Take Your Nanny State and Shove It

So I’m reading Eleanor Clift’s article in Newsweek (yeah, yeah, I know, not exactly high brow reading, nor from Clift did I expect penetrating analysis, but I needed a break from the horrors of this administration and didn’t have time to watch my favorite Spongebob clip), and she’s saying that what BO needs is people around him who don’t worship him, who will challenge his worldview, and who will essentially stop sheltering him from reality (not that her sense of reality is that much more clear or grounded than his, but . . .).  She’s right, of course.

However, I’m not sure that BO can take anything other than hero worship and “yes men.”  We’ve seen repeatedly how thin-skinned and downright petulant he is in the face of any criticism, so he probably needs his little phalanx of fawners to keep him from a complete meltdown (which, by the way, I still think is coming).  Anyway, nothing of note there, just basic common sense.

What struck me about her article was in the last paragraph where she wrote:

This is not the end of the Obama presidency, far from it, but it is time to take courageous stands on behalf of working people so these disaffected voters, whom we used to call Reagan Democrats, understand that their financial self-interest is with Obama and the Democrats and not with the Tea Party. 

And there it is, tossed out as a given.  This idea that Americans are interested solely and selfishly in their “financial self-interest.”  This premise is at the heart of all democrat policies: people love hand-outs, they want free money, they prefer to be taken care of and told what to do.  To a degree, this is true, and far too many people in this country have latched on to the nanny state for all they’re worth.  And that premise has taken the democrats pretty darned far, too far for my tastes.  The middle class is being systemically bled into poverty or lured there because they are taxed so much that they now have less disposable income than those making minimum wage.

But what we are seeing now, what the Tea Party represents more than anything else, is that Americans are not focused solely on their own “financial self-interest.”  Yes, we need jobs, yes we need a stable economy, but what we really need and what we are fighting for is a return to basic American principles that ensure both.  We see a bigger picture.  Our “financial self-interest” is rooted in America’s success; if we can save her and get her back on track, we–and importantly, our children and grandchildren–will keep more of our (and their) own money, have more jobs and choices, and remain free from an overreaching, tyrannical government.  We fight for freedom and for America, not for a welfare check and food stamps.

BO has made it abundantly clear that he has no concept of this.  Remember him telling the wonderful future president Bobby Jindal not to worry about jobs, that the people of Louisiana would be getting unemployment and/or checks from BP?  And remember Bobby Jindal‘s appalled and outraged response:

I want everybody in the country to hear that: there is nobody in Louisiana that wants an unemployment check . . . .  We’re not even asking for a BP check. We want to go back to work.

Got that, BO?  The American people do. not. want. handouts.  We don’t want or need constant supervision, the government telling us how and what to eat or how to raise our children or what car to drive.  We don’t want you telling us that we can’t grow tomatoes on our porch or have/run/purchase from farmers markets.  We don’t want you telling us what news to watch or what blogs to read.   We don’t want you to “protect” us from ourselves; we want to be free.  Free to succeed or fail.  Free to make our own choices and live our own lives.

BO and the democrats (including sprogs, of course) want to keep the American people in a state of constant and total dependency on the federal government.  Dependent on them for jobs, for money, for housing, for food, for every conceivable thing.  The American people, however, loathe dependency, and reject the idea of being under the thumb of an all-powerful, totalitarian government.  We are people who want to work, who want to be self-sufficient, who want to pursue our dreams down a path that is clear of restrictive and intrusive government intervention and regulation (obviously some regulation is necessary, but keep it minimal, and keep the government out of my salt, my soda, and my crotch).  This fundamental disconnect is exactly what will destroy the Democratic Party (if they don’t manage to tear themselves apart first).

The more they expand government, the less freedom people have.  Above all else, Americans are a free people. We fully intend to remain so.  So Clift, BO, and the entire democratic machine, you can take your nanny state and shove it.   


13 thoughts on “Take Your Nanny State and Shove It

  1. Fuzz: spot on. The people so much as told BO to shove it a few weeks ago. And BO's response? He needs to polish his message because we are too dense to get how wonderful his programs are.

    Newt Gingrich is currently pushing his phrase 'the Democrats are the party of food stamps, and the Republicans are the party of paychecks.' How true.

    Since Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are still the faces of the Democrat party inspite of their drubbing at the ballot box in 2010, 2012 is another shellacking in the making.

