Double Take on "Yes We Did"

Pundits and bloggers have been scratching their heads about BO’s (seemingly) bizarre voice mail to his OFA supporters, congratulating them for their “victory” in the November 2nd elections.  

“Thank you for the tireless work. You guys organized the single largest midterm election effort in this history of our party…You turned ‘Yes We Can’ into ‘Yes We Did.’”

Glenn Beck’s new website the Blaze is ablaze with incredulity and confusion over it, usually eloquent Jake Tapper expresses his puzzlement with a telling “Huh?”, and HotAir wrote about it–dumbfounded–not once, but twice.

Believe me, I’m among the first to call BO an arrogant, out of touch, narcissistic tyrant, but this declaration of victory just makes no sense at all.  Even from an arrogant, out of touch, narcissistic tyrant.

Here’s a chilling thought: what if BO is thanking them for something that we don’t know about?  Maybe the shellacking was going to be much much worse, but OFA and their web of thugs somehow managed to minimize the damage?  How close were those close elections?  How many voting machines and mysterious stacks of ballots all with the same handwriting actually are out there?  How many illegals, dead people, and imaginary people “voted”?  How many people were bribed with pizza, hoodwinked, or told how to vote?

What if OFA focused its attention on saving some key seats, honing their “process” in 2010 with an eye to 2012?  One of these may be Harry Reid’s in Nevada.  Even Rasmussen, usually spot on, is puzzled by the fact that Sharron Angle went into election with a 2.9% lead, yet Reid won by a 5.6%.  “What’s up with Nevada?” indeed.

We are far too uninterested in voter fraud in this country, and with the most important election in our nation’s entire history coming up in less than two years (and I don’t think that’s an exaggeration) , we better get our act together.  Fast.




7 thoughts on “Double Take on "Yes We Did"

  1. @AlabamaBuzz, lol, maybe so.

    @Opus, maybe, or maybe it's his idea of boosting morale (obviously wrong-headed, but then, he's never been a leader).

    @Kerry, I know. But the DOJ is on Rep. Issa's short list of investigations, so we'll see how that goes.

  2. I agree with Opus. It's all smoke and mirrors and it's all his supporters have ever had.

    Well, we need More Tea Party/Conservative Candidates to enter the fray and replace the useless Repubs and of course as many Communist Dems as possible.

  3. @Odie, oh yes we will. :p

    @Kid, well, they had that for sure, but that's not all they had. They had billions of dollars, the MSM, ACORN, the SEIU, the NBPP, and who knows what else behind them. And they fight dirty.

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