Rant: America’s Allies Are BO’s Enemies

Okay.  I’m fuming. Yes, again.  Can you believe this president?  This poser, this usurper?  He’s doing everything in his power not only to weaken the U. S. but to alienate our allies while holding up, nay, bowing down to foreign dictators, tyrants, and scum.

The State of State Dinners

Gordon Brown, UK Prime Minister.  No state dinner for you!
Bibi Netanyahu, Israeli President.  No state dinner for you!
Manmohan Singh, India’s Prime Minister.  Big big (“lavish,” even) state dinner for you!
Felipe Calderon, Mexican President.  Big big (all the better to “honor” you) state dinner for you!

Unbelievable, absolutely jaw-droppingly unbelievable.  So I guess that “treating other nations as equals” really means, as all applications of “equality” do for rabid lefties, treating our allies like dirt.  Next time we need to go to war, let’s give Mexico a call . . . and India.  Wonderful.  Next time we need economic / trade allies who better to call than third world countries?  Woohoo!  We can cut off Iran’s ability to get third-rate tech support and burritos.  Excellent.  Next time we need advice on how to handle illegal immigration, let’s call Mexico!  Oh, wait, that might not be a bad idea.  Let’s do exactly what Mexico does to illegal immigrants; then we’ll have the approval that BO so desperately seeks . . . from everyone except our allies, that is.




18 thoughts on “Rant: America’s Allies Are BO’s Enemies

  1. isn't it funny how we haven't heard anything from the left about mexico's policies regarding illegal immigration. of course, i'm sure they'd think it was just fine…for mexico. the hypocrisy of lefties is truly astounding.

  2. What gets me is Calderon critiquing our laws. If he doesn't want his people “discriminated against” (even though the law forbids that specifically and it's against the law to do it anyway, making the additional prohibition redundant), he can add his own damn patrols to the border and chip in for the wall. It's a SHARED border, but funnily enough, it's completely our responsibility. Hmph!

  3. obama is a 180 to everything that is American.

    To imagine what the obama administration will do in any given situation, simply imagine what would be in America's least interest. Plain and simple.

    I would bet that obama splits a gut thinking about elana kagan as a SC pick. There are certainly at least a million people more qualified than her/him.
    Ditto judge sonia.

    Fuzzy, yea, it's certainly maddening, but what ya gonna do til Nov. 2010 and Nov 2012 ?

    Personally, I'm hunkered down. I'm not going to literally bust an artery over it. Biggest piece of garbage to ever be in such a position of power, and most corrupt and incompetent administration ever. Everything they pre-accused Bush of (intentionally as a strategy to cloak their own actions) and more. Much more.
    We'll find out how many voters have wised up.

  4. I am so angry. Rational thoughts are hard to come by. But Obama can continue along these lines all he wants because people will be pissed off enough to vote him out and we can start the real work of undoing the damage.

  5. Yes, Obama's treatment of Brown and Netanyahu was contemptible.

    But since when have you considered Manmohan Singh, India's Prime Minister, to be a “foreign dictator, tyrant, and scum?”

    What has India done to you recently? India is a burgeoning economic power in Asia, since they dropped a lot of Nehru's socialist policies. It is in the US's best interests to continue good relations with them. It's not Singh's fault Obama treated Brown, Netanyahu, the Dalai Lama, etc. like dirt. And you call Singh, a duly elected leader, a tyrant, dictator and scum? You suggest that India is only good for “third-rate tech support.” Man, that is so verifiably incorrect…

    I know this is a rant, but you better check your emotions there Fuzzy. Be angry at your target, not just people whom Obama practices standard diplomacy for.

  6. @ Kerry, it's the effect of BO being such an insipid loser to third world countries and their leaders; they smell weakness a mile away and will walk all over him (and us) just like they did Carter. What an embarrassment.

    @ Kristin, you do indeed learn a lot about him by the company he keeps, both here in the U. S. and abroad.

    @ Odie, we will 🙂

    @ Kid, heh, you may have a point there. He does everything that seems so counterintuitive to us, to our America. If I hear him one more time say “our values and beliefs,” I'll scream. He does not reflect or hold American values. Not by a long shot.

    @ Janie Lyn, I so agree. I just hope that we elect someone who has the political courage to undo it all. I'm liking Governor Christie for that role.

    @ Yukio, lmao. You are correct, of course. And of course I won't check my emotions, silly man! Imagine. And how interesting that you don't point out that Mexico contributes a lot more than burritos. As you know, we get a lot of our oil from Mexico, along with some incredible art, music, and other cultural contributions. And I'm sure other things I can't come up with off the top of my head. And why no defense of Calderon? He was democratically elected and has done a lot for Mexico, not least of which is the work he's done against organized crime (despite his hypocritical attack on our illegal immigration laws today, I admire him far more than I do BO–well, I guess that's not saying much, but you know what I mean).

