Separate But Equal Doesn’t Work. Whodda Thunk It?

German Chancellor Angela Merkel recently announced that multiculturalism has “failed miserably.”  This statement has caused much ado around the world, and people are responding with everything from “d’oh!” (that would be me) to “oh my God! how could she?” to everything in between.  And all I can say is that multiculturalism was always doomed to failure because it was nothing more than lipstick on a pig.  The pig being the usual leftist superiority complex coupled with the usual leftist denial about their superiority complex.

Multiculturalism is and has always been a complete joke.  The joke being, of course, on the immigrants who are urged not to assimilate into the culture of the country they’ve voluntarily opted to live in.  How else can we ensure that all the crap jobs get done?  Have to have an underclass to foist them off on, after all.  Don’t want to learn English?  Good.  That means you cannot succeed in an English-speaking country.  We like that, chirp the lefties, because we so need someone to do the jobs that real Americans won’t.  Now that slavery has been abolished, we need that steady stream of psuedo-slaves to pick our crops, raise our children, keep our houses, and shovel our . . . poop. 

We don’t call it slavery, of course, that’s not exactly what it is.  But it is certainly a means of ensuring that large groups of people do not acquire the social, linguistic, and cultural skills they need to advance in their adopted land.  They stay low-wage earners, destined to raise their children to be low-wage earners because they’re shut off from mainstream society . . . encouraged and cheered on by “well-meaning” leftist loons.  Uh huh.

Of course, there’s more to it than simply cheap labor and maintaining an underclass to do the work that “real [fill in the blank with your favorite western nationals]” are too good to do.  Germany, like much of Europe, has awoken to find that they’re almost outnumbered in their own land, that in France there are sections that are “off limits” to the French police and to French law, and perhaps most importantly that the real result of multiculturalism is a bunch of people who’ve been lied to, held back, and undermined.  And they respond by getting a teensy bit upset.  Chop your head off with a dull knife upset.  Kill the crakka babies upset.  Blow up an airplane upset.


So France bans the burkha.  Germany says that it’s proud of its Judeo-Christian . . . oh, yeah, and Islamic (you know, not at all) heritage, and then says, wait a second here, what’s happened?   

What’s happened is that Europe and on a thus far lesser scale America has bought into “multiculturalism,” completely failing to recognize it for what it is: the justly failed pre-Civil Rights Amendment American policy of “separate but equal.”  A rose by any other name still smacks of prejudice and injustice.  Sure, there are no Jim Crow laws pointedly addressing immigrants, but then, the Jim Crow laws didn’t do that either.  Not pointedly, it was all under the umbrella of “equality,” separate but equal “equality.”  Yeah, uh-huh.

American multiculturalism is slightly different than that in Europe, but it’s no less demeaning to immigrants.  It just adds in white Christians (especially males) as a group to be loathed . . . as long as they’re conservative, anyway.  Our lunatic fringe lefties have seen an opportunity to banish Christianity and to minimize conservatism all while championing “multiculturalism.”  Indeed, that’s the very basis for it.  You want people to actually learn English?  You bigot.  You must be a Bible-thumping troglodyte.  I, however, am much more advanced, and I see that we need to maintain the “otherness” of these others.  How else will we get them under our control, get them voting for us and the entitlement scraps we’ll toss under the table?  The problem we’ll run into is not that they’ll win, ha! of course they won’t, but that they’ve created a culture and society that is more divided than ever before.  That the assimilation that worked so well earlier in American history is now seen as racist, anti-whatever, and intolerant.  But really, what is more racist, more anti-immigrant, more anti-religious diversity, more anti-everything, and more intolerant than insisting that separate but equal is a valid or humane way to treat other human beings, especially those who’ve come to our shores seeking the American Dream?

The American Dream is not being shoved off-society, into the shadows, locked in a separate culture that affords no bridge to freedom, opportunity, or success.  But, hey, don’t learn English, don’t get a job (er, not one that pays minimum wage that “real” Americans make), don’t do a thing.  You just be you . . . over there, please, out of my sight.  Thanks.


12 thoughts on “Separate But Equal Doesn’t Work. Whodda Thunk It?

  1. Multicuturalism wasn't supposed to work. It was supposed to undermine the traditions and morals of the western democracies. For what end, I can't be sure. It certainly keeps those who immigrate in the position of second-class citizen, even when accommodations are made. One only needs to look at the American experience with Hispanic immigration to see this is true.

