Connolly to Bernanke: Say "Yes," Blame Bush, Or, Or, You’re Stooopid

Why do we even have congressional hearings?  It’s obvious from watching them that some of our elected representatives already (think they) know everything and aren’t listening to the answers they receive.  Even when they try really really hard to “nudge” the person testifying before them into saying what they already believe.  On C-SPAN yesterday, for example, there was a hearing of the House Budget Committee with Ben Bernanke (the text of his testimony is here), towards the end of which (scroll to 2:03:51), Representative Gerald Connolly (D-VA) asked Bernanke the following:

The stimulus that was passed by this Congress last year: was it necessary and did it work?

Easy enough, right?  We all know that it didn’t work, except for Connolly apparently, but many people have sort of believed that it was necessary to save the economy.  Many people, but apparently not Ben Bernanke, who replied (after donning his Sidestep shoes):

I think it was helpful, I think it added, I think it did create some jobs . . . . it was helpful.

Connolly didn’t hear what he wanted and expected to hear, so he badgers Bernanke:

Yes, but let’s go back to the stimulus when it was passed.  Was it useful or necessary to the US economy, or could we  have just gotten by without it?


So Bernanke tells him it was useful, having been thrown what he thought was a bone.  Only to discover it wasn’t a bone after all.  Connolly presses:

Useful?  Was the stimulus necessary or naw-ot a little over a year ago?  [Bernanke gazes into space]  You’ll be one of the few economists I know of who thinks otherwise if the answer isn’t “yes.” [Bernanke gazes into space.  Again.]

Bernanke knows what’s happening, and he tries really hard to give Connolly what he wants without giving him what he wants.  Connolly, predictably, responds by falling to the floor and pounding his chubby little fists and flailing his stumpy little legs then threatens to hold his breath until Bernanke says “yes.”  Okay, I made that part up.  But he was clearly put out by Bernanke’s stubborn refusal to lie.

Then there’s a comical (and hugely ironic) exchange about how “everyone should keep an open mind” . . . everyone, apparently, but Connolly who continues to (attempt to) coerce Bernanke into validating his bizarre leftist notion about taxes (the more the better, woohoo!).  Connolly essentially says that those stoooopid Republicans want to cut spending and not raise taxes, isn’t that stoooopid?  (Bernanke is noncommittal)  Then Connolly asks,

Is there enough spending to be cut?

Yes, he really asked that.  Of a massive, irresponsible, bloated $3.83 trillion budget.  Seriously.  To which Bernanke responds,

Yes, of course. [Bernanke kind of snort-laughs]

D’oh!  But wait, it gets better.  Connolly has decided that the Bush tax cuts are the reason that the economy nearly collapsed.  So Bernanke tells him (probably for the 3.83 trillionth time):

The financial crisis, I think, was a somewhat separate set of factors.

Yeah, like that pesky little problem with Fannie and Freddy and the government forcing lenders to loan money to people who–oh, I don’t know–didn’t have jobs and/or couldn’t possibly pay their mortgage.  Poor delusional Connolly.  The Bush tax cuts were in place, so all irresponsible ideas should have been supported by those tax cuts, and because they weren’t, the tax cuts obviously didn’t work.  Uh-huh.  Just like when I bought that closet bar thing to help with the near-nonexistent storage in my closets:  I loaded it up (or down?) with too many clothes and amazingly, the whole thing crashed down to the floor.  The only conclusion to draw is that the closet bar thing is a piece of poo, right?  It couldn’t possibly be that I piled too much stuff on it for it to hold.

