Flogging Breitbart and the Sherrod Charade


h/t Snaggletoothie (via Breitbart the Magnificent Hawtness)




14 thoughts on “Flogging Breitbart and the Sherrod Charade

  1. Fuzzy,

    This guy has his “facts” straight! You can't say he suffers from “premature efacttuation.”

    It is very heartening to see how many Americans ( I hate hyphenated names, we are all Americans)
    are seeing BO and his band of racist ideologs for what they really are!

    Thanks for introducing him to us all!

    Lock & Load!!!

    Sons & Daughters of Liberty Unite!!!

  2. Yeah, Zo is awesome. What Makes Us Right: Christopher (CONSERVATIVE PERSPECTIVE) features ZoNation clips all the time on his blog.

    And Zo is correct: Breitbart only wanted to showcase the happy, laughing jolly response of the nasty bigoted crowd she was adddressing at the NAACP when the bigot Sherrod gave an example of how she could 'stick it to whitey.'

    The following redemptive narrative later on in that same address is irrelevant; she's bigoted, and so is the crowd attending that NAACP event.

    It would be analogous for a hypotheical Klansman addressing a hypothetical KKK rally recalling when he and his fellow KKK mob lynched the 'n-word', and the Klansmen in attendance laughing and clapping in approval at the story. Then later in the same speech, the KKK speaker telling the audience that he now will lynch anybody who needs lynching, black or white, since he has 'evolved.' Redemptive moment? Not at all; a bigot is a bigot, regardless of color.

    Hypocrites all of 'em.

  3. Alfonzo Rachel really has developed a great delivery. You have to admire black Conservatives, they take more abuse than just about anyone else.

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