Another Gem from RedState: Remember November: The Final Act

BO was flip and glib when he arrogantly tossed out his if voters don’t like it “that’s what elections are for” comment in response to massive public rejection of ObamaCare.  Cocky, even.  Certainly out of line given his awareness at the time that voters most certainly didn’t like it; we also didn’t like being mocked, ridiculed, made his “enemies” who must be “punished,” and completely ignored when our will was clearly expressed in numerous town halls, every poll, and in numerous trips to DC by concerned patriots. 

The role of government is not to do whatever the hell it pleases and THEN have voters weigh in during an election . . . after the damage is done.  What the hell is that? 

But hey, let’s show him what elections are for:

Remember November: The Final Act from Republican Governors Association on Vimeo.

via RedState


6 thoughts on “Another Gem from RedState: Remember November: The Final Act

  1. This must be why I am experiencing the anxiety I am. I feel like a race horse behind the gate. I want to get to the booth and knock'em sock'em

    And yes, what is with this pass stuff now and let the voters come out and clean it up later crap?

    I have radical ideas for our new direction…and it doesn't include posh vacations and leer jets for the folks 'who worked so hard to get there'—I am thinking of Blimp Head Boxer on that one….Ma'am.

    Oh I am ticked, excited and ready…hmmpf…I really could flick a bugger on the man if it weren't such a disgrace to the meaningful purpose of my germ stopping mucus membrane

    I am in rare form…I think I will go get my meds checked

  2. This is typical lefty stuff. They knew this was their only chance and they panicked when Scott Brown was elected. I fully expect Cap & Tax during Limp…er…Lame Duck. Let's send them off to the wilderness not for 40 years, but forever.

  3. Fuzzy,

    I have pictures of (TL) and me at 8/28 where they were handing out stickers that read, “I Can See November From My House Too!” The fact that we have already voted gives me just that much more satisfaction that we have done our part to get our country back!

    What do you think about “Bubba Clinton” coming to Florida and asking Meaks to drop out of the race and throw his support behind Christ? I thought it was funny when our first black POTUS has to do the dirty work for our second black POTUS! You know the liberals are desperate when they would rather have a flip flopping exrepublican a**hole as their choice. It really doesn't matter Marco Rubio is going to CRUSH both of them.

    Quite a concept that “dumBO” has the nerve to even suggest such a thing!

    Lock & Load!!!
    Sons & Daughters of Liberty Unite!!!

  4. @Cubbykins, hee! you crack me up.

    @TheConservativeLady, it must have! I'm voting on Tuesday and probably going to lurk around the polling place to make sure no weirdo lefties show up (I doubt it, I live in the middle of nowhere, they'll all be up in Boston threatening people).

    @Deekaman, a lot of folks in MA are pretty (to borrow a phrase from the Lunatic in Chief) fired up about this election. They don't take kindly to being totally ignored, and that's what happened. We sent Scott Brown to DC to stop that healthcare monstrosity, and we were ignored. That we elected a republican to Teddy Kennedy's seat? Doesn't matter. That we did it knowing full well that Scott Brown was the 41st vote, the one needed to break their supermajority? Didn't matter. I've been watching the polls on the MA races, and I'm thinking some people are going to be a bit surprised by what happens here on Tuesday.

    @Pedaling, me, too. We just have to make sure we win by a wide enough margin that the fraud doesn't matter. And then we push for clean elections. Both sides engage in voter fraud, and it must stop. One of the basic premises of our nation is that we, the people, have a voice, and all this fraud is unAmerican. Makes me sick. Especially when BO has the (yes, I'm saying it) audacity to bitch about the corruption in Afghanistan's elections and government. What a freaking joke. There is no more corrupt or dishonest person leading any nation in the world than our very own Thug in Chief.

    @L, Awesome that you already voted! Woohoo! I'm excited about going on Tuesday.

    What do I think about the Meek thing? A lot. But it doesn't sound like Clinton was involved, it sounds like it was that freak of nature Crist trying (ineptly) to get Meek out of the race. However, that said, I wouldn't be surprised if Clinton were involved; he's out to get BO and to undermine him at every turn, so he may well be pulling some puppet strings here (much like his leaking the job offer to Sestak; that was all pretty good theater. Clinton, shrugging and saying “oops” and the WH under a cloud of suspicion for illegal activities. Heh. Good one, Billy Boy).

    It's a HUGE mistake whomever is responsible. Meek is not only black but he seems like a decent enough guy, a man who actually loves and gets America, at least, not a lunatic, power-hungry, back-stabbing, liar and general asshat like Crist. Crist is just what BO would want in DC; a malleable brown-nosing sniveling little creep. I meant Crist there, but BO is one, too. Heh. Anyway, I think Rubio will and should win, even though I have my doubts about his integrity, he's the best one running.

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