Bernanke has to explain to Connolly that his (Connolly’s) “read” of the tax revenue numbers (they’re down) is incorrect:  the “tax burden” is not down because of tax cuts and insufficient tax levels but because of a recession in which there is nearly 10% unemployment (people without jobs do not pay income tax, go figure) and those who are lucky enough to be employed are earning less (and therefore paying fewer taxes).  However, nothing is related to anything else for these leftists, and that’s why they think, and honestly seem to believe, that “taxing the rich” will solve all our economic woes, that and throwing money at ridiculous non-jobs (hiring, firing, and rehiring Census workers, for instance, or paying for work that was never done).  It won’t.  Not even close.  They don’t consider, even for a minute, that the rich pass those increases on by raising the price of goods and services and/or by cutting benefits and salaries.  The rich also have a multitude of ways to avoid paying taxes (many of those written by the same members of Congress who either take advantage of these tax shelters they’ve set up or simply don’t bother to pay their taxes at all) . . . or maybe they do consider it and don’t care that the tax burden is always shifted to the middle and lower middle classes.

One thing is clear, though, these congressional hearings are a bit of a joke.  Connolly didn’t learn a thing, he obviously ignored what Bernanke said because it didn’t fit his bizarre “understanding” of what went wrong and why or of how to fix it.  If these “leaders” listen only to what they want to hear, what they already believe, how can we ever expect them to solve the problems?  They just keep doing the same thing, expecting different results



14 thoughts on “Connolly to Bernanke: Say "Yes," Blame Bush, Or, Or, You’re Stooopid

  1. i am so conflicted sometimes. i don't want to believe that so many politicians are evil, lying, b******s, but the only other option is that they are incredibly, moronically stupid and i just can't believe that so many people that unbelievably stupid could have managed to get that far in life.

  2. Fuzzy,

    As Glenn would say, “It'll make blood shoot out of your eyes!” Isn't the definition of insanity doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome!

    These Progressive As***les are that evil! They are hell bent on destroying this GREAT NATION and must be stopped at all costs!

    Lock & Load!!!

    Sons & Daughters of Liberty Unite!!!

  3. It will always be Bush's fault.

    In ten years, America will still be 'recovering' from the Bush tax cuts, just like we never truly 'recovered' from the Reagan years.

    It's pathetic, but that's how the Left think.

  4. Gerald Connolly (D-Va) is likely to have his a** handed to him in November. The Republican challenger should just preemptively start measuring Rep. Connolly's office windows for new drapes.

    And the Gentleman, Rep. Gerald Connolly (D-Va) doesn't see it coming. He thinks he is on the right side of things (with apologies to the right side of things), because Nancy Pelosi (D-Ca) tells him so.

    The Zeitgeist tells us all that every single one of these liberals are currently on the WRONG side of things. Every Marxist, socialist, commie, pinko one of them.

  5. The Democrats can only survive if people stay stupid, so that's their strategy from morning to night, and take every opportunity to distort reality.

    But imo, all these televised congressional hearings are little more than dog and pony shows. They're not real, it's all acting scripted by people behind the scenes for each of the congress people, that make them sound like they actually know something.

  6. @ Kerry, I know what you mean. I think that the middle ground is that they are personally-motivated, seeing themselves as so special and worthy that it's okay if they screw everything up to further their party's agenda. Coupled with that is the element of stupidity that is always a part of any ideologue's make up (narrow-minded, unable to see anyone else's viewpoint no matter how much evidence to the contrary piles up, short-sighted, dogmatic, etc.). So I guess they are both evil and stupid? Both watered down by both?

    @ Kristin, both. :p

    @ L, We'll stop them, L, no worries. Did you see Beck the other night talking about the civil war within the dem party? That made a lot of sense to me and helped me work through some problems I was having placing people like Bill Clinton into the BO radical progressive nightmare agenda. Whatever else Clinton is, I do believe he loves America. No one will ever be able to convince me that BO does, ever has, or ever will (unless he succeeded in destroying it and crowning himself tin pot dictator. Which he won't.).

    @ Kingshamus, I know, it's getting old fast. On the bright side, though, the more disastrous this president and presidency get, them more we miss President Bush, so reminding of us how a real leader acts is probably not a good tactic for them, but great for us!

    @ Fredd, they're definitely on the wrong side of things, and that's why they'll lose. We've lived through commies and radicals and assorted scum before. Granted, not all at once and not in such high positions of power, but we'll get through it again.

