On the Shellacking and the Next Two Years

“Remember November” was a raging success.  Oh, sure, BO came out and said he’d taken a “shellacking,” and indeed, he did.  But he also made it abundantly clear that he has absolutely no idea–none at all–why.  Color me unsurprised. So he’s going to reach out to Republicans, he’s got an open door to hear their ideas, he’s blah blah blah . . . the same tired crap we heard all last year.  The only difference is that now he may actually return phone calls from Republican leaders, and he may even deign to meet with them (while he mentally sticks his fingers in his ears and hums to block them out.  Actually, come to think of it, I would not be in the least surprised if he did just that.).  What he will not do, what he is incapable of doing, is stepping down from his ideological pedestal.  His idea of “compromise” is exactly the same as it’s always been:  get on board with my agenda or I’ll call you an “obstructionist.” 

All that blather about being energy independent made me want to vomit.  His idea of energy independence is electric cars and cap and tax?  Seriously?  And he thinks that the republicans will go along with that garbage?  They better not.  Energy independence is using our own resources, not relying so heavily on foreign oil.  But what does he do?  He sends billions to Brazil so they can drill, he let’s Cuba drill in the Gulf of Mexico, but he stops us from drilling.  You know who he should talk to about energy independence?  Sarah Palin.  Everyone, including lunatic progs who nearly choke on the admission, knows that if there’s one thing Sarah Palin knows inside out it’s energy and America’s natural resources.  But he’d sooner meet with Ahmadinejad than Sarah Palin (just like he’d rather read a book about Clinton and meet with Hugo Chavez than actually talk to Bill Clinton).  The man’s a disgrace, and nothing he said Wednesday changes that.

It’s a God-send that Republicans did not also win the Senate.  Although he can, to a certain extent, call the House Republicans “obstructionists” and get his faithful zombie followers to believe it (hell, they believed it last year when the dems had supermajorities and didn’t need one republican to do a thing.  Maths, apparently, is not their strong suit.).  If Republicans had both houses, it would be almost impossible to get BO out of office in 2012.  He’d poor me and I’m such a victim of the evil right from one end of the nation to the other, and enough people would feel sorry for him that he’d likely win.  This way, however, his hands are tied in the legislature, but with the Senate and the WH, he’s still got more power.

And as a bit of an aside, we need to be more vigilant than ever about what this lunatic is doing under the radar.  The single most chilling thing that BO has said (well, of late) is when he told Jon Stewart that he’d done “things [we] don’t even know about.”  I have no doubt that this is true, and I have no doubt that whatever these things are, they would inspire instant outrage and another torches and pickforks Tea Party trip to D. C. 

Another reason it’s good that we didn’t win the Senate this year is that Republicans are unlikely to do what BO and his creepy cretins did: ignore, shut out, and cut off the people who put them there.  The Republicans still need us if they want the Senate and WH in 2012, and they need us motivated for the next two years (little do they know that we’ll be motivated for the next twenty or more!).  So they will not be quick to jump on the big government, big spending, big entitlements, amnesty bandwagon as they did when they held majorities in both houses and the WH.  This will also help ensure that the Tea Parties are not a “fad” and that we don’t fade into obscurity (as many are predicting), so it’s win-win.

That all said, let’s not forget that BO is a Chicago thug, and that the one thing he’s likely to take from these elections is that they gave too many people a voice that he doesn’t think they should have (we’re too stupid, frightened, confused, etc. to think rationally, after all).  He’ll be starting now to ensure that the 2012 elections are rigged to high heaven and that every corrupt, disgusting fraud is perpetrated.  He’ll also be cozying up to his base to stamp out his enemies (conservatives and the American people, of course) in any and every way possible, including some that I’m sure we’re too sane and honest to even dream of.

Be alert.  BO and his traitorous horde have missed the message and are incapable of ever getting it.  Instead, they will double down and slink into the dark corners and deep sewers to force their agenda . . . without any help from or need for Congress.  He’s been busily putting an entire infrastructure in place, and we’ve known this for almost two years now.  He’ll want to silence all those people who were reported to the WH during the “flag the fishy” campaign, he’ll start pushing that “conservatives are potential terrorists” thing from the DHS memo, he’ll keep working on shutting down free speech on the internet, in newspapers, and on television (you can have no opposition, if there’s no opposition media, remember?).  Heck, the day after the election, he told us all that the EPA should indeed carry on with cap and tax.  He’ll keep offering people illegal deals to step out of races, to take jobs, to move about like chess pieces on his giant chess board.  He’ll ensure that the DOJ keeps its let’s not prosecute crimes by black people on white people policy, and he’ll keep over-reaching in every conceivable way.

So let us not forget the very best thing of all: the House has the sole power of impeachment.  And the Senate has some blue dogs in it who wouldn’t mind a chance to keep their seats in 2012 and beyond, and one way to do that may well end up being an impeachment trial.  I’m not sure they’d have the two-thirds needed to convict, but isn’t it pretty to think so?




4 thoughts on “On the Shellacking and the Next Two Years

  1. I think your right. There was no way conservatives (remember there are still a bunch of RINO's) were going to get the 2/3rds needed to override his vetoes. Having control of the senate removes any semblance of validity to the claim that the Republicans will not allow him to govern. I said before this election, that the real fight will be in 2012.

  2. I SO want to see the subpoenas flying at least with regard to the Sestak affair. But there is so much more. Black Panthers, and on and on.

    Congressional hearings need to become the new American sport.

  3. I would like to see an Impeachment.

    1.) He really is an imbecile and ultimately would be an embarrassment to black people to be remembered and honored.
    2.) I don't want him remembered and honored. He's done nothing to deserve it outside of not being a white dude. Affirmative action president. Ignorant, tasteless, classless, and most of all Anti-American. There is No reason to honor this guy. – Barack H Obama streets, roads, blvds all over America. Puke.

    And I absolutely wish him no ill will. For general moral purposes by all means, but beyond that, can you imagine….. Once a year, every year the stock market is closed for BHO day, all the government and bankers get another holiday, etc etc. Puke up a Hairball on that one.
    Impeach him but keep him in office since he's been neutered by the 2010 elections and just forget about him when he's gone. No doubt, he will fight as hard as Carter and Clinton to rewrite history and make himself into something valuable, but I don't know of any way to stop that, and frankly, that stuff is pretty obvious to most people anyway as being pathetic.

  4. @Trestin, I very much agree, the real fight will be in 2012. And it will be dirty and take all of us being as motivated (or more) than we were this year.

    @Opus, me, too, that judge trade, too, and definitely the voter intimidation case that has direct ties to the WH. So much to investigate, really, and more that we probably aren't even aware of yet.

    @Kid, I'd like to see him impeached, too, for the good of our nation. But your points are good ones, too. Heh.

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