What’s This About the Flag of Islam Flying Over the White House?

So I’m flipping through the channels last night and land on CNN and see that radical cleric guy who lives in London (the one who asserts that Islam will dominate the world and that the flag of Islam will fly over the White House).  He went on and on about how Islam and its adherents are intent on world domination, that he’s working non-violently toward the same goal that bin Laden and his ilk are working toward.  Watch the whole thing, it’s worth it.  You’ll learn that all you have to do to keep your head, literally, is to become a Muslim and follow Sharia.  Compliance will ensure nonviolence (until you break a Sharia law, then you will be buried up to your chest and stoned to death [violent image warning on that link] or have some appendage/s or head cut off (I won’t link to those vids, but I think every adult in America should watch one . . . if they can stomach it); noncompliance will ensure violence (I guess that means you just get blown up or shot to death by someone like the Fort Hood terrorist, an American soldier who “holds Sharia first, before the United States Constitution.”).  Woo.  And.  Hoo.  The religion of peace!  At the end of the clip, Spitzer (yes, that one) tells the cleric guy that he’s a “heinous terrorist” who should be in jail.  I sat up for a second thinking that Spitzer got it, but . . ..  He seems to think the guy’s some kind of fringe lunatic.  I’m not so sure.

One of the points he, the cleric guy, made is that Islam and Sharia work together not only as a religion but as a political, legal, economic, and socio-cultural construct.  That’s something that not enough Americans are aware of or accept if they’ve heard it before.  But that’s what its adherents believe, deeply.  So it seems a bit naive to go on pretending that Islam is “just a religion.”  Yes, it is a religion, but it’s also so very much more than that.

The American Thinker has an interesting article by Amil Imani about “Islamism”:

Knowing Islam intimately and having experienced its systemic savagery have compelled me to warn repeatedly of the deadly, imminent threat it poses to all non-Muslims (“Why Confront Islamism“) attempting to present a comprehensive treatment of the evil precepts and practices of Islamism. I am listing a few facts that should be enough to alarm anyone who cherishes liberty and freedom and to awaken anyone who is comforted by the belief that all the Islamic mayhem is limited to an illiterate gang of primitive Middle-Easterners and has no implications for America. Sorry, bad news is here already.

  • Some 26 percent of American Muslims aged 18-29 support suicide bombings “in defense of Islam,” according to findings of a recent Pew poll.

    According to Pew, there are 2.35 million Muslims in America, 30 percent of whom are in the 18-29 age range. Some claim that the number of Muslims is in fact much larger. Even using the conservative Pew numbers, over 180,000 Muslims in America are bomb-approving. This is an alarmingly large number, given that Muslims, as an article of faith, practice dissimulation in dealing with infidels and under-report their true intentions. How many human bombs and bomb-approving people does it take to wreak havoc on our country? [my emphasis]

  • The 180,000 Muslims living among us don’t define what “defense of Islam” is. It could be anything that they feel constitutes an attack on Islam and Islamic values, such as the reported flushing of the Quran down the toilet, the Danish cartoon, Rushdie’s book, a newspaper article, an internet posting, or even women not donning the hijab.
When religious fanatics unreservedly advocate wanton acts of mass murder, they are not likely to shy from coercion and intimidation measures to impose their will on the larger society. In tandem with the cold murder of Theo Van Gough in Holland, for instance, Islamists had been striving to supplant civil laws with the Islamic Sharia in the country. In other lands such as France, England, and Canada, Muslims have also been waging serious campaigns for adoption of the Sharia or some of its provisions, just for starters.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

The immensely difficult task of safeguarding our freedom while ensuring our safety is seriously and repeatedly undermined by Islamist apologists, pontificating academes, vote-hungry politicians, and the mainstream media, each for their own reasons. Here are some of the comfort pills dispensed by the mainstream media’s polls: “Most Muslims seek to adopt American lifestyle” (U.S. Today); “Muslims assimilate better in U.S. than Europe, poll finds” (New York Times); Poll: “US Muslims Feel Post-9/11 Backlash Despite Moderate Outlook” (Voice of America).

