BO’s War on BP Speech, Some Random Thoughts

BO gave his very first Oval Office speech to the nation last night.  I’ll be honest and admit that I just couldn’t stomach it.  I watched it on YouTube later.  Much later.  I was glad to see the American flag in the background. That’s something.  He even had his flag pin on his lapel (and was wearing a suit).  For this “president” this is big news.  What he said, not so much. 

“Make no mistake, we will fight this spill with everything we’ve got.”  Uh huh.  Starting now, then?  And while we’re at it, let’s think about this rhetoric in comparison to how he responds to the war on terror er overseas contingency um . . . Islamic Outreach Program.  At least he’s calling the spill a spill and referring to oil as oil.  That’s something.

The attacks on BP have got to stop.  We know he hates hates hates the UK.  He’s shown that time and again, and he’s continuing that now, in his first speech from the Oval.  He just doesn’t understand America at all.  We love and will protect our allies whether he likes it or not.  He’s not the president boss of me.  I support Israel, and I support the UK.  Period.  And right now that includes BP.  It’s bad enough when he blames his failings on President Bush or the unpopularity of his radical agenda on the Tea Party, but to continue to attack BP in this way is unacceptable.  He has made no “best efforts,” indeed he has repeatedly turned down offers of assistance from nations and oil companies around the world, including right here in America.  He’s repeatedly stalled BP and the affected states’ governors in their attempts to stop the oil from hitting the shores and marshes.  BO’s idea of leadership always involves finger pointing and snippiness and ineffectual responses.  Always.

So he announces the content of his meeting with BP tomorrow, before he meets with the CEO he’s refused to meet with for almost two months.  Sound familiar?  How many times during the healthcare debacle did he dictate terms to republicans, ignore them for months and then try to say that he was listening and was eager to hear their input?  How many times did a variety of republican congressmen and even senators attempt to make appointments with “my door is always open” BO?  Scores.  Literally scores of times over months.  He wanted nothing to do with them.  When he did finally meet with them, he already knew what he thought and was willing to hear only what he wanted.  Sound familiar?  Sound like leadership?

He’s going to “make” BP pay?  Any American who, however upset about the oil spill, actually supports BO taking over, even to the point of interfering with claims payouts that are being conducted legally, needs to stop and think.  The government should never be able to seize any company’s assets unless there is a real legal problem, like they didn’t pay their taxes.  Advocating the seizure of BP and/or her assets is tantamount to supporting the seizure of all private companies.  Many people are okay with this, even happy about it.  They are called “socialists” and “Marxists” and “communists.”  Think about it.

We can’t support this or even look the other way if we are even slightly upset about this administration’s power grabs and seizure of other private industry (student loans, banks, car manufacturers).  Once they take an inch, they’ll take a mile.  We know this because they’ve done it already.  The bank bailouts were supposed to be only to help the economy, not to interfere with banking.  Next thing we know, BO is attacking and setting up beaurocracies to oversee and cap the salaries of any “big” bank, whether they were involved in the near-collapse or not.  Whether they took taxpayer money or not (and remember some banks were forced to take “bailout” money even though they did not want or need it).  Whether they paid any monies they did take back or not.  This isn’t just a “slippery slope,” this is actual evidence that there is no limit to the over reach of this administration.  They want it all.

Do we need regulation of the oil industry?  Of course we do.  Do we have regulation?  Yep.  Were the regulations enforced?  Nope.  Did the government (MMS, for instance) act as a “watchdog” or as a partner?  Well, let’s see, they exempted BP from an inspection, they were set to give BP a safety award, and they were accepting money from BP (and there are reports that government employees assigned to oversee BP were quite literally in bed with BP employees).  Is BP in the wrong in any of this?  Sure.  But that’s the whole point of government regulations, no?  To nip that kind of thing in the bud, to ensure that the companies are operating safely and legally.  When the government fails, as it did here, attacking the company is just so much smoke and mirrors.  And amazingly, it’s being held up, this horrible failure of government, as a reason to grow government!  Unreal.  We have already in place all the regulations and government agencies needed.  That oil companies are not being regulated and overseen, that the government is not doing its job, is not reason to set up still more government.  It can’t even manage what it’s supposed to be doing.  Why give it more power?  Why indeed.

