Mini-Rant: Leftists and Their Broad Brush

So let me get this straight, leftist loons can shriek and invoke fear over Christians, all of us, because some Christians do or have done crazy, stupid, evil things (many of which took place during the friggin’ Crusades, centuries ago), but painting all Islam with the same brush is an outrage that cannot be tolerated?  Seriously?  And it’s okay for unhinged leftist whackjobs to condemn all white people because of slavery (kill some crakka babies for your freedom? huh?), but oooh, don’t dare do the same thing with Muslims?  All Tea Party people are racist haters who should be silenced and shunned, but how dare anyone speak in general terms about Muslims (ala O’Reilly on The View)?  Seriously?

I’m sick to death of leftists and their bizarre double standards.  They sit around bashing all Christians, all Jews, all white people, all Tea Party members, and then have the unmitigated audacity to call us intolerant and ignorant?  We all know who is truly ignorant.  Who is truly intolerant.  And it damn sure isn’t us. 




6 thoughts on “Mini-Rant: Leftists and Their Broad Brush

  1. Fuzz, I'm with ya. And with the O'Reilly spat, what could any of us have expected to happen any differently? He deliberately walks onto those shows and does what he does, much like poking a stick at a wasp nest swarming with wasps, well duh.

    Liberals no longer merit debate. They have abused their debate privileges way too many times to count, and accordingly we simply have to defeat them. Marginalize and defeat them. Period.

    Debating with a liberal is like arguing with the Wolfman; nothing good can come of it. They apply their double standards to every situation, so what's the use?

    Just defeat them.

  2. A liberal is nothing if not maximum hypocritical. But that's just a symptom of their real problem.

    At the core is a 3 year old spoiled brat who has learned to sometimes talk like an adult.
    It's time to vote them out, give them a permanent time out, and ignore them just as we would a 3 year old having a tantrum. I mean that very literally.

  3. @Fredd, agreed. No idea why O'Reilly goes on that show, does anyone even watch it? Old-school publicity rounds are so 2008.

    @Just, thanks 🙂

    @Opus, so so true.

    @Odie, hee! that made my day.

    @Kid, they are very like toddlers, aren't they? Limited in vocabulary, delighting over sex and fart jokes, and generally pouting and shouting to get attention. Truly pathetic in adults.

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