Fuzzy Rant: You Say That Like It’s A Bad Thing

Apparently, Bill Clinton has his finger on the pulse of America.  Today he notes that the Tea Party wants to . . . wait for it . . . weaken government!  Um, yeah, no kidding, Billy, that’s exactly what we want to do.  Do you honestly think that stating the obvious–and what poll after poll shows the majority of Americans want–is a good plan to salvage the democrats?  The party’s over (in more ways than one), and that’s just fact.  Go ahead, warn that the Tea Party wants to weaken government, that we want the power in the hands of the people where it belongs.  What with the insanely-biased leftist media, we’re having a bit of trouble getting our message out, so this is actually a big help. 

Ditto BO and your whinging and whining about how the Tea Party wants to take America backwards.  Um, yeah, no kidding, little man, that’s exactly what we want.  You see, this thing you have about “progress” and hopeandchange and transforming America . . . well, the fact is that we reject it.  Totally and absolutely and resolutely.  If your way is the way forward, you’re damned straight we want to go back.  And yes, you petulant, ignorant embarrassment, we do want to repeal that healthcare monstrosity, including the ridiculous elements that put adults (up to 26!?!) on their parent’s insurance and the “starter home” bureaucracies designed to lead to socialized medicine and the death panels (oh, yes, BO, we remember how you think that should work) and every last word of it (no words of which were read by anyone in Congress, on EITHER side of the aisle, let us not forget that).  We also want to go back in terms of taking higher education out of the government’s hands (along with car companies and the banking industry and every other area into which you’ve stuck your pointy power-hungry little fingers).  So do, please, keep telling America that.  We need them to know exactly what we want, and you know, the fringe media just hasn’t been giving us much of an opportunity to get our message out there.

Your enormous tin ears, BO, are going to be our making and your undoing.  Americans do not want what you are selling, period.  Every bit of it is not only unAmerican but ANTI-American, so keep on keeping on.  You’re wrong about us wanting to go back to President George W. Bush’s policies; he was too liberal.  Got that?  President Bush was too liberal, too big-spending, too pro-amnesty, too pro-entitlements–that is why his popularity dropped, why he lost the people.  Your lunatic fringe didn’t have anything to do with it–sure you hated him for being too patriotic, too pro-America, too presidential, but that’s not what lost him this country’s support.  That’s what got him elected.  Twice.  Um, so what do you think that says about you and your rabidly leftist (far far beyond liberal) unpatriotic, anti-American ideology and petty, mean-spirited, tiny little personality that isn’t fit to lead a classroom let alone a country?

Be sure to add that we also want to do crazy wing-nut things like cut taxes on individuals and businesses so that we can keep more of our money and more control over our own lives and businesses can build here in America rather than being forced overseas, reform and / or eliminate ALL entitlements (those we don’t want repealed in toto anyway), resurrect our K-12 education system from teaching elementary school children about the best ways to masturbate and how fabulous Islam is and how America is evil to teaching them history and English and how to think (not dictating what they think via indoctrination), and eliminate all pork spending (aka buying congressional votes for crap bills that should never even make it to the floor for a vote let alone pass).  What lunatics we are!  Tell America all that, BO.  Please.


15 thoughts on “Fuzzy Rant: You Say That Like It’s A Bad Thing

  1. This regime certainly has an enormous 'understanding gap.' Obama completely doesn't get that he was not given a mandate to turn our country into Sweden.

    And after they get thumped at the ballot box in November, they won't get it then, either. You watch.

  2. Isn't it amazing our boob head administration is this disconnected? I believe I heard on the radio this morning the O's minions are researching the success of a counterattack ad campaign against the TEA party folk. This should be fun to watch!

    I now believe Obama ranks among the best things to happen to this nation…who else has defiled their own mess kit so as to rouse the ire of even the most disinterested souls when public affairs are concerned?

    I slap my hands on my knees and rub em together because the show is just now starting to get good.

  3. Now that's the Fuzzy we have all grown to know and love… Girl you ROCK!

    You mentioned BO's big ears. I have often wondered if he can use them to fly, because he sure as hell has not used them to listen to “We The People.”

    I suppose we could start calling him “DUMBO” but that would be an insult to all elephants. To quote an old Simon and Garfunkle song: “and the elephants are kindly but they're dumb, orangutans are skeptical of changes in their cages and the zookeeper is very fond of rum”

    Lock & Load!!!
    Sons & Daughters of Liberty Unite!!!

  4. @DeanO, yep, me, too, totally fringe right-wing loon. And damned proud of it.

    @Fredd, hmph! People were predicting he'd move to center after Scott Brown's election, too. Won't happen. The man is many many things, but none of them include being capable of stepping down from his ideologue pedestal (replete, of course, with styrofoam Roman pillars and his special seal). He'll talk crap, though, so watch for that, he'll continue to say one thing and do another, but that's simply who he is and how he operates (you know, in the shadows and behind people's backs).

    @Pedaling, gee, thanks, I rather thought this was a bit over the top but decided against editing the more venomous bits because . . . well, because I don't have to. Heh.

    @Born Again American, yay! Many thanks as always.

    @Cubbykins, no way! Great to see you. 🙂 Oh yeah, a show is definitely in the offing, couldn't agree with you more, but the main event may just be the Clinton duo vs. BO. Watching that unfold is making me rather giddy. Yes, yes, I know the actual important event is us taking America back from this socialist goon and his traitorous horde, but that's not going to provide nearly the fireworks that Clinton squared vs. BO will. Ours will take place in the voting booth over the next several election cycles, but theirs? Oooh, it's on now and going to heat up to epic proportions. Take Bill's advice to BO that America will just LOOOOVE that healthcare nightmare once it's passed. Oops, he now says with that Clinton twinkle and sort of skippy lurch in his stride, I sure got that wrong. Gee, that's just awful. So sorry. And now, he seems to be stirring the pot about attacking the Tea Party, too. Another bit of advice that he'll shrug off with that twinkle and grin as a big mistake. Ooops, how on earth did I get that so wrong. Really stupid to attack average Americans. Though he has not and will not actually attack us himself (because he KNOWS better). He's gooooood, always was (whatever we think of him as a person; he's an amazing politician and strategist, and his intellect is stratospheres sharper than BO's), and BO without his mojo doesn't stand a chance against Bill and Hillary. He's total toast. Pop the popcorn and stock up on bevvies, it's going to get really good.

  5. @L, hee! thanks, and good stuff by S&G. Love them 🙂

    @Hoping, thank you so much. 🙂

    @Kerry, it's really weird, isn't it, to watch them melt down like this. Almost sad, but not quite as sad as it is amusing.

    @WMUR, I do think that BO is a moron, but I'm not so sure about Bill. He may be, there is plenty of evidence that he is, but he's savvy and he's charming. Two things BO is not.

  6. Your writing sure puts a smile on my face.

    What part of more money in the hands of the people, means more money in the hands of more people, don't they understand? It's so easy…

    Good to see you are back! You've been missed, my friend…

  7. @Sol, how wonderful to see you, my friend! They don't understand that because they aren't thinking for themselves. And I don't believe they know HOW to think for themselves. Sad, but true.

    @Trestin, yay! my dear friend, it's grand to see you. And yes, I agree, the Clintons see a chance to get Hillary the 2012 nomination (no way can she win as things stand now), so we should start seeing and hearing a lot of amazing things (like Bill giving incredibly bad advice, like Hillary continuing to speak out against BO–however subtly, and like both of them undermining in every conceivable way this administration of loons).

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