    @ Kid, omg, if that's true, Connolly SO needs to fire his script writer. He came off looking like a bumbling idiot buffoon crackpot. Surely that wasn't his goal? And you're right, dems need Americans to be stupid, that's why they've been destroying education for years, ensuring that our kids don't learn history or study civics. I guess they think they can funnel only information to kids that the State needs. Like BO pushing science and technology, pretty soon our kids will all be learning one thing, one thing only, and then go to work for the State as citizen slaves.

  7. Fuzzy, not 100% of course-nothing ever is, but one only need look at the resume of the majority of congress people to know they have no business or educational background to know jack about the vast majority of subjects that come across the C-span soap opera.

    So, essentially, they are hiring people using tax dollars to come up with questions and statements from and to people like Bernanke, that cast them in the light of being tough on the guy, or looking out for their constituents, or whatever the situation calls for.


    Or maybe some of those people behind the scenes are lobbyists, steering the proceedings to their favor somehow.

    It is a fact, that all additions to tax laws, over at least the last couple decades, come from lobbyists and are written to their benefit.

  8. PS – how about Batboy (henry waxman) who recently called executives of many companies to a congressional hearing, where he surely intended to paddle them in public to make himself look good. Those people were executives of large companies who immediately put out statements about how the new HC bill that was passed was going to cost them 100's of millions of dollars.

    He canceled the hearing when someone whispered in his ear that these (public) companies are required by the SEC to release information that could affect their businesses in any substantial manner. In the interest of protecting the shareholders.

    What a joke.

  9. Is that Ros-Lehtinen at about 2:01:00? And what was her point? (God, she's annoying)

    And what economists is Connolly listening to? There are a number of them who think it was a terrible idea. And Connolly has an open mind? “New revenue sources”. And oh, we have to cut Military Spending to reduce the deficit. And God forbid Bernanke should tell the truth about tax cuts.

    Connolly is such an ass.

  10. Gerry (F*#king) Connolly!

    Who's Gerry Connolly?

    Here's who Gerry Connolly (D-VA) is: “Connolly received a B.A. in Literature from Maryknoll College in Glen Ellyn, Illinois, and a M.A. in Public Administration from Harvard University in 1979…After graduating from Harvard, Connolly spent 10 years on the staff of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee…”

    Literature and Public Administration are two of the…(how can I put this diplomatically)….less challenging degree programs, along with education and “social science” degrees. All of the above are heavy on the highly subjective and less analytic liberal arts courses and VERY light on math and the hard sciences.

    Gerry compounded his analytical void by NEVER working in the private sector. I suppose his ONE saving graces is that “at least he's NOT a lawyer” (apparently he didn't get into Law School and settled for the PA degree), as there is no greater conflict of interest that the lawyer/legislator.

    People like Gerry (F'ing) Connolly are what's broken about our political. The mainspring of our government, particularly it's Legislative and Executive branches are filled with dolts who (A) have spent their lives in government “service”, (B) got there via “attrition” – that is there “educations,” such as they are, with such a lack of math and science backgrounds, rendered them all but useless to the productive private sector and were all but shunted into government work and (C) lack any introspection at all, which is why they fail to see the inherent and disastrous conflict of interest of their own advocacy of an ever expanding government and the calamitous effects that those policies have had.

  11. @ Trestin, Thanks 🙂 I have no idea why he's not in jail, though.

    @ Kid, yeah, it seems that Congress doesn't actually write many laws at all. There has to be a constitutional problem there, no? Waxman had no ground to call a hearing, he was being an azz. The companies were required by law to state the affect of #HCR.

    @ Deekaman, lol, she drove me nuts, too. She's one of those liberals who talk and talk, say nothing, and somehow manage to agree with every side of an issue. Annoying as hell. And useless.

    @ JMK, I hear ya, he's a total jerk and loser of the first order. And don't be too hard on those of us who majored in Literature, like many liberal arts majors, you can get a lot out of it. If you will. Connolly obviously didn't.


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