Rant: Leftie Ignorance, Delusion, and Idealism Are Driving Me Up the Wall

Okay.  I’ve had it.  I just listened to this over at Confessions of a Constitutional Crusader, and I think my head is going to explode.

This . . .  this waste of space, misinformed totally ignorant liberal lunatic caller personifies everything that is wrong with liberal thinking.  Well, not everything, but a good deal of it.

She wants open borders, thinks we’re racists for not allowing everyone–including terrorists, apparently–into this country, has no idea how people emigrate when they do so legally, thinks that people make too much money, has no clue how many people live in this country . . . or why that matters, and has zero idea of where her welfare check comes from (she thinks it’s from “Obama’s stash” that is funded by illegal aliens who work here illegally and then give their money to Obama for his “stash.”  Seriously.  You can’t make this stuff up.).

She thinks we need to limit income . . . but not how many come into the country.  Typical leftist loon.  There is, to leftists, no connection–none whatsoever–between how many people are in a country, how many of them are employed and paying taxes, and how many people can then be carried like the dead weight they are when they sit on welfare and dribble nonsense they hear while watching MSNBC all day long.  Hell, even Europe is figuring out that you can’t have an expansive welfare state with a shrinking working / tax paying population.  It’s not rocket science, though why they have to be on the brink of bankruptcy to figure it out is beyond me.

If I hear one more leftist loon waxing wistfully about free healthcare, free university, free housing, free . . . any damn thing at all, my head will explode.  Gee, it would be nice if free crap materialized out of the ether, but you know what? It doesn’t.  No government–not even the one run by BO the unicorn-giving, planet-healing, rainbow-farting Messiah–can create wealth or give anyone anything for free.  It’s never free.  Someone pays.  Always.  No amount of taxes on any amount of income will ever support all the people who slither and lurch onto the welfare rolls and take advantage of things that were never intended to support them for life.  It’s absurdity.  Even if you take 100% of the working people’s money and try to support all the nonworking people with it, “spreading that wealth around,” all you have is everyone living in poverty . . . and a bunch of formerly or potentially productive people saying, “screw that,” and opting out of the workforce rather than support deadbeats who think only of themselves.  And then you have nothing at all.  No economy, no productivity, no innovation, no nothing but a bunch of useless people sitting around with their hands out and a third world banana republic government totally incapable of and uninterested in putting anything into those outstretched hands–they’re too busy filling their own coffers, erecting gilded statues of themselves, and dreaming up ways to get more blood from the stones that once were people.  This happens every single time socialism (and its variations) are tried.  Every.  Single.  Time.  It’s simple logic, simple math, simple understanding of human nature. 

Yet the simple people of this world, leftists who can’t think beyond this second, can’t work that out.  They sit there, slack-jawed and drooling, dreaming their idiot dreams of shiny utopias–not realizing, or caring, that it’s completely unachievable in reality and that this has been proven time and again (and is playing out right now in Europe).  The world and human beings do not work that way, and no amount of social engineering, culling the undesirables, or legislation is going to make it happen.  Greed isn’t our problem, ignorant, deluded idealists who have no sense of or interest in reality are. 

That and Islam.  But I’ll get to that one another day.




13 thoughts on “Rant: Leftie Ignorance, Delusion, and Idealism Are Driving Me Up the Wall

  1. I've seen the infamous Jo video. She may be the essence of a wasted life. As I watch people is Spain planning protest because their government is doing the same thing and cutting benefits, I wonder, how it has to get before people understand? With some they will only understand when the boot lands on their skull. They have been truly brainwashed by the international Marxist movement.

  2. Jo strikes me as being ill-educated, ill-informed, slightly brain-dead …. not especially “liberal”. I wonder if she has ever even thought about politics and different ideologies? Far too easy for Mr Savage – what a gift! When the education system is so lacking (and I apply this comment to the UK as well as the USA) that people don't even understand the basics of economics, society, geography, history etc etc you do start to wonder if people shouldn't be allowed to vote until they've sat an exam to ensure they actually know what they are doing :S

  3. @ Trestin, it is very much like a brainwashing (or perhaps brain removal? heh).

    @ CL, hey you, thought you were on a bloggy break, but nice to see you. Hmmm, no, she's liberal, very much so. No conservative thinks the AZ law is racist or the need for border security is related to our national security, no conservative would ever say that anyone makes too much money and imply that the government should “put limits on people's income,” no conservative whinges on about “greed” (greed is not good, it exists, but the “solution” to greed is not the government), no conservative would recommend that immigration–the legal version–should include “all forms and walks of life” (we tend to think that countries should keep their criminals and terrorists, we're funny that way), no conservative would not understand what taxes are and where the government gets money. That's all liberal nonsense.

