We, the People: The Only "Special Interest Group" That Matters

It’s easy to become overwhelmed when we think about how very much work there is to be done in saving our beloved country, but we’d do well to stop and reflect on just how much we’ve accomplished.  We are fighting every day against people who deem the American flag an affront to their sensibilities . . . right here, at home, on American soil.  We are fighting the sprogs (socialist-progressives) who want to destroy our economy, dismantle our free market, and drag us into banana republic status.  We fight them by working together; by sharing information, insight, and support; by donating to candidates (not parties and only a handful of PACs); by making calls, standing out, knocking on doors; by talking to our neighbors, friends, relatives, and colleagues; by blogging and tweeting and via any number of online social media; by doing everything we can think of to help our fellow Americans understand what is going on and that they have a role in changing it, a duty to change it.  No, we’re not in some distant, foreign land, but we are doing what we can to fight for our country in the only ways we know how. We’ve been on the front lines of a war against domestic enemies who think they have a better vision for our great nation than our founders did, who think they know better than the people, who believed themselves unstoppable, omnipotent. 

And you know what?  We’re making a difference.  We’re facing ridicule, bitter hatred, condescension, vitriol, and even violence.  And we’re happy to do it because we don’t care if we’re called RAAACIST or if some lunatic bites off our finger or beats us to a bloody pulp.  We know that’s a chance we take because it’s happened to people in our ranks, and we soldier on.  We soldier on because we have pride in our country, in our military, in our selves.

And we’re affecting change, just look at the election results from November 2nd, only two years after the Republican Party was declared dead, we breathed new life into it, moved it back toward its core values from which it had strayed.  Heck, look at the Scott Brown win in January of this year.  That was the product of the people, literally from across the nation, pulling together to support the 41st vote in the Senate, the vote that would stop (we thought and believed) the nationalization of our health care system.  Patriots from as far south as Georgia and Alabama drove and flew into Massachusetts, people as far west as California made phone calls to Massachusetts voters, people across this nation donated money to Brown’s campaign.  The American people tweeted and blogged and posted comments on news articles and leftie blogs morning, noon, and night, and you know what?  He won.  We, the people, worked to put a republican in Ted “I’ve been wanting nationalized healthcare for 50 years” Kennedy’s Senate seat.  That is hugely significant.  In Massachusetts?  Are you kidding me, that was jaw-dropping.

And that’s not all we’ve done.  Even before that, patriots elected conservative, anti-Obama governors in Virginia and New Jersey.  Patriots marched and peacefully protested in Washington D.C.  Not once, not twice, but no fewer than four times (that I can think of right now), and one was at the last minute, on a couple day’s notice when Michele Bachmann asked Americans to go, to try to “kill the bill.”  And thousands went.  Thousands.  On little notice and at great personal expense.  Patriots across this country attended town halls throughout the summer of 2009, and they protested the health care reform directly to their representatives in Congress.  We wrote letters, made calls, sent emails.  We did everything we could to communicate our displeasure to them.  They didn’t listen.  We fulfilled our responsibility to express our views to our elected representatives, and still they didn’t listen.  But we didn’t give up, even then, when on Christmas Eve of last year the monstrosity was passed.  Our resolve only strengthened.

And we mobilized and did, again, everything we could to replace the traitors to the American spirit, to the American Dream, on November 2nd.  Given our lack of experience at organizing on a large scale or at politics in general, we did pretty okay, wouldn’t you say?  We took the House.  And we didn’t just take it by a the skin of our teeth, we swept it like nothing we’ve done in 70 years.  Seventy years.  That’s something, no?  We didn’t take the Senate, that’s true, but we will in 2012, along with the White House.

We aren’t backing down when the PC squad tries to take our rights, to stamp out patriotism.  How many stories have there been in the past year about schools or businesses or organizations making people stop showing, flying, and even wearing the American flag?  Quite a few.  And in every single case, we, the people, pushed back.  We called, we wrote, and we joined together to stop the foolishness.  Look what happened only yesterday when little Codie was told he couldn’t fly his flag on his bike!  This is the American people at our best, and this is what we’ll keep doing.  Many may have thought that the Tea Parties, the people, would just slump back on our couches after the election, but that’s not going to happen.

Only this week we showed that we are serious and are not going to slip back into our complacent stupor.  Oh no!  Instead we showed that we are the only “lobby,” the only “special interest” that matters in this country (but we can’t be bought off, brow beaten, bribed, bartered with, or bullied).  Our phone calls, emails, tweets, and posts showed the GOP establishment that we are not going to sit back and let them go back to their big government, big spending ways.  Everyone is saying that earmarks aren’t a big deal, that they are a small part of the budget, and this may be true, but their corrupting influence (essentially bribes for votes on bills) is huge, and it must be stopped.  The GOP establishment actually listened (in McConnell’s own words), and they will pass the ban on earmarks (it’s only for a couple years, but maybe they hope we’ll be back on our couches by then?  Wrong!).  We did that.  Us, just normal, every day Americans.

We, the people, are the biggest, most powerful body in this nation, and we should never forget that.  Together, we can and will take America back.   We are off to a pretty darned impressive start, wouldn’t you say?




8 thoughts on “We, the People: The Only "Special Interest Group" That Matters

  1. @HTBWS, it's so easy to get discouraged, but it's good to keep in mind that while we have quite a way to go, we've also come quite a way in a relatively short time. Yay us!

    @Kerry, 😉 *hugs*

    @Dean, thanks! 😀

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