  2. I think you're right about the undermining our Judeo-Christian traditions and morals, but I also think that it's no mistake that immigrants are encouraged to stay on the fringes of our society and culture. Undermining the “undesirable” elements of our culture and society (those of us who don't think government is the answer to everything, those of us who are proud of our religious traditions and morals) was a lovely bonus. The ends, as is always the case with leftist loons, is communism via the path of Marxism. Some on the left really do believe in some utopian ideal, but when pressed, they always are forced to admit that it will be necessary to “eliminate” millions of people. Some utopia. Some ideal.

  3. I'm going to take the other side a little bit.
    I'd say you're right in a lot of cases but immigration is a lot of what America is today. Granted we have a smaller percentage of immigrants who come here with good intentions than in days gone by.

    But my wife's dad was Flying Tiger, came here after WWII with his wife and 10 bucks, and became a restaurant owner who did very well, and raised a bunch of kids who did and do very well. There are a lot of Mexicans in that category too, and well, you gotta start somewhere. Every level is a step up for someone. The folks who work (spend their lives) in the human sewage pipes of India would probably think they died and went to Heaven if they found themselves in a field in Cali picking lettuce. Some would stagnate, some would climb the ladder.

    But you're right in that the liberals have always wanted slaves, and they keep slaves to this day through welfare programs and mis-information to blacks and union members.

    Aside from that “Equality” is at best mediocrity and in reality, it's probably more like nationwide Section 8 housing where the standards are drawn down to disgusting levels where it is implemented and folks move away, often times at a huge loss to their home investment.

    Only with nationwide equality, there will be no where to run, and we will all become slaves to mediocrity.

  4. Heyas Kid, and that's not the other side at all, that actually proves my point. Did he learn English? Did he encourage his daughter to do so? Did he live the American Dream or was he held back by “multiculturalism” that encourages staying separate from American society? And your last sentence sends chills down my spine, that's exactly what BO wants to create. A nation in which everyone (except him and the rest of the political class, of course) is “equal.” Equally poor, equally controlled, equally enslaved by the state. It makes me want to cry.

  5. Ah so, yes, it does speak to your point. ..Little tired here..

    And Your last sentence… I've seen this train coming for a long time, and it hasn't been derailed, it just keeps picking up more fuel and engine power in the form of: PC, Racial Profiling, Communist Media, Communist indoctrination in our schools and universities, The dumbing down of America, The War on Capitalism, the War on the Family, The war on Hetrosexualism, The Escalation of Racism, the Trillions of dollars spent doing Nothing.

    If I could cry I would have been doing so for a while now. At some point I will physically cry for our young Americans, knowing what they are going to be dealing with. But I've been an observer of the human condition now for about 50 years and nothing shocks me anymore except for genius or common sense.
    All we can do is fight and try to educate. It is not up to me to control the world. In fact, I wouldn't even if I had the power. I believe God's greatest gift to be free will.

    But yea, it is sad to see such evil controlling things and so much ignorance cheering it on.

  6. European cultures are unable to cope with large numbers of immigrants because their culture is based around a shared cultural heritage (including language–the French and Spanish both actively attempt to control their languages through approved dictionaries) that actively does not include outsiders– such as Algerians, Turks and other (mostly) Muslims. There is no recognition for something such as an Arab-Frenchman whereas Arab-American is common and accepted.

    Part of the resistance comes from the recognition that should the various European cultures accept the Muslims, it would fundamentally change their own culture (a common and generally accepted occurrence in American culture). When Merkel says that multiculturalism has failed miserably, I'm not sure that she's taking into account the changes that will occur in German society if she insists on the Turks etc. to assimilate into German society. I hope that she has, but I am not sure.

    One of the most interesting aspects of “multi-culturalism” is that it is anything but that in America. American multi-culturalists look for superficial similarities between cultures to build understanding around which results into a bland misunderstanding of both.

    Example: When Obama was wishing the Iranians a “Happy Nowruz” last year and he was saying it was celebrated just like “our” Christmas. This is insulting to everybody involved. Nowruz is nothing like Christmas (although gifts and family gatherings happen on both– what an earth-shattering similarity and on Chinese New Year too another “that's their Christmas holiday”) and to suggest that it is similar only demonstrates a generally condending ignorance of the meanings attached to both holidays.

    American multi-cultiurlism reduces other cultures into superficial reflections of American culture. It's pathetic and insulting.

    I don't believe multi-culturalism's intent was ever to create a continual source of cheap labor. I don't see the connection at all. Cheap labor is always available. The rise in illegal immigration coincides with the implementation of Johnson's “Great Society,” not the advent of modern multi-culturalism.

