Ten Buck Fridays: And the Winner Is . . .

You know the drill$10 to the candidate voted on by conservative patriots just like you.  In the spirit of ensuring that we’re informed: here’s a link to Lollar’s “Issues” page.  He’s facing a tough battle against Steny Hoyer (boo hisss!), so I’m sure he’ll appreciate your support. 

Here’s a link to RightKlik’s post announcing the winner (and making an exception to the TBF rules just this once . . . .)




4 thoughts on “Ten Buck Fridays: And the Winner Is . . .

  1. I'm in….second Conservative I've donated to this week. I've also donated to Star Parker's campaign. We need a real “sea-change” in this country and we need it NOW!

    And it's not an “if we don't we're doomed,” kind of thing, because if that's the case, we've been doomed, since about 1912, when the Federal Reserve and the Progressive Income Tax ushered in the era of Corporatism and the end of America's Free market system.

    One of the problems here is that like it or not, we've ALL been a part of the problem….from public sector employees (teachers, cops, firefighters, etc.) garnering higher salaries AND far more expensive perks than their pvt sector counterparts, to business owners who've opted for “tax credits,” or “tax breaks,” instead of an end to government policies that harm commerce and restrict pvt sector hiring!

    The remedy isn't merely a “change back to the policies of 1998” (when America posted its lowest Misery Index [the unemployment and inflation rates added together] in over 40 years, but a return to the much harder track of economic liberty.

    I think a LOT of those who oppose the “Obama agenda,” wouldn't truly support what's needed either….and that's what I fear most.

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