America: To Be Or Not To Be?

Okay, so here’s the deal.  There is a large (not huge, and certainly not a majority) contingent of Americans who are Marxists, and they see the path to their happy utopia through government (i.e. they are also socialists).  This is a group of people who don’t really understand economics, America, or the human spirit.  We’re in trouble, people, big trouble.  When someone can look you in the eye and tell you that they think the federal government should redistribute wealth, take from those who are successful and give to those who are not, we, as Americans, have a problem.  Our founding fathers did not write that you have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness . . . so long as the federal government approved (or more aptly of late, did if for you).

They say it’s “fair.” How is it fair to take something from people what they have earned and give it to someone else?  Or, worse, give it the government to “redistribute” (and we all know how that works:  shoddy, corrupt, wasteful programs that instill a sense of entitlement in people who, frankly, are NOT entitled to what you’ve worked your butt off to attain).  But these people look you in the eye and tell you that what Oprah earns, what Donald Trump has earned, what U2 has earned is actually . . . well, yours.  I mean, after all, they made so much and (um, er) they should give it to you.  Um, just because . . . well, it’s only far.  And they do this, they take from people who have worked their azzess off and give to people who do not work or even care to work.  And they do this by law.  Because it’s fair.

Excuse me, but what the hell is that?  How is it fair for me to sit on my couch playing computer games and writing blog posts and to get a slice of someone’s pie who is out there working 80 or 90 or more hours per week to achieve their dream?  Oh, sorry, but your dream, well, that’s not really yours, it’s OURS.  And that money you’ve made, well, what makes you think you can keep it, that you deserve it any more than someone who sits on their azz all day doing nothing (well, I do plant very important crops in FarmVille, so that’s work)?  Or (yes, even) any more than someone who works three menial jobs but never seems to make ends meet?  You need to hand over your hard-earned money.  Now.  It’s not yours.  It’s ours.


And that’s American . . . how?

We are bashed, mocked, and belittled for wanting to protect (actually resurrect) the American Dream.  Individualism is bad.  It takes a village.


Have you noticed that the more “community-oriented” we get, the more “woohoo, go! village!” we get, the less we seem to care about our fellow citizens?  Not only in terms of . . . well, the government kind of took all my money, and I barely have enough to pay bills, so well, you’re on your own, but also in terms of “hey, not my problem, call the feds, they’ll hook you up.”  The more dependent we get on the government, the LESS community spirit we have.  The more that the government promises (and never delivers), the less people care about others.  Haven’t you noticed how people ignore violent crime?  Don’t help their neighbors during an emergency as once they did?  I lived in Florida for much of my adult life, and I’ve lived through hurricanes.  Ten years ago, only ten years ago, people pulled together.  Need water?  Need batteries?  Need ready-to-eat food?  I’m there for you.  Recently, though, it’s not people who pull together, it’s people standing on rooftops waiting to for the “officials’ to “fix” it. The more the government does, the more money it takes from us, the less we are able to be the decent, caring, moral people we are.  (And they know this, it’s by design. We talk and read a lot about the Cloward-Pivan stratey, but at rock bottom, all it does is prove that Marxist-socialism doesn’t work.  If you can overload the system, the system itself is faulty.  D’oh!)

Do not get me wrong.  We, the people, are still Americans.  We still pull together and aid one another in a disaster.  We do still have that in our marrow, in our American unconscious (to borrow a term from Jung, that I’ve long-thought applied to societies and cultures far better than to all of humankind).  Think about how you felt right after (even during) 9/11.  That was America at her best.  We cared, we pulled together, and we rushed to donate blood, clothing, money, whatever we had (how many of our nation’s heroes have died combating Islam?  And oh, yes, it’s Islam–I see that now, as my still-kinda-liberal self never wanted to believe).  But we now have a federal government so bent on controlling every aspect of our lives (did you see the story about the guy who can’t give away vegetables he’s grown on his own property because it violates some federal commerce law?!! Tell me that’s an American ideal or value, show me how that works with any aspect of “America.” as we know and love her.).  It takes a village? Really?  Shouldn’t that be “It takes a village dictated to by the federal government . . . who knows better than you how to spend your money, use your property and resources, eat, drink, buy products, and think.”  Okay, that’s a bit unwieldy for a slogan, but  you know what? That is exactly what they want.  And mostly have.

