What Made America Great?

America is (or was) the richest, most powerful nation on earth; we are (or were?) innovators, inventors, creators of great things. Even the disgrace in the Oval Office has admitted that, however grudgingly.  We are the first of the first world countries, our standard of living is high, our economy based on the free market, our government established to be limited.  For decades, we’ve been chipping away at it all; increasing spending, entitlements, and the scope and reach of government.  It’s not incidental or an accident that our country is on the road to ruin, on the road to serfdom.  So why, we have to ask ask, are we turning so far away from, actively rejecting, the very values and principles that made this country great? 

Ask yourself what makes America great, and then ask if there is anything this president or this progressive nightmare of a Congress is doing or intends to do that falls in line with American greatness, with what made us great in the first place.  We have a petulant, shady, ruthless, temper tantrum-throwing manchild in the WH, cooking up one socialist scheme after another, and an unrepentant Congress doing his bidding.  Socialism didn’t make America great; socialism has never made any country great.  Ever. 

It’s not too late.  We can turn this around, but we have to act now, and we have to remain active for decades to come.  America is worth it.




2 thoughts on “What Made America Great?

  1. I stand right there with you! Line by line of legislative language, bill by bill, election cycle after election cycle, judge by judge, decade by decade. we will take America back. It won't be easy, it won't be quick, and it will depend largely on our ability to keep our children and grandchildren engaged in the process of returning to a more Constitutional America. The process of reclaiming and restoring the constitution as the bedrock of our nation, and not a “living document” starts tomorrow! God bless all Constitutional patriots!

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