We’ve Got A Country To Take Back: Gone Voting

It’s here, it’s finally here.  This is it, Patriots, the big day. 

I couldn’t sleep last night and was flipping through the channels:  there’s this one channel called MSNBC that is apparently staffed with people from outer space who forgot to pack their brains before journeying to planet Earth, but Fox was great, and CNN was trying something new (they actually had a few real conservatives on, including S. E. Cupp who was wonderful on the subject of Michele Bachmann for 2012 (Larry King apparently has been on the same spaceship that’s been stuck in outer space for the past two years because that was the first time he’d heard her name as a possible candidate).

So, a few observations:

1. Surprisingly, some left-of-center types have decided that the Tea Party is an actual, grassroots movement and are asserting that they’ve been predicting today’s potential teanami for a year.  Uh huh, sure.

2. That most pundits, including more than a few on the right, just don’t get it is abundantly clear.  Lefties like Juan Williams are saying, with a straight face, that this election is about the economy and is not (not, not, not, I say!) a referendum on BO.  And some on the right are saying that it is a referendum on BO, but that it’s more about the economy.  It is absolutely a referendum on BO.  Sure, there’s the economic element, but I can’t help but think that these pundits are really stuck in pre-2008 election and political models.

[side note: if you didn’t see last night’s Red Eye, you simply must hunt it down and watch it.  Juan was staring at Dana Loesch like he couldn’t quite believe his eyes, and when he asks her about being so young (and hot, one thinks from the way he’s looking at her) and a Tea Party peep, he’s clearly completely confused.  Pleasantly so, but confused.  This doesn’t compute.  He thought we were all much older, he explains.  Staring.  It wasn’t creepy, though, and I hereby predict that Juan Williams will soon announce that he’s a conservative.  Between the fallout from his rude awakening about the “big tent,” open-minded, inclusive crusaders for free speech and tolerance and in light of his discovery that we’re not doddering out of our white’s only nursing homes and spending our last social security dime to take the short bus to a Tea Party rally, he’s beginning to make the transition from Lunatic LoserLand to the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave.  I’ve seen that look before.]

3. The aliens at MSNBC are completely unhinged and seriously misguided in their “analysis” of this election and of the Tea Party more generally.  Sure, we know this, have known it for ages, but it’s almost surreal watching them rant on and on about (yeah, guess which lunatic I’m talking about) how stoooopid we are for not voting in our “best interests” (we all know this is prog code for selfish, personal reasons, for our single-issue/race/gender/pet cause, and/or for short-term gain/handouts).  How can we not want the massive monstrosity that our freakishly-gigantic, inefficient, insanely expensive federal government has become?  Must be stooopid.  The near-catatonic awe at our incredible naivete for sending people to DC who are not career pols, who won’t know how to bring home the pork, who won’t (gasp!) bend over for BO and become the traitorous horde we’re voting out.  These guys and gals won’t know how to play the political scene, and Washington is all about politics!  But but but they’ll simply have to work with BO or they’ll be big old obstructing obstructionists who obstruct (yeah, okay, so I just watched Red Eye, okay?).  There’ll be gridlock!  There’ll be no compromise and no wheeling and dealing for votes that will destroy our nation!  The horror!

Yep, and that’s exactly what we want.  They simply can’t fathom that anyone, let alone millions of us, are thinking not of ourselves as a narrowly-defined voting block, nor of our pet cause/single issue, nor of how to get the best goodies from the taxpayer gravy train.  We are thinking of something that they just cannot comprehend:  America

Whoooooosh!  Right over their silly little heads. 

4. I didn’t hear anyone mention any black republican candidates last night (not even Allen West).  I’m not sure what to make of that.  It could be as simple as this being too big, too overwhelming to cover it all, and there are key races that simply must be covered.  It could also be that I was flipping around from cable news channel to cable news channel and simply missed it.  But it occurs to me that the Tea Party is about returning to the constitutional principles and values that made this country great and is not soaked in the identity politics that leftists so rely on to control the unwashed masses and that the GOP establishment cowers in fear at the very thought of.  Silly rabbits.  We’re Americans, and this is all about our country, and the Tea Party will support any candidate who shares our values–any race, any gender, any anything (well, probably not serial killers or something like that, but witches?  Sure, we love our “witch.”).

It’s past time for America to come together as one people; we need to find someone for 2012 who will actually be a uniter, not a dissembling divider; someone who can articulate core American values and bring us all together in the best interests of America.  I’m not sure who that is (maybe someone like Marco Rubio?), but I can give you a somewhat lengthy list of whom it is not.  I do realize that this is waaaaay premature and that no single person can do this, but if what I think is happening is happening, then liberals (those seemingly mythical liberals of yore who loved America, hated socialism and communism, championed free market capitalism, and were fiscally conservative) will soon be awakening, too.  Heck, many already are and are self-identifying as “conservative independents” or any of a number of tags that distinguish them from the socialist progs who hijacked their party.

