Out Barnuming P. T. Barnum

He’s So Smaht, So Intellectual, So . . . So

Liberals and progressives love to trumpet BO’s thoughtfulness, his ability to gather facts, ponder them (seemingly endlessly), and then come to a reasoned, balanced, unemotional conclusion.  They think that this is a large improvement on what they saw as President Bush’s knee jerk reactions, his (to their “minds”) thoughtless and uninformed responses to everything from 9/11 to Hurricane Katrina.  There’s a bit of a problem with this, however.

BO has established a rather alarming pattern of dithering about things that need a strong, decisive and quick response and making pronouncements from on high . . . without the facts and without any evidence that he’s even interested in the facts.  Three examples of this reactionary, irresponsible modus operandi are his uninformed (he stated, clearly, that he didn’t “know all the facts”) condemnation of the Cambridge police, his response to the Arizona illegal immigration law, and his bizarre waffling response on the terrorist flotilla and Israel’s response to that threat against their nation.  In none of these situations did he “know all the facts,” yet he spouted off as if he were downing a few beers with his buds at a local pub, having just caught the “story” on MSNBC.  He’s the president (more’s the pity), and what he says, unfortunately, matters not only in this country but around the world (though he’s quickly showing that the world will simply ignore him, mock him, and loathe and/or celebrate and take advantage of his weakness, so who knows how much longer anyone will listen to him).

Where is the balanced, rational, and reasonable man that the left seems to see in him?  Where?  I honestly have no idea how anyone can look at this angry, petty little tyrant and see anything other than . . . well, an angry, petty little tyrant.

He’s So Coolly Reserved, So Calm (er, I think you mean detached and self-involved)

When they’re not busy basking in his measured and informed responses to events, the left are exalting in his cool reserve.  Such an improvement, they burble happily, over President Bush who was known to show anger at attacks on America and Americans, deep pain and sadness, steely resolve, and abiding love of his country.  How horrible!  All BO can manage is an aloofness, a detachment that seems rooted in some kind of psychological problem (sociopathy and “malignant narcissism” seem to be at play).  The man is not cool as a cucumber, admirably regal; he’s a self-involved, supercilious twit whose only thought is about himself and furthering his agenda, boosting his own image.  Everyone else–the entire country–be damned.

“We Are Not A Collection of Red and Blue States, We Are the United States of America” Says the Great Uniter

When BO made the above declaration, the people cheered.  People on both sides of the aisle were enthusiastic about a “post-partisan” politician (heh, savor the oxymoron), and that should have been a clue to BO that his deeply partisan, deeply divisive, deeply polarizing worldview would not work with the American people.  But it didn’t.  That was a political lie, a statement made to fool the masses into believing him something that he is not and never was.

His relentless attitude of contempt and even disgust that he has for this country and its people is no where more evidenced than in his response to Governor Jan Brewer and Arizona’s illegal immigration law.  The president of the United States of America went out of his way to condemn one of these united states, to bash, belittle, and denigrate it.  He refused to meet with the state’s governor until forced to do so by the public backlash.  This is a man who hugged Hugo Chavez, bowed to dictators, scraped at the feet of Ahmadinejad . . . but he wouldn’t meet with a governor of one of the fifty states over which he presides as president?  And why not?  Race.  Race-baiting.  Politics beyond “usual” and into inciting civil war. 

BO has done nothing, nothing at all, to bring this country together.  Indeed, he seems to be working overtime to ensure that there is great division, that the people of the country he leads are at each others’ throats (all the better to give him room to maneuver, no doubt).

This Way To the Egress

BO, aka the greatest show on earth, has out Barnum’d the wily P. T. Barnum who played on the public’s naivete with his “this way to the egress” signs . . . the public eagerly followed the signs, expecting a great and fascinating exhibit, only to find themselves outside the “big tent.”



11 thoughts on “Out Barnuming P. T. Barnum

  1. Preach it! I've wondered if he didn't have a kind of autism lite, except that that would be to insult all autistic people (including a beloved relative of mine). Like Larry Summers, he has an ability to say and do the most polarizing and insulting things in a way that antagonizes one (even on the rare occasions when he is right). The other psychological diagnosis that comes to mind is sociopathy…

    Now I will go write 100 times on the Blackboard “I will show respect to the Office of the Presidency” (the office maybe, this individual never)

  2. Obama is a con man. He got away with doing NO WORK when he was editor of the law review at Harvard. But it will not be so easy to skate through as pResident.

  3. He's So Smaht, So Intellectual, So . . . So drugged

    I'm no stranger to mind altering chemicals and also getting ready to celebrate 20 years in AA. I'm also an adult with ADD. I smell drugs and my nose is rarely wrong.

    Take a look at his schedule and do not tell me that he isn't blowing something up his nose or having a little pharmaceutical help from his doc. And usually after an unusually heavy week he appears almost to be on downers.

    Retriever is right on the money with sociopath. He also most likely has ADD, which very often comes with the drug and alcohol problems. It is clear he has no coping skills for the ADD.

    All in all – the man is a malignant narcissist and most probably a sociopath who's barely holding it together. When he blows (no pun intended), it won't be a pretty sight.

  4. Fuzzy,

    Another brilliantly crafted and written post!

    He is not only narcissistic, sociopathic, and racist, I think he is really scared!

    He thought that being the “anointed one” was going to be a cake walk! Well guess what “Barry” it's the hardest job on the planet and I hope you get that through your so called brilliant skull of yours PDQ!

    I also think Adrienne might be on to something! Only his nose won't show the ruptured blood vessel like “Slick Willie” whose own brother said “He has a nose like a vacuum cleaner!”

    Lock & Load!!!

    Sons & Daughters of Liberty Unite!!!

  5. Damn, I love to read you writings. Trestin has him pegged as a snake oil salesman, and this I agree. As far as being the best at it, I don't think so. He now has some of his own turning on him, and he never had our side sold on his greatness. I think he might be one of the best reasons for a Conservative edge in November. Thank you P.T. Obama!

  6. Great post, Fuzzy!

    BO is an empty suit. He has never lead anything in his life, ever. His handlers molded his persona taking great pains that he would have no record on topics that actually matter (think voting present).

    He is totally wrapped up in his socialist/Marxist ideology, race baiting, games of footsie with the Middle East and his own self-importance. It's a dangerous brew.

  7. Fantastic Post! He is the biggest con man of all time. He is definitely aloof and detached from the disastrous situation- oil spill. He spouts off before knowing the facts and has mastered being the ultimate celeb-politician. He is so disgraceful. He ticks me off so bad. He is not worthy to be our president. He is one big a$$ mistake.

  8. I always loved the 'This Way To The Egress' story about PT Barnum.

    As for Obama, all we can do is see him to the egress in 2012.

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