Actions Speak Louder Than Words

It’s so amusing to me that BO says (in essence) that all his socialist policies have erroneously made the American people think that he’s a socialist.  This cracks me up.  Isn’t that a bit like:

Gee, it’s so weird that my killing millions upon millions of people and establishing a totalitarian fascist regime where once were a free people makes people think that I’m a mass-murdering fascist.  What’s up with that?


All I did was devote my life to God and to helping the poor and the sick, and now all people say about me is that I was a devout Catholic who helped the poor and the sick.  I don’t get it.




7 thoughts on “Actions Speak Louder Than Words

  1. We are defined by our actions. People think that Barack Obama is a socialist because he behaves that way, and promotes socialism. He should be proud of his socialist/communist roots and proclaim socialism throughout the land… But it doesn't really matter because the blush is off the rose and people know him for who he is now.

  2. i'm sure it's just a messaging problem. i mean, he just hasn't explained to us well enough that his socialist policies actually prove that he's NOT a socialist. if we were all as smart as he is, we'd understand.

  3. @LL, that's what I've been saying all along, if it's such a clearly superior government/social framework, lay it out in the open, explain it to us (endlessly), and let us vote on it. Oh, wait, I see, that's so not in the socialist totalitarian handbook. With this TSA business, we're moving into dangerous territory. I just saw an article where a cancer-patient had to remove, yes remove, her prosthetic breast at the airport. People have to start standing up for their rights right now. This is entirely unconstitutional. What's reasonable about forcing an ill woman to remove her fake breast? Honestly, I hope that people start suing and fast, this needs to go to the Supremes, asap. The state cannot do this to people without reasonable suspicion, and the whole point of it is to ensure that no one is “more suspicious” than anyone else (like a Muslim from the Middle East who just bought a one-way ticket in cash and says his reason for being here is to take flying lessons). Okay, getting ranty. But you're right, we know who he is, but we're still allowing police state action like this? Crazy.

    @Kerry, lol, yes, if he just talked for another thousand hours, we'd get it. You know, at some point, you'd think that a reporter would ask what the hell kind of professor can't explain things to people? That's our freaking job.

    @The Born-Again American, how's my favorite Floridian patriot (next to my dad, anyway)? And no, I think we're supposed to duck. heh

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