Ten Buck Fridays: Get Involved, Help Save Your Country (UPDATE: Michele Bachmann FTW)

For anyone who is conservative, concerned about the direction in which our country is heading, and / or eager to help our great nation at this time of its great need, Ten Buck Fridays, founded by Conscientiously Conservative, is an easy thing to get involved in, something that can really make a difference.

Okay, here’s the deal.  Ten bucks.  Every Friday.  For America.  Yep, every Friday, pledge to send $10 to the nominated conservative candidate.  That’s less than the cost of a pizza, and in Massachusetts, at least, less than the cost of two beers. 

Every week, there is a list of nominees, worthy common sense conservatives, and every week, American patriots across the nation are sending the winning candidate $10 (or more if you can manage it, or less if that’s too much).  That’s it.  Easy peasy. 

From the fabulous RightKlik, this week’s nominees–with links to their websites:

Christine O’Donnell (DE)
Renee Ellmers (NC)
Michele Bachmann (MN)
Marco Rubio (FL)
Buddy Simpson (GA)
Andy Barr (KY)
Daria Novak (CT)
Jim Rutledge (MD)
Susana Martinez (NM)
Rick Berg (ND)

Go HERE to vote.

Here’s a link to Maggie’s Notebook for a full description of what Ten Buck Friday is and how it works.

Here’s a link to Mind-Numbed Robot who has a great post on the big picture and more details on how this works.

A weekly “money bomb” can make a difference.  Vote today and send your ten bucks to the winner tomorrow!



UPDATE: Today’s Ten Buck Friday winner is none other than the feisty and fabulous conservative congresswoman from Minnesota Michele Bachmann (put Ten Buck Fridays as your occupation).  Visit RightKlik for details!




14 thoughts on “Ten Buck Fridays: Get Involved, Help Save Your Country (UPDATE: Michele Bachmann FTW)

  1. Fuzzy, thanks so much for spreading the news about Ten Buck Fridays – it's making a difference. Great to see so many participants in this grassroots effort!

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