This speech was just crap, through and through.  I found much more interesting the speech he gave earlier today at Pensacola in which he “honored” our troops for their huge sacrifice and brave fighting during . . . the Cold War.  Or something.  Someone also needs to let BO know that his ridiculous agreement to ditch our nukes while letting Russia keep theirs did not end a cold war that had ended thirty years ago after years of work by people who actually understood the world and understood America:  President Ronald Reagan and President George H. W. Bush.  And Margaret Thatcher, of course.

BO has done more to destroy our economy, our way of life, and our standing in the world than any president before him, maybe more than all presidents before him combined.  We are on the verge of nuclear war because of him, of terrorists having nukes provided them by Iran, of our enemies being emboldened enough to try to bring America down (and they know they must act fast, they have only this narrow window before we boot BO out of the WH in January 2013).  That’s what this “president” has done . . . more for the enemies of America than for America.  Indeed, he seems to be working against America in every conceivable way.

No wonder I can barely stand to look at or listen to him anymore. 


32 thoughts on “BO’s War on BP Speech, Some Random Thoughts

  1. Well from what I'm hearing/reading here in the UK, President Obama has taken around 18 months to go from hero to (virtually) zero here. It's not only because of the constant attacks on globalised/multinational “British” Petroleum, but also the issue of American/Western utter hypocrisy about oil spills and environmental damage is in the spotlight again (Niger delta, Bhopal etc). The only positive side effect IMO is that our oil dependency, peak oil and environmental issues are now being debated constantly in the serious and tabloid media. The “special relationship” is also being properly scrutinised and evaluated by the British people at last. As you know, I have a great fondness for the USA and the American people but I won't lose any sleep if we cut some of our strategic ties with the USA and form closer liaisons with Europe and elsewhere. I don't think the “special relationship” is good for the UK. It would be ironic if this partnership broke down under Obama when it survived Dubya!!!

  2. @ Deekaman, thanks! πŸ™‚

    @ CL, with all due respect, that is easily the stupidest thing I've heard you say yet. You want the UK to ditch the U.S. in favor of Europe? I'm speechless.

  3. Well he has found another villian Should we list them all?
    Bush, Global Warming, The Banks, Wall Street, Glenn Beck, Police, Israel, England, Arizona, Rush Limbaugh, The White House press core. We could go on all night. Funny how he never can see fault in the mirror.

  4. @FS – “stupidest” – charming!

    I think this is where there is a major disconnect between the USA and the rest of the world. Many of us don't look up to the USA perhaps the way you think we should………. Many of us don't want to be dragged into conflicts like Iraq and Afghanistan – look at how Tony Blair is now disliked, not for his domestic policies but for his partnership with Dubya. We see things differently to you. At the point UK forces joined the USA in the invasion of Iraq the majority here believed the war was illegal and that we should have listened to the UN.

    This isn't the blog-post to expand on the “special relationship”. I'm not sure how long it is since you've spent any time in the UK but I would recommend a field-trip ;o) Britons are not US-focused any more – the USA is not seen as the land of opportunity any more. We look to Europe and to the East. We have a different mindset on many issues. Just my perception ………… I don't speak for Britain, nor do I reject American friendship with the UK – but our countries don't have to be best mates or exclude other friendships.

  5. @ Trestin, he's incapable of seeing, much less understanding, how deeply flawed he is. In every conceivable way.

    @ CL, yeah, that was a bit harsh, I admit. I think it best that I not comment on this um comment of yours, but I will ask that when you are on my pages, you respect President Bush by referring to him by his name. I reject anti-American sentiment here, and that nickname is offensive to me.

  6. @FS – I do apologise for my nickname for President Bush. It's just what he is called here – I didn't appreciate it could be seen as anti-American (which I am certainly not). BTW – why is it okay for Conservative bloggers to call Obama some quite awful names – isn't that anti-American? I don't get it …..

