About that Pledge to America

Okay, I read it.  And I’m a underwhelmed.  Is this a party platform?  A governing strategy?  A political maneuver?  All of the above? 

As a party platform, well, obviously, it’s beyond weak on that count.  So far beyond weak, that I think we can pretty much assume that it’s not intended to be that (despite all the assurances that they “listened to the people”), and as a governing strategy?  Really?  I mean, really?  Pledging to cut discretionary spending to 2008 levels is just . . . dim, out of touch, and frankly, unacceptable.  We started booting them out in 2006 because of their rampant, out of control spending, but apparently, that lesson hasn’t quite sunk in (despite protestations from the republican elite).  They do not get it.  Indeed, if you’ve listened to the GOP talking heads this week, they’re making a nominal nod at the Tea Party (aka the American pepole who want their country–its promise and exceptionalism; its success and status; its founding principles, spirit, and dream–back).

There is also nothing in this document about cutting entitlements or even specifics about shrinking this increasingly massive and unwieldy (and expensive) government.  Why not eliminate the utterly failed Department of Education?  Or all fifty state Departments of Education?  Why do we have essentially two, one for each state and one federal, and both failing miserably, both costing us billions (with the fun return on our “investment” of increases in failing kids and drop-out rates, and our falling behind in every conceivable area of academics)?  Nothing about the fiscal issues that are and have upset the American people.  Nothing new anyway.  We already knew they opposed stimulus and oppose more stimulus.  That they want to keep the Bush tax cuts.  These are good things, but hardly “pledge” worthy. And hardly a governing strategy.

So that leaves a political maneuver.  And that’s just what it is.  And it’s every bit as insulting to our intelligence as is anything BO and his traitorous horde have said to us (well, okay, maybe not as dripping in condescension and disdain). 

Just today on the Fox News Sunday (Panel Plus: 9/26 if the right vid doesn’t load) round table led by the amazing Chris Wallace, Mara Liasson  noted that the GOP will be held accountable (God, how I hate that word these days) by the Tea Party, and she said this with a sense of outrage and astonishment (presumably at our gall).  Huh?  That’s how this country is supposed to work, that it hasn’t in all-too-long is evidenced by the attitude of Washington’s players on both sides of the aisle.  We are not an unruly mob, we are their equals (and many of you are far superior to the best of them).  We have the power to send them to Washington or to send them back to their law, medical, and dental practices.  That’s how this country is set up and why no one party can “reign” (despite what they both so clearly think). Yet they honestly don’t think that they need do more than make empty promises (which they promptly break) and pay lip service to us. And frankly, that’s how I see this “Pledge to America.”  More politics of the past (aka pre-2008 when everything changed in America for all time).

It’s the same old cynical move to get the same old career republicans who are big spending, big government lunatics interested only in their own power . . . and tossing bones (including the unmentioned pork bribes) at the people.  Me?  I reject table scraps from those who are supposed to represent me and whose job it is to ensure that my country is strong, successful, and sovereign.  They are not doing this, and they will have to go.  Cut discretionary spending to 2008 levels?  Nothing can more clearly indicate the complete lack of comprehension about what is going on in this country right now.  They don’t get it.  Vote them in this year, of course, the alternative is far far worse, but we’ll need to keep culling these wanton progressives from the republican party for the next several election cycles to change not just Washington but our country and its culture.  We won’t recapture or make possible again The American Dream with these self-absorbed, power-hungry, big government loons at the helm.  That much is evident.

You’ll notice, I’m sure, that I’m not talking about the missing social issue stances and discussions in the pledge.  That’s because I actually believe that’s the right thing to do right now.  Priorities, people.  Are we honestly going to complain about Roe v. Wade when we are literally facing the destruction of our country and our culture?  Not me.

More importantly, the social things we need to do, the changes we need to make there, will start in the homes, the classrooms, the churches, the neighborhoods, the towns, the cities of this nation.  The people and the states, right?  Just as the feds cannot and should not be legislating morality, nor should we.  Take that power back, elect local and state reps who will rebuild our nation’s decaying moral backbone, become a teacher or support conservative teachers (don’t stay silent when they are dragged over the coals for their values, stand up, fight back for a change).  What is wrong with our nation is not solely Washington, it’s us.  We’ve sat back and said nothing for far too long as our children are being taught about gay penguins and masturbation and handed condoms in grade school, as our religion is attacked and marginalized, as our values are ridiculed and side-lined..  We did that.  Not Washington.  It’s our job to undo it..  Not Washington’s.  Entire cultures and societies don’t change by rule of law, and the progs know that and have been whittling away at ours for a hundred years.  Now we need to stand up and restore what they took while we watched in (complicit, if outraged) silence.  The government, thank God, can only do so much.  We must do the rest.

