old Pennsylvania district, they are hopeless. They think they elected a 'moderate' Democrat to replace ol' Red Jack. Nope. They elected a 'Democrat.' And then they will be shocked, SHOCKED, when this guy votes for cap and trade and they start drowning in their unsold coal.

    Dopes, all of them.

  8. @ Deekaman, lol, thanks šŸ™‚

    @ Teresa, We are indeed fighting the enemy within, and we are going to win.

    @ Kerry, šŸ˜€

    @ QR, I think we do need to push back and regain ground we've lost. Now.

    @ Opus, oh yes, we will. It's us or them, and they know it. We're just now starting to realize it.

    @ GV, thanks! I meant to ask you, too, about some program on your blog that starts blocking my IP when I go there? I can't go there now (to either) because it takes forever to get that sorted out. But yes, we are all of us, in the first and free world, fighting for our lives and our freedom. It sounds like Cameron may be a bit progressive, too, in some things. Watch that one.

    @ Odie, they never gave up, and until recently, few of us (not me, alas) saw what was happening or understood the threat. We do now. And WE will never give up.

    @ GG! Heyas girlfriend šŸ™‚ I heard about Maher's Sanford n Son comment . . . only a leftie could get away with that!

    @ Sherry, thanks šŸ™‚ And I scoured the net looking for a picture of all of Umbridge's “decrees” to post with this. Only the left wants to micromanage every damn thing to the point that they have to pass laws to protect us from salt! It's sickening, and lefties are still too ignorant to understand that fascism is a leftist notion, not a right wing one. Ignorant idiots are the most dangerous kind.

    We are a DA, of sorts, too! I just wish we had those handy coins for sending messages to one another. We're all targets of this government as national security threats, and they are amassing the support and power to monitor and limit our free speech (by cell phone and via the internet).

    @ Trestin, heh. GLAD YOU ARE BACK! šŸ™‚ We will stay vigilant, once we get our country back, we will never let it come so close to being destroyed again.

    @ Fredd, heh. And yes, they think they voted for a “free thinking” democrat, and maybe they did. But democrats are inconsequential, a dying breed. The only power in the “democratic” party is centered in the progressive, far left, radical socialist tyrants. Democrats just don't know it. Yet. They will, hopefully it won't be too late when they find out.

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