  7. Fuzzy. seriously. 20 years with Rev -G*damn America- Wright.

    I don't believe obama's racism would physically allow him to absorb anything about American history that is great. obama is missing any and all in that category. And his wife made it clear that she has no use for America.

    Apparently, all us mighty whities have everything handed to us. I'm still waiting.

    As a result of not understanding the history, he cannot understand the meaning behind the principles of the Constitution or any of the foundation that made America the longest running success story in the history of the world. No way.

  8. “And how interesting that you don't point out that Mexico contributes a lot more than burritos.” and “And why no defense of Calderon?”

    It's because I know a lot more about India and its politics than I know about Mexico. Yes, I do know that Mexico produces a lot more than burritos (which is TexMex anyway, isn' it?), but I prefer to talk about something that I have more than just passing knowledge about.

    Besides Calderon was very rude, despite the Dems standing ovation during his remarks. Having this guy lecture Congress on US immigration and gun laws is just too much to take. He gets no defense from me– which I'm sure bothers him to no end.

    Besides, didn't one party rule Mexico for decades? I know they lost a while back, but are those days completely over? I seriously don't know this stuff. Ask me about Argentina though… or Colombia. I've studied those countries.

  9. I am frustrated with how we have dealt with our allies, especially Poland. I think it is good that we have close ties with India, they could be a very good friend in the fight against radical Islam, and help us contain China. But yes, Mexico should be licking our boots, not the other way around.

  10. @ Kid, well said.

    @ Yukio, no worries, I understand, I just thought it interesting. I really don't know a lot about India apart from the fact that they are doing super well economically (as you say because they got rid of socialist policies that always choke a nation and her people). I think it's good that we have close ties to both countries, but I am not at all happy that BO is rude and dismissive of the UK and Israel, arguably our two closest and most important allies.

    @ CL, I hope you aren't imagining that Brown was the reason for BO's treatment of him. Brown had nothing to do with BO sending back the bust of Churchill, and he had nothing to do with BO's loathing of the UK. You lot tortured his grandfather and were far too “imperial” for far too long for BO's tastes. Need to be taken down a few more pegs just like America.

    It also doesn't help that even Brown could think and speak circles around BO and Cameron makes Brown look like a bumbling buffoon. Cameron is everything BO is not . . . but sorely wishes he were (firmly upper class, while BO clearly feels like an impostor in the upper middle class; well-spoken without erming and d'ohing through anything not written out on a teleprompter (my guess is that Cameron even knows how to pronounce the word “corps”); confident and composed as only one who has had the benefits of “whiteness” and “upperclassness” can be, again in BO's racially-charged tiny little worldview.

    Oh, no BO won't be falling over himself to meet with Cameron beside whom he'll look every bit the phony he is. He's much better off, in the eyes of the world and in his own eyes, standing beside Chavez rather than someone like Cameron or a true world leader with dignity and high intellect like Bibi Netanyahu (another white guy and worse as far as BO is concerned a Jew!).

    @ Trestin, good point about India, I think you are right that they will indeed reject radical Islam, I'm not sure how much help they are in fighting it, though. I'll have to do some research on that (or maybe you could do a post?). I don't think Mexico should be licking our boots, but I do think that they are way out of line in critiquing our laws on our land before our legislative body. The fact that the progs leapt to their feet simply underscores just how divided this country is, how dire the situation is, and sadly, how uphill of a battle we have ahead of us.

  11. This crap infuriates me so much. The fact that Obama gave Calderon a platform to spew his garbage ticks me off even more. Calderon is a freaking hypocrite and has no right to comment on our laws. He should start focusing on the massive cleanup in his own country. He simply wants Americans to clean up his mess for him. Another irresponsible politician. Its no wonder he and BO get along so well- they're a couple of irresponsible Marxists who don't know how to take responsibility for a dang thing. And, then BO thinks borders don't matter, but rather bonds with regards to other countries. This statement reveals that BO is for a New World Order. WE must make sure that a New World Order never comes to fruition. We must continue advocating for and electing conservatives that will stand up to Obama and his gang of thugs.

  12. He is the most shameful president we have ever had! BTW, I really liked your comment on Legal Insurrection's post on Joan Walsh. You have a great way of cutting right to the heart of the matter!

  13. @ Candelabra, I so wanted to add that. This post was really long, and I ended up cutting most of it and leaving just the initial rant and the section on state dinners. The Dali Lama's walk of shame past the piles of trash was in there (this was before he gave the big thumbs up to socialism, though).

    @ Teresa, me too! Of course he's for a new world order, that doesn't poll well, though, so this ever name changing, always spinning admin calls it something else. The only transparency we will ever get from this WH.

    @ Velcro, he really is. I think he's beaten Carter for the worst president in my lifetime. And it's not even been two years! Ugh.

    Yeah, I knew that there was no way that Walsh could be genuine in her regret about calling the Tea Party racist. That tactic hasn't worked, time to try something new. Libbie spin is wicked transparent.

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