Fuzzy Queries: Why Is BO Reading A Book About Clinton’s Presidency?

Imagine:  you’re president of the United States of America, the year is 1820 (that would make you James Madison, but pretend it doesn’t).  You’re curious about the presidency of Thomas Jefferson; you’d like to understand him, what makes him tick, how he won and lost favor with pols and the people, what the heck made so many people like and support him.  Jefferson, of course, is doddering around Monticello, alive and well and by all accounts lucid at the ripe old age of 77.  Do you . . . oh, I don’t know, talk to the former president?  Sort of tap into that wealth of knowledge and experience?  Or do you . . . um, er, erm, read a book about him?

Before you say, and I wholeheartedly agree, that Bill Clinton is no Thomas Jefferson (and that BO is no James Madison), the point isn’t the comparison of the men but of the bizarreness of reading a book about a living former president, his presidency, his triumphs and defeats, his (whether we like him or not we have to admit to his) astounding political acumen.  

Frankly, I’d rather BO holed up in some cellar reading every biography of every president for the next two years, but this is just plain bizarre.  The Ideologue in Chief is so out of touch that he’d rather read about someone than meet with him . . . typical.  The man, after all, is astoundingly naive, amazingly insulated, and just plain ignorant of all things American, including what is happening in this country right now.




15 thoughts on “Fuzzy Queries: Why Is BO Reading A Book About Clinton’s Presidency?

  1. I know that Bill Clinton is none too fond of Obama. Maybe he doesn't want to meet with the current POTUS?

    The egos involved are vast.

    I doubt Socialist Obama will do much different. His only problem is that the Congress and the courts will be dismantling his landmark legislation because it was a bundle of failed, bad ideas that will bankrupt the nation.

    He'll end up like Jimmy Carter – a joke.

  2. @LL, and add in my personal theory that Billy Boy is purposely (and purposefully) giving BO bad advice, and we may have a win. The question remains, though, why emphasize this chasm between the two men by publicizing (via the NYT, no less) the obvious dislike and distrust between the two men? Bizarre. And stupid, really really stupid.

  3. On the same line of thought, the ego's involved may not allow obama to ask ANTHING of Clinton, or even allow the two to keep company in the same room for very long. I don't think there's much these two would say thay have in commmon other than their desire to be in the spot light. I do, however, think Clinton has some gruding respect for obama, as obama has shown the intestinal fortitude to drive his agenda home where Clinton did not, which may be driving some of the anymosity as well. That was obviously to our favor in Clinton's case, and our detriment in obama's.

  4. @HTBWS, absolutely. But don't you want your president to be able to rise above petty differences . . . um, never mind, that's not going to happen with the most petty nasty little president in history. 😉 The divide, I think, isn't really ego-based, though that must play a role, I think that Clinton (Bill, at least, if not Hillary) actually loves America and believes in the American Dream and American Spirit. He's got a bazillion faults, but I do think he “gets” America in a way that BO never can.

  5. I was one of Clinton's worse critics but I did buy his book, 'My Life' by Bill Clinton…not for the $35.00 asking price but for .25¢ – our local library sells all their excess donated books. Apparently Clinton's book was the one book most people didn't want in their home bookshelves…the library was inundated with the unwanted books!
    I bought the cheapie just as a reference…some day I'll count up all the lies but with 957 pages maybe I should save me some time and leave it to one lie per page…would that be a good estimate? LOL

    Great post!


  6. @Norm, heh, yeah, I can see people not hanging on to Bill's and on Tuesday I had eggs for breakfast billion page opus. On the bright side, he probably did have eggs for breakfast . . . I wouldn't believe much else. :p

  7. Imagine, if a politician could actually read the pulse of America's heart beat?

    They would not be a politician and the contradition goes on and on like a John Lennon song, it ain't gunna happen.

    But Egg's Benedict sounds good, it's brunch time out here and I'm gunna stuff a few.

  8. @Jaded, yum! I love eggs Benedict. Hungry now. 🙂

    @Kerry, oh, I think it's going to get nothing but worse. If Congress (one or hopefully both houses) go to Republicans next year, I think we'll be treated our very first presidential temper tantrum. One that will make “they talk to me like I'm a dog” and “get that Churchill bust out of my sight now” look positively presidential. There may be actual foot stomping and breath holding. Oooh, maybe he'll screw up his face and hold his breath until Congress agrees with him and when that doesn't work he may even throw himself to the ground and roll around pounding his little fisties on the floor while flailing his legs. It'll be funny.

  9. Clinton at least had some interpersonal skills and instincts. Obama only knows mean. We begged for mercy and he jammed the bad legislation down our throats. Well now it's payback time.

  10. Just a wild ass guess but bubba was the last dem to go two terms. Maybe he's trying to figure out how that happened. Or myabe he's trying to figure out how to get more sex. Hs sure as hell doesn't have a clue how to make things happen on his own [lack of] mojo.

  11. Like him or not (I did not like him) Clinton had charisma. He was also a president often ruled by the polls. These are both traits Obama doesn't have, and is not going to learn about by reading any book.

    While Clinton adapted his positions to fit with the then current popular trends, Obama just decalres Americans to be scared, stupid and bitter (classic American academic Marxism at work there btw). It's quite a difference.

  12. @Opus, that's so true, BO does only know mean. And lies. And underhandedness. He's a total disgrace.

    @Randy, lol

    @Kid, heh, he's certainly lost his mojo, that's the trouble with reality . . . it just doesn't “read” like ideological fantasy.

    @Yukio, it is indeed quite a difference, and one that is just underscoring what a despicable human being BO is. It's truly shocking that a president would so often and with such relish insult the people of the nation he “leads” (or as his pet puppet Valerie Jarrett once said “rules”).

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