What Do You Do About a Problem Like the Tea Party?

The leftie loons have painted themselves into a corner.  While all their anti-Tea Party rhetoric, crazed rantings, and false accusations have served to bolster the conservative revival in this country, the left has created a Catch-22 for itself.  They’ve done such a job on the Tea Party that citizen lefties (those who haven’t actually joined the movement or been moved to be sympathetic to it) have utterly dismissed it as the “fringe” group of racist wingnuts.  Why?  Because that’s what they’ve been told.  Repeatedly.

The people pulling the puppet strings are starting to get nervous about the situation, however, because it turns out that their campaign against the Tea Party has failed and that the Tea Party is actually making a difference, even threatening their progressive agenda.  Now they are hurriedly trying to change the narrative, tweak it to light a fire under the now-complacent lefties who think that all is well with the world now that BO is running it.  So just how do you rally the leftie zombies when they don’t see a threat, haven’t been told that the Tea Party movement is actually making a difference?

Enter stage left:  Chris Matthews and his Rise of the New Right.

One of the opening images of this bizarre “documentary” is of the 9/12 March on Washington:

I was shocked to see this.  I think it’s the first time it’s been shown on MSNBC (it may have been, but I somehow doubt it).   Compare that with the . . . um, different image that AP published: 

Gives a slightly different impression, right?

The narrative this time is not going to be that a few thousand stragglers from the right wing-nut fringe showed up to “threaten democracy” with their rabid exercise of their freedom to assemble and freedom of speech.  Nope.  This time, it’s that these people represent a huge and therefore threatening percentage of the right, the “new” right.  A right riddled with militias and violence, a right that is overflowing with seething hatred of black people, a right resentful of the “upper” and “political classes,” and a right that is to be feared.  Deeply feared, and that’s the key.  This entire “documentary” is geared toward undoing the dismissive and mocking rhetoric of the “past” (um, like last week) and kicking it up a few notches to “oh my God, these people are going to kill us in our beds.”  

Uh huh.

Is this “documentary” too little, too late?  I think so.  Matthews himself has lost that tingly feeling, and his viewers are unhappy with the Traitor in Chief, whom they are finally seeing as nothing but a lying moron who can’t manage anything, even his own perpetual (and failing) campaign.  The lefties who already feared the “new right” will continue to do so, but the liberals who catch this may make a few connections, see that they’ve been lied to not just by BO but by the state-run media.  They may wonder why the narrative about the Tea Party has taken such a huge and sudden turn, why they are being told now that there is much to fear, nothing to laugh at, and everything to “get fired up” about.  






14 thoughts on “What Do You Do About a Problem Like the Tea Party?

  1. I'm glad you posted this. I just found a picture of the Atlanta Tea Party in the Atlanta Journal Constitution online. It was labeled “myth” because the author was trying to point out that people lied about the numbers attending the Tea Party. His picture was of a section of one side street from the Tea Party and barely showed 200-300 people.

    Now I was there and there was THOUSANDS of people there. Not just one side street, but the main street with the stage and at least two packed side streets.

    The MSM has to attack numbers because they have nothing else. But those of us who were there can tell otherwise and need to make ourselves be heard by educating others in a civil manner.

  2. The good news is the more and more people are joining the sentiment of the Tea Party.
    There has never been a movement across the country with the turnouts in the hundreds of thousands like this and I find that more people are speaking up against Obama and the democrats.
    Even though not everyone can or does attend these events the sentiment is out there and everyone is feeling it.
    All you have to do is ask people are you better off than you were 2 years ago?

  3. False flag “Tea Party' stuff is not out of the realm of possibility.

    Which just means the real Tea Party will have to be very vigilant. Flip cameras will be our friends.

  4. On further reflection, I think the left had to minimize the perception of the Tea Party movement in order to lull Dem legislators to pass as much of their agenda as possible. Now with an election coming up, it is time to alarm the base to mobilize them. To heck with the legislators.

  5. Fuzzy,

    Great Post!

    If you look very closely in either picture you can see a dashing middle-aged man and his lovely bride! Way up front near the Capitol on of course on the “Right Side” I am the one in the orange Gator hat and my lovely brides Gator hat is a stunning pink! Go Gators! Sorry about the shameless plug, but once a Gator always a Gator!

    I have purchased only one Washington Post in my almost sixty years and it just so happens to be dated 9/13/2009! On the front page is an article written by Emma Brown, James Hohmann, and Perry Bacon, Jr.(Why it took three people to write this garbage is beyond me!) “Tens of thousnds (1,200,000 actually) of conservative protesters, many complaining that the nation is racing towards socialism, massed outside the U.S. Capitol on Saturday, angrily denouncing President Obama's health-care plan and other initiatives as threats to the Constitution. The demonstrators are part of a loose-knit movement that is galvanizing anti-Obama sentiment across the country, stoking a populist dimension to the Republican Party, which has struggled to find it's voice since the 2008 elections.”

    One of the chants that echoed that GLORIOUS DAY, “Can you hear us now?” I believe is being heard way more than the Marxist In Chief ever dreamed, and the Leftist Loons are shaking in their boots!