Americans have watched children be beaten, raped, and murdered.  And done nothing.  Americans have cocooned themselves against any human need  (versus want).  Americans have turned a blind eye to the highest poverty levels in our nation’s history (and continued to shut down churches and to mitigate any relevance of the Christian faith).  Americans have watched as neighbors struggle, flounder, and fail.  Not because we are heartless, soulless, or without any moral fiber.  This happens because we think that the government will “fix” it, that it’s not our responsibility to help our neighbor, someone else will do it because we pay so very much to ensure that everyone will be helped.  Why should we do it, after all, when we’ve already paid for someone else to do it?

And then something happens.  Like 9/11, or even like the earthquake in Haiti. America rallied and helped as no other nation did (even though we are in miles of debt ourselves).  Our people, our big bad businesses and banks, donated enormous sums of money to Haitian relief (indeed, any one of five top “greedy, evil, capitalist” American businesses sent more individually than did the entire nation of China.).  We’re still there, we still have the heart and moral fiber to be who we are:  Americans.

But we need to roll back decades of insanity that has told us that the government is responsible for our neighbors and family, for ourselves.  The huge irony is that the “individual” who is so reviled by the progressive loons is the only person who actually cares, who will reach out and help a fellow American in a time of need.  Ask yourself this:  if your town were hit by a disaster, whom would you rather have nearby, BO and his governmental red tape or Born Again American, , L, LL, Teresamerica, Opus_6, Kerry, Sol, Nickie, et al.?  Give me an American patriot any day.  From them I can expect the same care, generosity, and patriotism that I expect (require) from myself.  The government?  Hmph.   What a joke.

When we think about the stakes in this November’s elections, the stakes in the 2012 (and yes, the 2014 and 2016) elections, we must think long and hard about the crossroads we face as a nation.  Are we bent on destroying the most successful, most innovative, strongest, richest nation this world has seen?  Or are we going to save her, and get back to our values as a people?

When we think and act as individuals, we will more often than not do the right thing and for the right reasons.  When we allow the government to act for us, we know from our own experience and from world history, that the federal government will more often than not do the wrong thing and for the wrong reasons.  November is literally a choice between America and . . . destroying America.  There is no middle ground.  We either save our country, or we become something else . . something that is, at heart, not American.  Something that lacks in compassion, consideration, morality, and a true desire to help our fellow man.  You cannot give to the government your compassion, your morality, it cannot act or think for you.  Period.  We know this.  And we cannot drop the ball.  Not now, not ever again.


10 thoughts on “America: To Be Or Not To Be?

  1. It is the difference between a liberal/socialist method of thinking and a compassionate conservative method. The liberal/socialist immature babies want nanny to take care of them, and assume that anybody else in need will be tended to by a nanny. They bear no responsibility for their fellow man, as they bear no responsibility for themselves.

    Mature American patriots prefer to stand on their own two feet, while helping their neighbors in need. Giving from the generosity of their own hearts, not at the point of a gun.

  2. @Opus: I'd argue Compassionate Conservatism is closer to Marxism than Conservatism.

    Conservatism, while harsh, offers the best opportunity for the most people. But Conservatism must be based in some sort of Judeo-Christian principle to work that way. Take that out of the mix and you get something more akin to anarchy in that everyone is in it for themselves. The Founders came here to get away from the kind of government-run feudalism we see today.

    @Fuzzy: If you haven't already, read “Atlas Shrugged”. While I disagree that it is a great book (I didn't think it was all that well written), Ayn Rand absolutely nails the conditions which will exist at the end of a system under which we currently live.

