That Wacky Leftist "Logic": Vote for Me; I’m a Democrat Who Votes Republican!

Okay, is anyone else highly amused by the schizophrenic madness crackling around the Democratic party in general and the lunatic leftist fringe in particular? 

Talking Points:  Republicans are extremists who want to “take us back” (oh yeah!!) and are obstructing “progress” (thank God!!).  Republicans are a threat to our democracy.  Republicans hate poor people, minorities, and . . . well, everyone except Big Oil and Big Banks.  Republicans are what is wrong with America.

Democrat ad:

Woohoo!  Vote for me, I vote with Republicans 65% of the time (i.e. when Nancy allows it).  Good grief.  Seriously?  Georgia, do America a favor, and vote for a Republican if you want someone who votes Republican 65% of the time.  Heck, even Scott Brown gives us better percentages than that. 

This election, like the next several, is about America, who we are and who we want to be.  It is ALL national.  If you like your democratic congressperson . . . so the heck what?!  He or she, if a dem and when push comes to shove (i.e. if that horror show Pelosi needs the vote . . . Stupak, anyone?), will vote with dems to continue the destruction of America.  No congressional seat is local; they are going to DC to make federal law, and from there, they will do the bidding of the Traitor in Chief.  They can swear that they are really conservative (suddenly that’s not such a bad thing to be if you’re a democrat?  really?), but we all know, we’ve watched for almost two years, that they will be bought and paid for (Louisiana Purchase, Corn-husker Kickback), cajoled and lied to (Stupak), and illegally bribed (Sestak) into doing what BO and his traitorous horde want.  We cannot take that chance.

Every vote on November 2nd needs to be for a Republican.  We can cull the conservative wheat from the progressive chaff when our Constitution, our very nation is no longer under imminent threat from within.




7 thoughts on “That Wacky Leftist "Logic": Vote for Me; I’m a Democrat Who Votes Republican!

  1. Fuzzy,

    This reminds me of a 101st Airborne T-shirt an old friend of mine used to wear, it read: “Kill Them All and Let God Sort Them Out”

    Vote out the Statist Elite (Liberal A**holes) and vote in Conservative replacements this election. Next we take care of the RINO's along with dumBO in 2012!

    Lock & Load!!!
    Sons & Daughters of Liberty Unite!!!

  2. Hey Fuzzy..

    If we thought for one minute that a person with a “D” after their name had integrity, conviction of character, and ethics that stood for the true preservation of America, we'd be the fool.

    Ain't no such thing. No way, no how.

    As we know and you describe, they vote the party line in lockstep because that's how they get help maintaining their place amongst the elite ruling class.

    Sadly, for some time the Republicans have been guilty of the same.

    This time around I agree – vote Republican. Boot the jackasses (donkeys) out of office.

    Moving forward, though.. we must be vigilant in our support of true principles over party lines.

    I'm done supporting a letter behind a name – I support an idea behind a great nation, and only those who prove to me that they stand by my principles will earn my support.

    Hope you're well…

  3. @Pedaling, thanks 🙂

    @Jim, yep, and Arizona, if McCain wins as he likely will, will find that out. He'll flip flop back to his big government entitlement let's give everyone amnesty crap on November 3rd.

    @L, heh, I like that. And yeah, it's a sort of cold call, but a lone wolf legit dem can't make a difference, they all cave. Or quit (like Bayh).

    @Sol, precisely. Drastic times call for drastic measures, and that may mean sending a RINO or two back, but as we vote out every last democratic member of this Congress (and that will take years, some were recently reelected and will be there at least until 2014), we do indeed need to send true conservatives to DC. Voting our conscience may have got us into this mess, how'd so many weak-spined big government RINOs get there? (let alone all the progressive leftist loons) But yes, ultimately, we want true American patriots who understand America, who want her and us to flourish, who will stand tall as our leaders and not bow down and hand over our sovereignty and wealth to the whole damned world while we suffer all-time highs in poverty rates right here at home. Ugh. I'm off on a tangent again, I can feel it. Sorry 🙂

    @Odie, yep that's the smell I smell, too. Time to get some Conservative air freshener methinks.

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