It is said that there are lies, damned lies, and statistics. The mainstream media’s manipulation of statistics goes beyond selective reporting and qualifies as outright disinformation. Is the U.S. Muslims’ outlook moderate? All U.S. Muslims? What about the self-reported outlook of hundreds of thousands who support mass murder in the “defense of Islam”? 
Read the rest.  The whole thing is good, but the one thing that really stood out to me is the line about “dissimulation in front of infidels.”  I’d read something similar over at Pamela Gellar’s Atlas Shrugs, and that cleric guy said the same thing last night on CNN:

It seems to me that this dissimulation–this saying one thing to our face, while secretly harboring ill will toward us and supporting, even celebrating, violent attacks on us–is one of the reasons that Americans seem so intent on insisting that there is such as thing as “moderate Islam.”  In doing this, however, we are imposing, as usual, our own values, morals, even customs associated with our own religion/s onto a culture and religion/political ideology that is nothing like our own.  

We hear the left burble about “secular Christians” and “moderate Christians” (as we don’t use either term as Christians, I’m guessing the former are those who don’t go to church and the latter are the ones not blowing up abortion clinics?), so why wouldn’t they invent “moderate Islam,” too?  I’ve come to believe that there is not a “moderate Islam.”  Sure, there are people who are not running around with bombs in their underpants, but, to quote the Turkish Prime Minister who finds the term (“moderate Islam” not “underpants”) an insult:  “The term ‘moderate Islam’ is ugly and offensive; Islam is Islam.”  Indeed.

The question we face is what do we do now?  Because I do not ever want to see any flag but the American flag flying over the White House.



14 thoughts on “What’s This About the Flag of Islam Flying Over the White House?

  1. What I don't understand is the libtards in the US think this is just some overblown scare mongering crap and that we can overcome by 'demonstrating' the higher road to peace.

    I don't love violence but when violence visits me or people around me in the form of a bully I can't defend them with harsh words and sanctions…

    It has been 10 years and these folks' MO hasn't changed.

  2. Well written food for thought. I have posted on this subject several times myself. Taqiyya is the shadow game they play – telling us one thing, but not meaning a word of it. It is quite permissible, and even required, of Muslims when trying to convert non-muslims. On 8/20/10 I posted a video called Three Things about Islam that everyone should watch. So bizarre to be in a position where America is being attacked simultaneously by internal socialist progressives, internal and external Islamists, and external economic pressures. Who could have written this scenario 45years ago?

  3. Terrorism is not a threat. Creeping sharia is the threat. The UK will feel it first it seems.

    Well, I've suggested a constitutional amendment specifically outlawing sharia law in the US. I've read that in 100% Muslim communities it is practiced there, so I believe the idea valid.

    That should kick it up a notch.

  4. See my graphic suggestion here (below the video)

    And you can find this line
    “There's many suggestions for what you may want to do in the coming weeks but as Gideon Rachman said in the Financial Times back in 2008, “These are the kind of ideas that get people reaching for their rifles…” here: http://normanhooben.blogspot.com/2010/10/november-g20-they-will-meet-to-again.html

    Remember that line, “These are the kind of ideas that get people reaching for their rifles.” Any Islamist that has ideas of messing with Old Glory will awaken a sleeping giant…
    God Bless America

  5. @Deekaman, yep, we do.

    @Cubbykins, the left loves fear mongering, they thrive on it. The earth is about to burn to a cinder, the Tea Party is going to throw us back into the stone age and repeal the Civil Rights Amendment and the 19th Amendment and for good measure make everyone be a fundamentalist Christian, conservatives are going to run around killing anyone who looks or thinks different (variation, of course, that we are going to blow up government buildings, which is bizarre, as we are the ones who actual respect the government, just want it smaller and less tyrannical), and on and on and on. The difference on the right is that when we talk about things to be fearful of, we do so with actual evidence (socialism = EPIC fail, terrorism is a real threat, etc.). It's not fear mongering if what you are saying is true, but the dems will, as BO did, stand there and tell you lies to evoke fear (doctors cutting off people's feet? Really???).

    @HTBWS, thanks. I actually was very reluctant to come to these conclusions, for I've long bought into the “moderate Islam” bs. But the more I've seen and heard and read, the more fully I've come to understand that Islamofascism is a real threat to us.

    @Kid, I like the idea of an amendment to the Constitution; I think the threat is real enough to warrant such an action.

    @Norm, well, BO is making sure that the citizens are unarmed (by NATO, no less), so we may not have that option. Even if we do, I sincerely hope that it never ever comes to violence, but I agree that it our duty to protect our nation. And they already do mess with Old Glory; they are among the folks complaining about the flag being displayed on American soil because it makes them “uncomfortable.”