  3. “The more dependent we get on the government, the LESS community spirit we have. The more that the government promises (and never delivers), the less people care about others.”

    Great observation.

    My question here is: Do the leftists understand this effect or are they just blundering into it?

  4. @kingshamus: They understand this perfectly. This is not about helping people. It's about power and control. Many years ago, I read Machiavelli's “The Prince”. One of the things I took away from it is that it is ALWAYS about power and control.

  5. Dear Fuzzy,

    As a native Floridian I know exactly what you are talking about with neighbors helping neighbors after a hurricane. That is when you see the best in people. Unfortunately you also see the worst in some. People looting and stealing food when if they had just asked it would have probably been given to them anyway.

    Whether it is a hurricane, tornado, flood, earthquake, or snow storm. Americans take care of Americans period!

    We do not need the government and all of it's bureaucratic BS to get in the way. A fine example was the BP Oil spill. If they had just let the people of the gulf states get in there and do the job they would have had that thing plugged and cleaned up in half the time. Anytime the government gets it sticky paws into anything they just screw it up.

    Enough said….

    Lock & Load!!!
    Sons & Daughters of Liberty Unite!!!

  6. Neighbors helping neighbors, no more? That's the least of our problems, Fuzz.

    Now that the gubmint pays old folks, just cuz they's old, for their drugs and health care, we as a nation no longer care about our families, and park grammy and gramps in old folks homes, to be cared for by the gubmint.

    Used to be, you could expect to die in the home of your son or daughter, cared for by loved ones until your dying breath.

    Not anymore.

    Now there's a government agent at your death bed instead of your son or daughter, waiting anxiously to hear your death rattle so that they can cross you off the receiving lists of Medicare, Medicaid, and most importantly, Social Security.

    The thought that neighbors no longer give a helping hand to neighbors is just the latest in the insidious creep of the all powerful government into our lives.

    God help us as a society if this keeps up.

  7. I feel we are on a cusp of something in this country that is more serious, more critical to it's health than all of the things that resulted in the civil war.

    I'm not suggesting violence by any means, but I am saying things could get real serious real fast if people suddenly realize how bad things are.

  8. @Opus, “compassionate conservative” is code for big government progressive lunatic. That's why President Bush went off the rails with his crazed spending and entitlements, and it's why we need to cull them all from government, both D's and R's who want to hide behind a mantle of “compassion” to tax us into bankruptcy. There've been a bazillion studies that support the fact that conservative citizens give more to charity, help those in need far more than do liberals. Liberals put all their faith in government, a group of people who are corrupted by power and drunk on privilege. Genius. Particularly when we know for a fact that the leftist lunacy never ever works. Still they believe. Blind faith in government is simply moronic and the irresponsible shifting of responsibility of the dependent, weak, and unintelligent. Anyway, I'm getting tangenty, here, and you're right, we want to stand on our own two feet not get checks from BP or the government. Paycheck NOT food stamps!

    @Deekaman, I read it years ago, but I don't actually remember it. I think Rand overwrites, too. 🙂

    @kingshamus, they do know it, but they think that's a better option than their having to bear any responsibility for anything. Let someone else do all that dealing with the unwashed masses stuff.

    @Odie, yep. It's war. And we're going to win.

    @Trestin, yep, one need look no further than Detroit to see the effect of leftist government, reduced individual responsibility, and corruption.

    @L, yep, and look how fast Nashville is recovering from that massive, deadly flood without the feds gumming things up with their crap.

    @Fredd, honestly, I think that it's one of greatest problems, Fredd. The less we do for ourselves and each other, the larger and more grotesque becomes the government. The scales are tipping to the point that more voters are dependent on the government than not, guess what they'll be voting for . . . if they're not to busy sitting on their lazy butts to bother to vote.

    @Kid, agreed. This is a crossroads for our nation. We either save America now without violence, beginning with last year's elections and continuing for the next few cycles, or we'll keep going down this un-American path until things get . . . well, let's just say bad.

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