    You have to appreciate that here the “special relationship” is regarded as the USA saying “Jump!” and the UK replying “How high?” – it's not seen as equal and that's what disturbs us more than anything. We also have less and less in common with the USA as time goes on – especially with regards to environmental/sustainability issues. Wanting a reevaluation of the situation isn't anti-American, just taking a fresh look at things …..

  7. CL, I would call BO a lot of things, and have, but “American” is not one of them. And that's not a “birther” thing, that's just fact. He is not American in his ideology and is completely out of touch with what it means to be an American.

    BTW, I read a lot of blogs by Brits who do not share and who openly reject what you claim “we” feel about the U. S. One of the best is Calling England, check it out. And how does the British Tea Party and conservative resurgence in the UK jell with your strange take? You're a liberal and a socialist, so I would not expect you to appreciate America or the long historical special relationship between our two nations. That's your prerogative, but don't even pretend that your feelings are the same as those of your country. It would seem that the leftie loons did abysmally in your last elections, I'd think that speaks volumes. And you did not say “reevaluation,” did you?

    You're right that the UK, as it pushes further left and embraces socialism more than ever, has less in common with the U. S. I would not, however, be proud of that. Socialism = EPIC fail.

  8. FS, our Conservatives are probably to the left of Obama and did not win a majority at the last election. Hardly any “leftie loons” took part. I'd say the Lib Dems are the closest thing to social democrats that we've got and they are in government!! The far right's vote totally collapsed :o)

    I do read some of the right-wing British blogs – I don't see them as very representative. I think you have to be here to know what I mean. I do appreciate our shared history but things have moved on – the world's a very different place in the 21st Century.

  9. FS, CL – You two crack me up. I will say this much; Cambridge Lady, your nuts if you want closer ties with Europe. I could understand maybe China, India or even Somalia. Have you seen what is happening in Greece, and spreading to other nations in Europe?

  10. Trestin, those are models of the welfare state that CL loves so much. It's irrelevant that it cannot be sustained, that other–more responsible–countries have to bail them out. Typical leftist delusion.

  11. Ha ha Trestin – When I organise the first US-UK bloggers meet “down the pub” you are both invited! Um FS – don't presume to know what I love and don't love ……. Yes I do feel closer ties to Europe and Greece etc will get through this crisis. You should know from your own “United States” that not every component of a Union is the same but you pull together to make the whole a success – and that's just what we'll do in Europe……

  12. Actually, CL, I was basing that observation on your own post about what you'd do if you “ruled the world.” Or whatever. It was a model of socialist “Utopia,” including the not paying for it part.

  13. Oh you mean this FS?

    Where's the bit where I say we shouldn't have to pay for it?? Anyway, I've got work to do. BTW I liked your post ….. not sure how it always comes down to me being attacked for having a different perspective on things :S You are never going to convert the world to Conservatism ….. nor is politics as black and white as Conservative vs Socialism – there are many shades of grey in between. Have a good day!

  14. Oh dear, I'm not going to read it again 😦 But as I recall, you don't say how any of those things would be paid for. This is a common error of socialists and why it always fails. Always. And yes, I know there are degrees of socialism, just as there are degrees of capitalism or conservativism. That doesn't make me any less conservative or you any less socialist, though. BTW, I have zero interest in “converting” you–I think some other conservative bloggers think that possible, but I know it's not. Any more than you could ever change my mind about the huge delusion that is socialism.

  15. Cambridge, did you just invite Trestin out for a date? I am scandalized!

    Fuzzy, you have me in awe, as always. This post will be quoted and linked.

  16. Yes Opie she did. It's a pleasure to read you as always, Fuzzy. This Islam is great and Britain and Israel are evil has to stop. The Golden Pantload is dawning his Snake Oil Salesman's hat again. The whole world laughs at this bafoon, or tries to ignore him. I would like to ignore him myself if he weren't so F***ing dangerous.

  17. Ha ha – Well I'm inviting Odie, Opus and Fuzzy as well so it'll be an interesting “date”. What do you reckon – The English Pub, Bermuda, 2011?? I'd better round up some “socialists” or else I'll be a bit outnumbered …….