    I'm beginning to wonder if violence is going to be the only way out for Europe, but not for us. We're not as far gone as they are in say, France or the Netherlands. Both of which are finally waking up to the threat they've let get far out of hand and entrenched in their cities and towns and government, legal systems, schools, etc. Germany seems to be waking up a bit, too, with the German chancellor's recent announcement about the failure of multiculturalism. No idea what they plan to do about it, but we can watch and maybe learn from them.

  6. Fuzzy, I also bought into the moderate islam bs. Intellectual laziness, that. All cultures are not morally equivalent. All cultures are NOT hell-bent on murdering their enemies (gays, other religions, innocents). The behavior of muslims is moderate as long as their percentage of a population is below 10%. It is just now reached 10% in France. God help them.

  7. Yup. 10% that's the magic number that makes all Muslims go crazy and start beheading and stoning people immediately. Just like grasshoppers turn into locusts. Really and truly. It's biological fact. Yup. They're not even really human…

  8. The world is becoming a very frightening place. Recently, I was admonished by a kumbaya-singing acquaintance who didn't want to believe what they saw in the video Hoping The Blind Will See mentioned above (Three Things About Islam) as well as other articles I had forwarded along with my thoughts.

    The problem is, there are too many with ostrich syndrome like her, and too few of those of us who want to learn as much as possible about what is happening right under our noses. The best I can do is discuss this with people close to me, my friends and family rather than making my opinions public. I don't like epithets tossed at me because I'm a realist (not a racist).

    Hugggsss to you, Fuzzy.. xo

  9. @Opus, yes, it's a serious problem, one I'm not sure I know how to solve. I do like Kid's constitutional amendment banning Sharia in the United States, but that's probably not going to happen, and if it did, it would merely be holding off the tide, not stopping it. Some combination of an amendment and a concerted effort to end “multiculturalism” and insist on assimilation to American values and our way of life would be a good, solid start. Now, how do we do that?

    @Yukio, your disagreement is duly noted. Opus is referring to the work of Raphael Israeli, I believe. He's a scholar (yes, a real academic, unlike that loser in the WH) who has written extensively about creeping sharia and the threat of Islamofascism (which is actually redundant. Islam IS fascist by its very nature), and this of course, rules out Muslims being “not even really human…”. :p

    @Lateboomer, OMG, GG!! It's beyond fabulous to see you! How have you been? Yes, the denial of the lalala crowd is amazing; they can literally watch video of a stoning or an amputation or an execution and still find ways to rationalize it. Yes, that's right, stealing is wrong, so is “defaming” Allah or Islam, so of course it's perfectly appropriate to hack off someone's head with a blunt knife while crowds gather and cheer (the cheering ones must be the “moderates” because they aren't actually doing the violence, and the ones who are just watching are the “mild” ones maybe). Have you looked into the Canadian Tea Party? Or follow (on Twitter)/read Andrew Lawton? http://strictlyright.com/2010/03/a-canadian-tea-party/

  10. @ Fuzzy

    Exactly what tenets do Fascism and Islam share? How can an Italian, Hegel-based, economic and political theory be synonymous to a religion originating in the Middle East about 1300 years prior? How can Fascism be part of Islam's nature when Islam is older by more than a millennium? Perhaps Fascism is by nature Islamic.

    Islamofascism is a useless, scary label to put onto Muslim totalitarian regimes. Can you name some real Islamofascist countries, and not merely oppresssive Islamic countries? Hussein's Baath Party had historical connections to the Nazis, but the Baath Party was hardly known for being hardcore Islamic.

    Raw numbers taken without social context are useless nonsense and simply used to stoke emotions and fear.

    France (like much of Western Europe) primarily defines itself according to culture/ethnicity, and not government or law (I am not suggesting that the French do not have govt. or law…). The inability to allow for foreign integration into French society (and the inevitable changes in French culture) is a one of the primary reasons for the problems in France. The inevitable failure of multi-culturalism is another. BTW, Western Europe's own social welfare policies are what created the need for the Muslims to immigrate in the first place– this is not some creeping jihad.

    These complicated social issues are the cause of unrest, not some simple, magical Muslim/locust number.

