When Ideology Meets Reality, All But Ideologues Adapt

Ross Douthat over at the NYT makes a compelling case for why Rand Paul stumbled on the Civil Rights question posed to him on MSNBC:

No ideology survives the collision with real-world politics perfectly intact. General principles have to bend to accommodate the complexities of history, and justice is sometimes better served by compromise than by zealous intellectual consistency.

So true, Douthat, so true. Too bad Dothat can’t pry open his mind and consider that the president, an ideologue through and through, is almost daily confronted with his leftist ideology colliding with real-world politics. BO should heed Douthat’s advice to Paul:

This was all that Rand Paul needed to admit, after his victory in Kentucky’s Republican Senate primary, when NPR and Rachel Maddow asked about his views of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. “As a principled critic of federal power,” he could have said, “I oppose efforts to impose Washington’s will on states and private institutions. As a student of the history of segregation and slavery, however, I would have made an exception for the Civil Rights Act.”

Gee, if only BO would say something like “I strongly favor adhering to the rule of the law and believe firmly that we are a nation of laws and should not bend our principles in the course of ordinary events. As president of a country that was forever changed on 9/11, however, I would have to make an exception in our handling of terrorists.” Or how about: “While I believe, firmly, that spreading the wealth around is good for everybody, I have studied American history and her economy, and I need to correct course in order to respect and uphold American values and free market principles.”

Douthat’s final paragraph also contains some wisdom that BO would do well to recognize before he’s completely divided this nation and destroyed our economy.

And it shouldn’t come as a shock that [Ron Paul’s] son found himself publicly undone, in what should have been his moment of triumph, because he was too proud to acknowledge the limits of ideology, and to admit that a principle can be pushed too far.

Hear, hear, Douthat. This could well be the final word on BO’s entire presidency:  undone in what should have been a moment (or two terms) of triumph that he let slip away through prideful demagoguery. Too bad Douthat’s so busy (I think quite rightly) taking Paul to task that he doesn’t see how very well this applies to the Ideologue in Chief. In everything from ObamaCare to foreign affairs to the KSM trial to the Arizona illegal immigration law, he’s stubbornly (some say insanely) stayed courses that have no relation to reality . . . even in the face of repeated failures. He’s alienating our allies and emboldening our enemies, Iran’s getting nukes despite BO’s magically extending deadlines and empty threats, socialism always fails, and he’s divided this country as it’s not been since the ’60s. Epic fail.

If only BO weren’t too proud to admit the limitations (and the failures) of his fanciful ideological approach to matters that really need a more realistic, more humble, more grounded hand.


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9 thoughts on “When Ideology Meets Reality, All But Ideologues Adapt

  1. Let's face he is a puppet. Look at what he ran on, then look at what he is doing. He is just the latest step in our long march to totalitarianism, all be it, a very large step.

  2. I'm impressed, that's a great comparison (rand to BO). First place I've heard it, and its a good one. Of course, Rand's idealism is grounded in principle, and BO's is grounded in the values of his “peeps”. 🙂

  3. Fuzzy,

    Thanks for popping by! Bro fell about three weeks ago transferring into his chair and bruised a bunch of ribs. He is much better now, I think the get well card from the Heineken Brewery folks really cheered him up. As he says he is working on putting his second generation of their kids through college!

    I've just been up to my butt in alligators with work. Don't worry we will be back shortly!

    Hope to see you and many more 8/28 in DC for Glenn Beck's speech. My lovely bride and I will certainly be there!

    Lock & Load!!!

    Sons & Daughters of Liberty Unite!!!

  4. That's what did in Obama's senate oppostion in Illinois, Dr. Alan Keyes. The guy was glued to his ideology, and when asked trick questions meant to torpedo him, he walked right into that trap each and every time.

    And now we have President Barack H. Obama, thank you Dr. Keyes.

  5. @ Trestin, he is what he is, he was “molded” and taught to appear centrist, but he never was. In that sense he's a puppet. And yes, definitely many giant steps toward totalitarianism.

    @ Odie, Always good to see you, Odie 🙂

    @ Candle, I have a problem with ideologues on either the left or the right. Most people do. That's why the lefties' bizarre straw man arguments about tossing all government aid out the window is such a joke. Only an ideologue would not recognize that some aid to low income people who are down on their luck is needed, just not the massive amount we have now and for people to make careers out of having their hand out. Libbies always amuse me when they think they have a point . . .when they are just being narrow-minded and ignorant. I giggle happily. 😉

    @ Teresa, he's an ideologue to the core and will never learn, grow, or change. He's petrified in adolescent angst and its accompanying Marxist ideology. It would be sad if it weren't going to affect us all and ruin our country.

    @ L, omg! Is he okay? Well, you say he's feeling better and joking, so I guess so. Give him my best wishes. I'm not sure about attending Beck's speech, I'd like to, but you know how things are in this economy. 😦

    @ Fredd, “glued to his ideology,” exactly! No trick questions needed for ideologues–look how he answered Joe the Plumber. This is why BO is never allowed out without a dozen teleprompters and WH-approved plants to ask the rare question he answers. He can't be trusted not to gush enthusiastically about his plan to destroy America and force us to adopt socialist policies on his path to total power and the subjugation of an entire people. It's not a mistake or oversight that he's not held an actual press conference in almost a year.

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