What government can do, needs to do, is not in the pledge.  Yes, we need to repeal the disastrous BO destruction of our health care system law (and defund it until we elect a president in 2012 who will sign a repeal), but we also would do well to repeal Bush’s entitlements, too.  And take a serious look at Social Security and MediCare.  Paul Ryan has a seemingly-solid plan for addressing these, let’s look at that and start making some hard choices.  The politics of the past dictate that these are “third rails,” but are they?  Are they really?  Are you not ready to see some massive changes in entitlement spending?  Some massive cuts in federal agencies (including the absolute dissolution and elimination of many, particularly those duplicated at the state level)?  I may not have been ready when President Bush was talking about privatizing Social Security, but that was a lifetime . . . and a nation . . . ago.




10 thoughts on “About that Pledge to America

  1. I agree. There are parts that I like (Constitutional Authority), but most is just crap. None of these ass-hats seems to have heard us. We may need to break out the torches and pitchforks.

  2. @Deekaman, oh, I very much agree that there are good parts in it, parts that strike exactly the right tone and note. However, when it comes to depth and substance, it seems not to measure up to its lofty language (something we are all too familiar with these days, heh).

  3. I haven't read the Pledge yet but I did watch Fox News Sunday today. I've heard that it misses the mark, or there isn't much to it at all.

    But, from what I heard today and from your posting I would say that it is a good start, but that's about it. They said that there needs to be talk on entitlement spending and ideas need to be discussed on how to fix both Social Security and medicare. I definitely think that there needs to be more than talk happening after November. But, then again, you know how the Dems used scare tactics against Bush's semi-privatizing policy so maybe discussion will allay citizens fears.

  4. i was reading something about the pledge the other day that said paul ryan's “road map for america” was deliberately not mentioned in “the pledge” and that ryan would not be at the news conference where the pledge was going to be announced. i think that really reinforces everything you've just said.

  5. Most powerful point in this, imho:
    “Entire cultures and societies don't change by rule of law…”

    Great analysis. I can't help but agree – and I'm STILL voting republican this time around…. And I'll STILL hold them accounta…er….up to my highest standards.

  6. I downloaded, printed and read the pledge the day it came out – made many notes, intending to write to my Rep about my thoughts. I also felt it was a pretty lame political stunt, that lacked any sincerity and may even have been devised by “republican progressives” to give the dems fodder and a chance to build up some steam in November. I am sorely disappointed – especially in the few who stood along side this bunch who KNOW BETTER – like Pence and Ryan for instance. They are all still quite unsure of just how serious we are, and how committeed we are to ousting every last one of them if that's what it takes. Sadly, they got that mesaage when AZ allowed McCain to skate. I guess we'll just have to show them in November that we really do mean business.

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  8. @Teresa, I think that America has reached the point that we are finally ready to listen to the hard news, make the hard decisions for our future. We weren't ready when Bush was talking about it, but we are now. Or we better be.

    @DS, I think that they anticipated that and kept it low key as a result. I think, too, that this is a misread on the part of the GOP. It's time for drastic action. Past time.

    @Born Again American, exactly.

    @Kerry, right. And that's why establishment GOP'ers are in for a rude awakening this year, in 2012, in 2014, and up until they are all out on their butts. They don't get it, they expect things to be like they were when they held majorities during the Bush years (and went off the liberal rails). Hmph.

    @Candle, heh. Yeah, point taken. And me, too, I'm voting Republican for the foreseeable future.

    @HTBWS, yes, I was disappointed in the McCain thing, too, he's so got to go, but I guess that they wanted him for some reason. *shakes head* He's so typical of exactly what is wrong with government, poster boy for big government nanny state progressives.

    @alfred, you're kidding, right? You're not on my blog roll and I've never been to your site. I'm quite certain, without even checking, that this is a copy and paste that you've spammed all over the place.


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