    BTW REAL academics, are saying this about WWII: “The U.S. military and its veterans constitute an imperialistic, oppressive force which has created and perpetuated its own mythology of liberation and heroism, insisting on a 'pristine collective memory' of the war.”

    And: “Conservatives and veterans in the U.S. have had an undue and corrupt influence on how WWII is remembered.”


    And a REAL scholar wrote a NYT op-ed wbout how we should all be vegans and we should work to turn all carnivores into herbivores, and/or exterminate carnivorous species.

    So I don't much stock into the currently overused labels of “scholar” and “academic.”

  11. @Yukio, I wasn't saying you should put stock in his work because he's an academic, I was referring, rather tongue in cheek, to our exchange about BO's lack of academic credentials at Potluck. And I was merely telling you where Opus likely got the 10% figure that you responded to.

    As to how can Islam be fascist 1300 years before fascism was . . . what? Invented? Founded? Fascism didn't spring up out of nowhere nor in a vacuum, it was based very solidly in Plato, among others. Just because it wasn't given that name before doesn't mean that the ideological foundations never existed before. Good grief.

    Further, I used “fascist” as a descriptor to (gasp) describe Islam as I see it. Using the term as an epithet is not only perfectly acceptable but is, to my mind and in this case, apt. As you must know there are at least two ways to use the term “fascist”: one, to describe an actual fascist state run by a self-identifying, ideologically fascist person like (say) Mussolini; and two, to describe something, or someone even, that is totalitarian, rigidly and violently demands conformity, resists and rejects (again violently) any challenge to its absolute moral and political authority, squelches free speech and thought, minutely controls the population via force and intimidation, is dogmatic, and (as I like to say) basically evil.

    And yes, it is absolutely creeping jihad. What do you think CAIR is doing and hundreds of smaller “moderate Islam” groups? Why do you think they keep trying to get Sharia applied in our courts (and it has been)? Why do you think it's important to them that America be “Sharia compliant” if they want only to be peaceful members of our society and culture? Anyway, I'm not going to argue the point with you, in part because I know that I was not swayed by any one person's argument when I held you viewpoint on the topic. It took months and months and much reading, watching, listening, considering, and I still came kicking and screaming to the conclusion that I have.

  12. @ Fuzzy

    Having often been called a Fascist by Lefties, it's my pet peeve that the term Fascism gets thrown around a lot. I don't really buy your second definition of “fascism” being at all different than totalitarianism, but okay.

    And yeah, I understood the “academic” Potluck reference, but I read that WWII crap right before I got on to your site and was peeved about it. Which is unfair and has nothing to do with anything you said…

    Re. “Creeping Jihad”: Who exactly is in control of this creeping jihad? Who is planning and executing it? CAIR? Who is manipulating European job markets to create the need for Muslim immigrants? Whoever it is, they're really good at it, and manage to hide these manipulations so completely that only an enlightened few can see it. Personally, I believe in economic and social forces creating the conditions for present situations and not creeping jihad.

    What does CAIR prove? If CAIR is indeed trying to push Sharia law into American courts (I don't pay much attention to CAIR, so I can't say that they're not), what does that actually prove other than this specific group of people are doing this.

    How many American Muslims are in this country? Do you really believe that CAIR represents the beliefs and interests of the millions of Muslims within the US? Do all these millions conform themselves to CAIR's agendas?

    Again you speak of Muslims as a single, monolithic group where religion has overcome all cultural differences. This is simply not the case. Does this happen in Christianity? Are my goals the same as an Egyptian Copt's, or an Eastern Orthodox Catholic's, an Anglican's, or a Mormon's?

    You mock the idea of moderate Islam (your words: “Yes, that's right, stealing is wrong, so is 'defaming' Allah or Islam, so of course it's perfectly appropriate to hack off someone's head with a blunt knife while crowds gather and cheer (the cheering ones must be the 'moderates' because they aren't actually doing the violence, and the ones who are just watching are the 'mild' ones maybe).”) based on what? A video of a beating? Why not read an Indonesian paper where Muslims have been taking to the streets demanding that the govt. investigate and take actions against attacks on Indonesian Christians?

    Gee, that doesn't really fit the carefully edited narrative, does it?

  13. @Yukio, yeah, that WWII stuff was crap, and I tweeted and posted it to FB after I saw it on your site. Grrr. Gearing up for election day, so I'm too anxious to get into this now. I'm sure you understand. It's a big day.

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