BO Calls in James Cameron. Spongebob Next?

Remember when BO was Superman?

Or . . . well, when he and his koolaid-swilling Stepford acolytes thought he was?  Now, he’s seen by even his most die-hard, leg-tingling fans as a bit, you know, inept, incompetent, and generally disappointing. 

Now cementing his head in clouds, reality sucks but hey, fantasies and insane dreams are really cool reputation, he’s calling in movie director James Cameron (another man who thinks he’s king of the world). 

If that doesn’t work out, rumor has it that Spongebob Squarepants is available to help out with that oil leak.

Problem solved.  Whew, and just in time to get to work on that pesky “messaging” problem.  Maybe Dustin Hoffman and Robert DeNiro will come to his aid.  After all, they were great in Wag the Dog.


14 thoughts on “BO Calls in James Cameron. Spongebob Next?

  1. can't wait to see Cameron's impact. What will he do? Bring us news reports in 3D? Maybe since he did such (not really) a great job with Titanic, BO thought he could make this disaster come to life? If I woke up tomorrow to hear Joe Biden was the new President, I would be relieved.

  2. To be fair, Cameron (whom eveyone he has ever worked with– except for the actors– believes to be the biggest jerk in Hollywood [think about the implications of that for a second]) has consulted for NASA in the past and has experience in very deep water dives. So this isn't like calling in George Lucas or something.

    That said, I doubt Cameron will do anything except irritate and offend a lot of people while collecting an exorbitant paycheck on the Fed's (taxpayers') dime.

  3. @ Trestin, I know! This is the stupidest thing ever. And yeah, who'd have thought that Biden would be someone to be relieved about? Geez, that says more about this nightmare of a president than a lot of other things. 🙂

    @ Yukio, you're kidding, right? Um, why don't we just get NASA, who are already on the taxpayer dime to chime in? And you can't be suggesting that Cameron is the world's expert on deep water dives? This spill and the ecological impact are a big f-ing deal, to quote our illustrious VP, get the people who actually know what they're doing. If he wants a movie directed, Cameron's fine, if he wants scientific or deep water dive info, let's get someone in there who's an actual expert.

  4. Yukio is right.

    James Cameron is just going to get in the way and annoy the shit out of the people who could actually do something real.

    The fact that the Obam ster called in Cameron to stop the leak tells you just how unserious the President is. Pathetic.

  5. Why would we expect anything less from a “fictional” president who fixes things by stirring up the masses.
    Someone ought tell him he isn't Acorn anymore and this is not a Mortgage Banker's home.
    This is the “reel” world.

  6. Hi Fuzzy! In obummer's world, this makes perfect sense.
    Cameron makes fantasies, he's the perfect spin doctor for
    the contrived pResidency of super jerk zero! Up, Up, and GO AWAY!

  7. The lack of reaction from environmentalists is deafening. Can you even image the uproar if this had happened on Bush's watch?

    Hey Greenies….why the double standard?

  8. Fuzzy,

    I think the Sponge Bob Square Pants idea is perfect! Then all we do is take a crane, hoist him up and squeeze him out on The White House!

    Then BO can spend the rest of his one term trying to clean up DC! The only problem is most of DC is so slimey you probably wouldn't be able to tell the difference!

    Trestin you have to realize by now that Biden was picked for the vice president as a life insurance policy for BO!

    Lock & Load!!!

    Sons & Daughters of Liberty Unite!!!

  9. So, Cameron is going to make a movie about it, and insert a sappy love story therein?

    Now, Spongebob is a great idea. Just keep Patrick out of it, he always screws everything up.

    Can you tell I have a six year old?

  10. Ol' Fredd will be standing by his phone, too. Since Obama knows everything, he knows that I went snorkeling in the Caribbean last year, all the while slathering sunscreen on myself.

    By Obama's exacting standards as of late, that would make me an expert on all things salty and oily.

  11. @ Opus, he really is, and it really can't. 😀

    @ Odie, lol

    @ Kingshamus, yes, Cameron has a reputation of being divisive, narrow-minded, and difficult to work with . . . hmmm, wonder what the appeal is to BO?

    @ Lisa, exactly!

    @ Bunni Toes, up and up and GO AWAY, love it!

    @ Kristin, I've been wondering about this, too. Guess they're interest in the environment and wildlife covered in oil and dying gasping for air is only evident when a republican is president. Nice.

    @ L, hee! Good point. 🙂

    @ QR, yeah. Me either. 😦

    @ Matt, lol, poor Patrick, he's such a schlub (rather like Biden, if you think about it).

    @ Fredd, I'm sure you'll be getting a call any day. They'll hire you, then they'll fire, then they'll hire you again. Jobs created and saved!

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