  18. I sat through the speech and got what I expected…nothing helpful, just another commercial for his energy tax.
    Here's basically what Rush said earlier today:
    Now Jimmy Carter can die knowing that he is not the worst president America has ever had.

  19. Hey All,

    This is a hoot! I'm going to have to go back and reread the post because I have forgotten what it was about after reading all of the comments! Will comment on that later.

    I don't drink anymore, but if y'all need a designated drive on your “Pub Crawl” let me know!

    CL, that y'all is Southern for you's guys!

    Lock & Load!!!

    Sons & Daughters of Liberty Unite!!!

  20. Fuzzy,

    Now I'm “telling you” to quit your day job!

    You have once again absolutely nailed it! BO has done more harm to this Great Nation in seventeen months than all of the Presidents that preceded combined, and we've had some pretty lousy Presidents! Wilson, both Roosevelts, and Carter just to name a few.

    As you said it is quite obvious that if you are not an Islamic nation you are expendable. I can't believe he would do jeopardize our relationship with the UK, but he has! Who next? Canada?

    This man (and I use that term loosely) must be stopped before we are the enemy of every country on the planet!

    Lock & Load!!!

    Sons & Daughters of Liberty Unite!!!

    PS: That was supose to be designated driver in my last comment!

  21. Fuzzy, this is an excellent rant and post! One of your best. You speak for all of us in how horrid this scumsucker is. I can't stand looking or listening to him either, I tortured myself last night. I still have a headache, and then more today. It is a crisis in America with this creep, he must be impeached.
    Thanks for writing this, I tweeted!

  22. Hey Fuzzy stopping by again. That was a really good to the point and well articulated summation of the Dear Leaders speech.
    He just can't seem to shed his Alinsky ways needing a villain. I just wonder(hypothetically of course)if this had been one of Venezuela's,Mexico's,Russia's or China's oil rigs how quick he'd be “kicking their ass”. Although we already know the answer to that one.
    I think he needs to get back to the classroom so he can bore students there with his lectures.
    I particularly liked Trestin's comment “Funny how he never can see fault in the mirror”
    I guess when you think of yourself as the King the rest of us are just mere peasants .

  23. can't stand watching and/or listening to him? You made it a Lot longer than I did.

    He hates America, its citizens, customs, everything. And he is ignorant of our history.
    He's ignorant/arrogant/racist/communist/socialist/fascist.

    Absolutely. You could replace him with a bobble-head robot with a text to speech software and be a lot better off.

    Imagine still believing anything that came out of this assholes mouth.

  24. I'm laughing too hard at ISLAMIC OUTREACH PROGRAM to really concentrate on the rest of your post but what I read is great, thanks. I can't watch him anymore either, and I'm glad you noticed the flags! I'd just blogged with 2 pictures “now you see flags, now you don't”…hey, maybe he's reading my little blog, huh? I found you through Opus and I'm glad I did! Good writing!

  25. @ Opus, thanks! πŸ™‚

    @ Odie, that crap about yay! Islam and boooo! Israel and the UK is just ridiculous. This “president” has no clue what America is or who are allies are. Luckily, every single thing he's done is reversible (so far, anyway), and once we get a real president in office, one who will lead our great nation as an American and a patriot, our allies will accept, I hope, our humble apologies. America made a huge mistake letting that man anywhere near the WH. It is a mistake that will not be repeated. Ever.

    @ CL, until you said that bit about inviting more socialists, I was on board. I can take you because you do have a good heart, but I really can't imagine sitting around listening to the drivel of your comrades. πŸ˜‰

    @ Nickie, yay! thanks πŸ™‚

    @ TCL, heh, true. In a way I'm glad. Much as Carter sucked rocks as president, he didn't deserve to die as the worst president ever. Now second worst, that's okay.

    @ L, lol, yeah, the comments are something on this one, huh? *sigh* what can ya do?