  2. Isn't it amazing that the 'brilliant' ones like Clift, still buy into 'he just didn't explain it to the stooopid masses' meme. We are too dumb to realize what a wonder we have sitting in the Oval Office.

    We realize what we HAD…for all his faults, many, many Americans (more than the 39 percent approval rating you know who has!) 'MISS' Dubya…

  3. Another great post. It amazes me how easily we can be bribed with our own money. We are like dogs doing tricks for treats. We've surrendered our self determination and liberties to the government for what? What evidence is there that the government can or will act in our best interest?

  4. They'll never get it Fuzzy. And they will never act in our best interest either – not until we find men or women filled with humility who don't look at the presidency as a way to place their mark on history. If we can ever find someone who truly only wants to serve because they are sought after, not because they aspire to the office, then we will find a truly great and historically significant figure.

  5. Fuzzy, great post. I love the way you worked in the links to make your point. I totally agree. And Paychecks versus food stamps is a perfect way to describe the difference.

  6. “The American people do. not. want. handouts. We don't want or need constant supervision, the government telling us how and what to eat or how to raise our children or what car to drive. We don't want you telling us that we can't grow tomatoes on our porch or have/run/purchase from farmers markets. We don't want you telling us what news to watch or what blogs to read. We don't want you to “protect” us from ourselves; we want to be free. Free to succeed or fail. Free to make our own choices and live our own lives.” (FS)
    That pretty much says it all….although I don't think the liberals will get the message, not until they're completely marginalized. That day can't come soon enough, but it's going to be an uphill fight.

  7. It's a blight that's spreading. You had to have noticed the elections in California. The “takers” in our state are at about 50%. Come election time they vote their pocket book. That means they vote MY pocket book. Let's call it what it is, “The Obama Virus”.

  8. I'll be excited when the first Democrat Initiated Negative Return on Investment program is dissolved.
    -Career Baby Makers
    -Dept of Energy
    -Dept of Education
    -War on Poverty
    -War on Drugs
    -Dis-recognize CAIR
    -Throttle Medical Lawsuits
    -War on Drugs
    -Recognize SS as a prepaid entity, not an 'entitlement', that the politicians have stolen the money from.

    Sorry, but until something like this happens, we're just slowing down the process at best.

  9. Don't get lulled into the frog in the hot water syndrome, ie no more plastic bags, incandescent bulbs, no cupcakes in schools, PC cooking oil, (KFC ain't as good as it once was) and I really miss a toy in my happy meal.

    For some reason there are people who want to tell us what is good or bad for us and these people are getting away with it a little at a time.

    Oh yeah, one more, be sure not to lick your Christmas lights as it has been to cause cancer in lab animals, (hey, check the warning label on the box).

  10. @Fredd, BO defies explanation at this point. Who knows what is wrong with him, but it's clear that something is. Very wrong. Heh, and yeah, Gingrich is right, so let's hope that there are still enough people in America who won't vote for food stamps.

    @Mary, I miss President Bush more every day, but I don't miss his big government, entitlement, amnesty riffs. We can live without that crap. But having a president who actually loved America and was strong and staunch in supporting and defending her . . . ah! Those were the days.

    @Kerry *hugs*

    @Mo, thanks! 🙂 The thing is that it's not their money that a lot of people are being bribed with. Almost half pay no income tax, and about half of them get “refunds.” But yeah, the only time government is worth a damn is when it's limited and still answers to the people.

    @HTBWS, hear, hear!

    @MJ, aw, thanks! 😀

    @Opus, thanks, Girl. That paychecks and foodstamps thing was Newt's of course, but it sure does sum it up in one neat little sound byte.

    @JMK, it is an uphill fight, but I think it's one that we, the people, finally have the will to fight. Forcing the commies back into the shadows is a necessity at this point.

    @Trestin, and where would they go? That's the problem, we're the last truly free society (or we were until recently and will be again).

    @Odie, exactly, they vote to keep sponging off of other people. Wouldn't mind if Cali fell in the Pacific and floated away (once you and Opus were safely on American soil, of course).

    @Kid, we're getting there, keep telling people this. I'm all for it, cut it all to the quick and then some.

    @Thomas, hi there. Yep it's frog boiling slowly time. My hope is that we frogs woke up and jumped out of the pot a bit before BO and his traitorous horde expected.

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