    You are correct that she is ill-educated, and I think we can pin that, rather firmly, on liberals, too. We don't teach civics in k-12 anymore, that and the study of American history (for instance) have been crowded out by “important” issues like teaching kids about gay penguins, Islam, and how much America sucks. An informed electorate is the last thing that lefties want–they'd be booted out of the political sphere faster than you can say “God Bless America.”

    @ Kristin, yep, there's a lot of that out there. The site howobamagotelected.com has video after video of idiots just like this, people who didn't know who was VP, but hated Dick Cheney . . . for some reason, they'd heard that he was evil. That kind of thing.

  4. Wow! You got that right. Please not to let your head explode. We need people like you.

    I like to reduce these questions to personal events by asking the charitable but brain dead what would happen if they invited poor people into their home for every meal. Would there come a point where they would close the door so that there would be enough food for their own family to eat? It's something they've never considered because they believe that other people's money is supposed to foot the bill. They, of course, can't afford it, but “someone” can.

    Not long ago a professional woman with a Masters degree asked me, in complete innocence, why we don't solve the country's financial problems by just having the U.S. declare bankruptcy. (Everybody does it, you know.) In our efforts to shield people from hardships, we have succeeded in shielding them from reality. Reality will win this game though. It always does.

  5. Savage has it right. Liberalism IS a mental disorder.

    In my sarcastic, yet implausible, parallel universe, all of these morons are deported to the “worker's paradise” of Cuba. In one year, those who haven't been killed or jailed, can come back.

    Better yet, send them to “dear leader” over in North Korea. Let's see if they develop a taste for tree bark.

  6. Thank God for illegals otherwise we'd have no schools,no roads,no police force,no Fire dept.
    This is the exact dumbing down this admin wants.

  7. As a Floridian, I'm wondering how Jo can afford to live in Boca Raton on welfare. It is far from a low rent area. She really needs to stay away from ex-lax…………he head is caving in.

  8. CL, You have an idea there I've often thought myself.

    In order for your vote to be counted, you must answer 2 of 4 simple questions that gauge your level of social awareness and basic intelligence.

    The first 4 dots you blacken on the voting form decide whether the rest of the form is read into the computer or recycled.

    Or, how about you have to have paid taxes. In other words, with your refund you can prove a net loss to taxes rather than a gain.

    People mis-understand 'women's voting rights' early on in this country. You could vote if you were a land owner and most women were not. There was no blockage of a woman vote otherwise.

    Fuzzy, to my mind there are a Lot of people who aren't very far from this person's twisted understanding of reality. They don't know what the president's job entails, they hold no demand for performance, only perceived effort. In short, they demand more from the person handing them their meal in a bag from the drive through window than they do of the Leader of the Free World ! And they're Ok Wid It!

    They regard the Democrat Media and Government the same as they did their mommy and daddy when they were younger but just as smart.

  9. Oh dear! I'm not sure how I missed all these fabulous comments. My apologies.

    @ QR, that's the thing, they always expect “someone else” to pay, they don't seem to realize that “someone else” is them. And when they do realize it, they start figuring out that maybe leftie loon crap isn't all it's cracked up to be. Most people feel that they can do a better job with their money than the government, including helping charities, etc. U. S. declare bankruptcy? *snort* where on earth do people get the idea that's a GOOD thing? Ugh.

    @ Matt, it really is. And yes, one of the requirements for being a leftist should be to go live in the sort of country that they seem to want America to be. North Korea is good, or Cuba. Not that they'd be allowed entry into these countries, of course, and if they did somehow get in, they'd be killed the first time they spoke out against the government (as they would once they saw what was going on there).

    @ Lisa, heh, too true.

    @ Janelle, I was kind of wondering that, too, but then reports are that a lot of people are using their food stamps to buy expensive “organic” foods and using their welfare on big screen tvs, etc. You know, just to scrape by.

    @ Kid, it's pathetic that Americans have turned their backs on self reliance and individualism, this never meant that we were selfish. Indeed, we have always, as Americans, done more for our poor and for victims of natural disasters (around the world) than any other country. Because we have heart and our capitalist “greed” ensured that we always had the money.

    @ Tom, hi and welcome! Savage was easy on her, I thought, but I doubt it made any difference. She's not going to educate herself on anything, she thinks she has all the answers because MSNBC told her so.

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