    We must not let down our guard, we must continue the fight until we restore our Constition and a Government that would make the Founding Fathers proud!!!

    The Born Again American says, “If not us who, if not now when!”

    (L) prefers,

    Lock & Load!!!

    Sons & Daughters of Liberty Unite!!!

    PS: I hope to see twice as many on 8/28 at the feet of The Lincoln Memorial to see and hear Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin. God Bless America!

  6. Let's not underestimate the ability of Dear Leader & Co. to manufacture a crisis. They may then be able to kill the internet (Legislation ennabling that is already on the table, so it's g'bye YouTube and the like which keep us informed), suspend habeus corpus (been done before, check Lincoln's actions) and have the Dept. of Homeland Security round up all the potential troublemakers (veterans, prolifers, believers in limited government and the 2nd Amendment). Quicker than you can say, “shovel ready” our version of reeducation camps will open.

    Is it likely? I don't know. I only know that B.O. and his crew are steeped in ideology that has driven similar events in other nations. Let's hope we're stronger than the banana republics where it has happened.

  7. Great post. On face value, this mockumentary is massive fail, and will only cost them more audience. However, if the lefties were planning a “Reichstag Fire” of some sort, and blame us, the propaganda is just stage dressing.

    The left is getting desperate. They lie as a matter of course, but with their house of cards about to collapse, they will pull every dirty trick in the book, and saturate the MSM with it. We have to prepare for false flag ops, staged violence, union thugs…you name it.

    If you're going to go to an event, don't go without a camera.

  8. @ Trestin, yes, they are preparing for a summer of violence, what they can't figure out is how to force us to become violent. They're trying every trick in the book, but we're not that stupid. We know if we become violent they win.

    @ Haaza Dazzle, yes, the fringe media is well-known for its propagandistic lies. Heck, Reuters was just outed for publishing cropped images that “somehow” (!?) cut out the weapons in the hands of the terrorists on the flotilla of fools.

    @ Lisa, there is definitely a nation-wide movement, and it's grassroots, and its real. No American is going to sit back and watch while our country is destroyed, dismantled, and rebuilt as a socialist totalitarian nightmare.

    @ kingshamus, true. They'll definitely attempt to “stage” violence and make it look like it's the Tea Party. Cameras are key to ensuring that the truth is told.

    @ Nickie, those are dues we all have in spades, too!

    @ Opus, yes, I think that was certainly part of it, lulling Dems into thinking it wasn't real, but they knew, from the calls, emails, letters, and Town Halls that it was real, so they're either really stupid or really delusional. Maybe both? I think that the largest part of it was that these techniques have always worked before. We have backed down in all things from the removal of God from our society to the marginalization of our flag and constitutional values. They thought we'd roll over. Again. As usual. They didn't realize that they'd pushed too much, too far, too fast, and too soon. They awakened the sleeping giant by showing their cards before they had everything in place. Praise God for that!

    @ L, yay! thanks for sharing that quote, it's really typical of the fringe media, isn't it? Hmph. They can hear us now, and that's why they're scrambling for a new narrative. Too little, too late. I seriously want to come to DC on 8/28, but it's not looking likely, alas. I'll be with you guys in spirit, though, you can be sure of that!

    @ Odie, I don't think they actually do fear us, they think we're small in number and rather stupid. The goal now is to whip up some fear in the hopes that we'll counter it by fulfilling their fondest wish. Have you ever heard of such insanity, such blatant propaganda? *shakes head*

    @ Subvet, Yeah, I'm not one to underestimate him, either. That's the path to self-destruction. This administration made clear a year ago April who it sees as the real threat, the real terrorists, and that's the list you give here. It's absolutely bone-chilling, isn't it?

    @ Matt, yes, the Reichstag Fire is something that I've been thinking about quite a bit lately. There are obvious differences, of course, but if the end result is the same, we are all in big, big trouble.

    @ Kristin, you're probably right, but I can dream. Heh. There are still liberals out there, not leftists, not nutjob koolaid drinkers, who will wake up, are starting to awaken now. Keep the faith.

  9. Matthews and Olbermann currently find themselves arranging deck chairs on a veritable Titanic.

    GE sold MSNBC. Comcast is in and Jeff Zucker's gone…how much longer before this ratings black hole (Schultz-Maddow-Matthews-Olbermann) is thrown overboard?

    Yeah, I know, “Not nearly soon enough,” but with Zucker out and Imelt no longer needing the looney Left's cover for GE's atrocities, I don't see any real reason for Comcasr to continue offering up this circus.

    Where's the upside?….Where's the value in it for Comcast. This IS a business….much like a sports team, if the guys you have now aren't getting the job done (winning), then you jettison players and remake the team.

    Bottom line, Fox shouldn't have the Conservative and Independent market all to themselves. Conservatives outnumber Libs in this country by better than 2 to 1….CNN has moved slightly back to the Center, but the current market begs another real Center-Right competitor.

    If MSNBC's new programmer's can't figure that out, then perhaps they should hire me….I could do that job faster, smaller and cheaper….and ahead of schedule, to boot.

    Of course, “cheaper” is a very relative term.

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