    Love to, you know anyone who's hiring? πŸ˜‰ And it's pretty startling to those of us who understand history and the special relationship our country has with the UK that this president can do such heavy damage to it in less than two years. While some people (ahem CL) seem to forget that if it weren't for the U. S. the UK would be speaking German now, twice (they were losing both World Wars before we–too reluctantly–stepped in), most Brits have not forgotten. We had their back, and they've had ours. It's been an important relationship and remains so. Canada is our ally, too, indeed all of Europe are our allies (again, despite what CL appears to believe or understand), but BO only cares about Islamic nations, Islamic causes, and Islam taking over the world (as is their entire mission in life, the very aim of their religio-political agenda).

    @ Bunni Toes, thanks! It's really hard to watch him these days, I just can't stand the sight or sound of him. He is utterly, unspeakably repellent to me.

    @ Lisa, always wonderful to see you! πŸ™‚ Alinsky only works when you are the “underdog,” the radical fringe element, once you actually achieve the power, it's time to switch gears. But BO and his traitorous horde are too stupid to figure that out. This is good for us, of course, let them keep on with Alinsky. It's funny.

    @ Kid, Yep, he's all of that. And a traitor, to boot.

    @ Z, lol, thanks! Glad I could make you laugh πŸ™‚ He may be reading your blog! I think he read mine about his being Superman and sucking up the oil leak with a straw ala Spongebob. heh. In fact, when he's not busy planning parties and jetting around the planet to play golf, I'm sure he just clicks around conservative blogs for hints about how to pretend to be president. Too bad he doesn't take the important points, though, but he's really not that bright.

  26. Your usual brilliance shined through, Fuzzy! I saw Obama's speech a couple hours after the event and it was boring, and filled with his usual radical garbage. I think we'll need both L.A.'s and New York City's garbage task force to pick up all the garbage that Obama spewed from his mouth.

    CL- Socialism is a losing battle. A big government and central government has never worked out too well- Mao, Hitler, and Stalin, are just a few examples of the “good” that can come from socialism and its relatives. Socialism leads to Communism, that leads to tyranny, and that leads to many, many deaths. A reliance on government just leads to losing more freedom. This is a very bad thing that Americans are unwilling to give up. Bush and Blair understood what it takes to preserve freedom for innocents and thsoe being brutalized. The UN is useless and dropped the ball, bigtime, in the case of Iraq, and exacerbated the threat with its out-in-out ignorance and looking the other way because of the oil for food program kickbacks. Some people just don't understand what it takes to keep freedom and spread freedom. And, gee… thanks for spreading the infection of liberalism or socialism to the U.S. Its sucking the life right out of us.

    Fuzzy, please excuse my long rant. Didn't mean to take over your blog.

  27. Fuzzy,

    Ya know… when you take time to think about who bho is, the environment he came up in, who his friends and mentors were and still are, what his vision is for this country… I am thinking that he is ABSOLUTELY THRILLED by the Deepwater Horizon accident. And yes, it was (unless you are into the tin-foil-hat thing) – an ACCIDENT!!!
    Accident happen! That is why they are called accidents. It is just how you respond to them that makes the difference as to their severity.
    We have all been thinking that bho has REALLY dropped the ball on that aspect of his response to this crisis: maybe, just maybe… he sees this as the perfect way to advance his takedown of America…
    I'll shut up now and go back to my corner…

  28. @ Teresa, aw, thanks! πŸ™‚ You make my day. And you're right about BO and about socialism. Besides which, you never need to apologize for “taking over my blog”–mi casa es su casa. Only in English. heh.

    @ dubyavu, who knows if he ordered the accident or if it was some lunatic eco-terror group or an honest-to-God accident, the end result is the same: BO has his perfect excuse to steal more private industry and ram yet another radical bill through Congress and down our throats. And yes, he is indeed trying to destroy America, that becomes more and more clear every single day. That he will fail is also clear, though, so take heart! πŸ™‚

  29. Well… now we see how serious this bunch in Washington is about getting a handle on the Gulf Crisis: Big Barry has gotten Navy Secretary Ray Mabus to be the Spill Recovery Chief – well, on a part-time basis at least…

    Yeah, it's that important – part-time job important…

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