  7. @Yukio, woohoo! (you know I love your thoughtful and thought-provoking comments) Merkel didn't really offer a solution to the failure, and like you, I'm doubtful that Germany (or Europe for that matter) can suddenly demand assimilation of people who've been living in their own mini-countries within their borders for decades. We, however, can learn from their mistakes . . . if only we would. The problem with Islam and assimilation in America is that it's a political ideology masked as a religion, so there is no way that it will “work” within American culture and society. You can't adopt Sharia law or any shadow of it and still be America.

    Excellent point about the condescension involved in American multiculturalism, that's a typical response by lefties to everyone who is beneath them (in their very special worldview). They do it to everyone, but it's accepted when they do it to minorities for some reason (conservatives are FINALLY pushing back). Heck, the minorities themselves support it–it's bizarre. The intent, or stated intent, may not have been to create a subsociety that does the dirty work of the main society, but that's the result, and as no one is standing up and saying that's a problem, then I conclude that it's fine with them. Indeed, the arguments made to support illegals is that they do work Americans won't, who will raise our children?, who will clean my house?, our entire economy will crumble, our culture and society will be harmed irreparably . . . the very same arguments that were made by slave-holding states against the abolition of slavery. It's in our cultural fabric to exploit peoples, and the lefties just can't let it go and move on to true equality for all. It's heart-rending. And evil.

    @Odie, that's the bottom line, they truly believe that everyone on earth is so helpless and useless that without their benevolent intervention on their behalf, they'd be lost. It's all about feeling that they are superior, and we see this constantly in the response to terrorism. Those third world losers couldn't possibly make a dent in our grand civilization. Oh, how they need to read a history book (one not written and approved by revisionist progressive historians, of course).

  8. @ Fuzzy

    You wrote: “The problem with Islam and assimilation in America is that it's a political ideology masked as a religion, so there is no way that it will 'work' within American culture and society.”

    I don't believe that Islam is a political ideology any more than I believe that Christianity, Hinduism, or Bhuddism is. Having a moral base for human action necessitates certain political thinking (see the Declar. of Indep. and “Creator” wording as example -heh- :)). This is not to say that Islam isn't unique and have specific difficulties/problems attached to it…

    The most populous Muslim countries in the world, Indonesia and Malaysia, do not accept Shariah Law, and the countries are not run in accordance to it. Radical movements within the countries to institute Shariah are met with popular resistence, however fundamentalist Islamists are a becoming political players within these countries (by political realities, not by popularity)– and the U.S. is ignoring it to its peril (the Right writing it off to the “all Muslims are crazy/evil” meme, and the Left and Obama wanting to just ignore it and hope it goes away while voicing ignorant sympathy since Islam is laughably pushed as a victimized religion).

    It is important to remember that Islam does not necessarily equal Shariah. I'm still reading up on Shariah close to the source (not the easiest reading) to see if it actually says what so many people claim it does (no opinion yet).

    That said, political ideologies are always worked into American culture and society. Marxist theory (one of the most anti-American theories in existence) is inextricably tied to the American Left and departments within American academia– a fairly recent development (probably late 1960s). As I pointed out before at Potluck (not to you) Leon Trotsky is included in the 2001 “Norton Anthology of Theory and Criticism.” Even the most rigid societies are extremely adaptable, and American society is, from its inception, not the most rigid by a long shot.

  9. @ Fuzzy

    You wrote: “The intent, or stated intent, may not have been to create a subsociety that does the dirty work of the main society, but that's the result […]. Indeed, the arguments made to support illegals is that they do work […] our entire economy will crumble, our culture and society will be harmed irreparably […]. It's in our cultural fabric to exploit peoples, and the lefties just can't let it go and move on to true equality for all. It's heart-rending. And evil.”

    Sorry for omissions, only for space.

    That's a rather interesting subject you've brought up. One of the issues is that the need for labor always exists, and if people possess enough wealth to pay others to do it, they will. Taking a certain batch of workers out of the labor market does not solve the need for that labor– and in America the result was an overall decrease in the value of that labor, a common occurence.

    You say that “It's in our cultural fabric to exploit peoples,” but this economic reality has nothing to do with culture, ours or otherwise. American culture eventually (post-slavery, post-Women's Sufferage, post-Civil Rights, etc.) allowed the vast majority of people to have a great deal of choice and mobility within the economic structures. That's about as good as you can get.

    I have to ask though, what is true equality for all?

  10. @Candle, lol, yeah, but that's backfiring in a big way now. All that division has diluted their base. Gee, who would have seen that coming?

    @Yukio, everything is not about economics, though, isn't that a rather Marxist approach? Pitting classes against one another does no one any favors; instead, we should aim to open doors for all, equally. We can do that. We just haven't got there, yet.

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