5.  We know that what we want won’t happen over night, that the damage that’s been done for decades will take time to flush out and fix.  And we’re not going to get impatient or whiny or wanting it noooooow (now, now, now, I say!).  Nope, we’ll leave that sort of behavior and thinking to the leftist unhinged fringe .  We get that it will take several election cycles just to get the progs out of Congress (mostly, some we’ll never get rid of because they represent the two or three prog districts in the nation), and we get that this election is a restraining order, not the dawn of an age of wand waving and unicorns.  And we are “here” to stay.  This is our country, and it’s time to take it back.  Starting today.

I’ll be over at the fabulousness of Professor Jacobson’s Legal Insurrection live chat event for much of the day/evening/into the night, so do come join the discussion.


Let’s go kick some lunatic butt (at the polls, of course, where law-abiding patriots who love their country and her Constitution go for butt kicking).




4 thoughts on “We’ve Got A Country To Take Back: Gone Voting

  1. Number 4 above hits the nail on the head. There are many components to what will drive today's results at the polls, but the biggest one is “the Tea Party is about returning to the constitutional principles and values that made this country great and is not soaked in the identity politics that leftists so rely on to control the unwashed masses and that the GOP establishment cowers in fear at the very thought of. Silly rabbits. We're Americans, and this is all about our country, and the Tea Party will support any candidate who shares our values–any race, any gender, any anything (well, probably not serial killers or something like that, but witches? Sure, we love our “witch.”).”

    How hard is that for the 'establishment' – dems and reps – to understand? I still can't get over that so many talking heads from both parties won't (or can't) bring themselves to actually utter those words! Unbelievable. They still think we're going to fade into the night…. how naive!! lol

  2. Dana Loesch IS hot, as are all conservative women. Brains and good looks. What's not to love.

    But seriously, we are on the cusp of sending the America-hating Leftists into the wilderness for a generation. I've never been this excited.

  3. My dear friend Fuzzy.. as usual, you astound and entertain me with your keen observations and ability to paint a picture beyond the words you write. You have me thinking, and laughing.. and of course, ranting in replying…

    An Indian woman (Haley), a Latina(Martinez), an American man of Cuban descent(Rubio). A Black man from Florida (West).

    Those are just 4 of tonight's winners off the top of my head, and not a one is an angry old white man. All “should be” progs by their definition, yet none are even close. In fact, they are all the most “fringe” of the right, and all were supported by that stoopid, hateful, evil Sarah Palin.

    Dana Loesch is indeed hot, because she's full of common sense and smarts. She's nice to look at too. I kinda caught Red Eye last night… and I guess being a guy, half asleep, and more listening than watching I didn't pick up on the awkward nature of his admiration.

    Juan Williams is, as you know, an “old-school” Democrat from the days before they lost their morals and their sanity – just as you describe in the 2nd half of your 4th point.

    There are only a handful of rational D's left, and most of them in the public arena work for FNC, including Juan, Pat Caddell, Doug Schoen. I'll even give Bob Beckel a nod – he's rational and not a total socialist. I want to have faith also in Kirsten Powers – she supports some rather leftist ideas, but she's not a jerk like most of them can be…

    Anyway – I loved your description of the freakshow that is MSNBC these days. I've never witnessed so much commercially sponsored misinformation and disdain for all things Capitalist (which therefore by default are to some degree commercial). It really is ironic, if you think about it.

    It is now time for the Republicans to show that it is Obama who is the obstructionist. The Right now has the ability to write a balanced budget, and force him to stop spending like a madman. They can create good, positive legislation and prove that Obama will not cooperate. They can find rational, positive spending cuts that should be “bi-partisan,” and be very loud about it when he doesn't cooperate.

    All Obama can do now is force more agenda on America through executive order, which he no doubt will attempt in an effort to gain voters (read illegals) for 2012.

    Two more years… two more years…

    Be good – come visit my rant about Election night coverage, and my discussion with my younger brother in the comments. I'm sure you'll enjoy!

  4. @HTBWS, the GOP establishment is either progressive or brainwashed by decades of liberal propaganda, bullying, and politically-correct BS. They'll get over it. The left, however, will cling (aye, bitterly) to their divide and conquer strategy. This is a good thing for us. As their attacks become more and more useless, pointless, and fruitless (look at how truly useless the RAAAAAACIST card is these days), they'll get more and more desperate, thereby undermining still further their credibility (we see this already with the loons at the NAACP freaking out about black holes in greeting cards and continuing to heap on the RAAAACIST crap). We'll get there, though, and sooner rather than later. Sane people are starting to wake up across the country (I'm so happy to see some libs even talking about Marco Rubio and Allen West and questioning their assumptions about our RAAAAAACISM).

    @Deekaman, it was a stellar first step; I couldn't be more happy with the results (well, I could, but I live in MA, and these lunatics proved to be very disappointing . . . yet again.).

    @Sol, heh, thanks! I'll have to hop over there when I finish this comment. 🙂 If the Republicans attempt to compromise on a radical, socialist agenda, they will hear from us. There is no compromise . . . oh, I just want to be a little bit third world, a little bit bankrupt? Give me a break.

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