Can Sarah Get Back that Blank Slate She Had in 2008?

I remember jumping off my couch and screaming “YES!” at least twice during Sarah Palin’s 2008 RNC acceptance speech, and I remember thinking at the time (even posting on my then-blog) that she’s the real deal, presidential material.

A lot has happened since then, and Sarah has endured the most damning and damaging coordinated campaign to discredit and destroy her undertaken in my lifetime.  With people, including herself, discussing the possibility of a Sarah run for the presidency, I wanted to go back to that evening, to remember what she’d said that had me leaping to my feet and that had the leftist journolisters terrified, convinced that she’d help McCain beat BO (thus beginning the coordinated Alinsky-style all-out assault on her):

I wanted to jump off my couch and shout “YES!” again, just as I did two years ago, but too keen is my awareness that people hate her, loathe her, and that those who don’t, simply don’t see her as president.  I’m not talking lunatic lefties, either, but normal, everyday moderates on both the left and the right (that vast swath of the middle that any presidential candidate must win).  Do you think that she can overcome this?  Can she get back that blank slate she had in 2008?

I’m still convinced that the 2012 election is the election that literally determines our future as a constitutional republic (i.e. whether we can become one again or not), and I’m still not willing to gamble our entire nation on a bet that is far from a sure thing. 



18 thoughts on “Can Sarah Get Back that Blank Slate She Had in 2008?

  1. I don't know for sure. I don't believe she can do it for 2012. I think she would be a great president – certainly better than the current one. But right now, just plain unelectable.

  2. The person who I think is best suited for the job of beating Obama and helping to right our wayward nation is a man who hardly anyone is talking about: Congressman-elect Col. Allen West. Our enemies would fear him the way they did Reagan and America would be on her way back to a position of strength instead of the cowering weakness that Obama has saddled us with.
    I'd rather not see Palin run for Potus, if for no other reason that the fact that she's not Col. Allen West who is an American HERO and not a man to be trifled with. I think Obama would pee his pants if he had to face Col. West, and so would the rest of the left.

  3. I like Palin, but I don't think she'll be electable to the presidency for quite a while — maybe ten or more years (at which time she'll still be plenty young for the job). She is right now playing a *very* valuable political role in the country, as a leader of the small-government party. I'd like to see her continue in that role, expand it, and continue to threaten the old-line Republican establishment, so the Republican Party becomes more like the Tea Party, and less a mixture of crony capitalists and social reactionaries.

  4. I might add that it will be more difficult for her to “rehabilitate” than it was for Reagan after losing to Nixon because there is an orchestrated effort to discredit her, unlike REagan.

  5. Have you been watching Brit Hume's special on Conservatism? I'm just a bit to young to remember the actual events, but if I'm to trust Hume's portrayal of that era, the similarities between Reagan and Palin are uncanny.

    The last installation discussed the '76 campaign and the RNC convention. It discussed how the challenger, Reagan, outshined (outshone?) the nominee, Ford. It discussed how there was a cheer from the crowd for Reagan that simply would not end. Remind you of one Sarah Palin, who clearly was the talk of the nation after the speech you embedded in this post?

    It also discussed the way Carter won over white southern evangelicals, and how they became very disillusioned with him after he nominated not one evangelical to his cabinet, and was (much like Obama) an apologist for America who wanted to accept America's decline. Hmm… White Christians falling for an anti-American speaking prog… in the modern case it's obviously liberal guilt, but either way…

    Carter was also the typical prog / lib, trying to force private Christian schools to meet quotas – somewhat like the man who signed the “equal pay” law?

    Reagan was mocked as a non-intellectual, as a “B-movie” actor who was out of his league. Again.. sound familiar?

    They say history repeats itself…

    It's hard to say, because we are clearly in a different age today, with the 24-hour news cycle that is watching ever breath Palin takes.

    However, I think this TLC show she has is a positive, and her ability to snipe from the distance through Facebook is not just amusing, it is (IMHO) uncanny, in her ability to lead the debate against Obama and the prog agenda.

    So can she do it? Two years is a lifetime…

    As I replied to JACG in my recent Palin post, I'm not sure who I'd support, but I would not not support her, or strike out against her, as have many on the right have clearly decided to do.

  6. Adrienne –

    Do you think that (the difference between Reagan and Palin bashing) has to do with the 24 hour news cycle (cable, internet), or is it just different – perhaps because she is a woman who isn't the feminazi type, and that scares them?

    And if I may… we need Paul Ryan right where he is about to be, in charge of the House budget. Otherwise I'd say perhaps Sec. of Treasury, if a Republican were to appoint him.

    I also (just my opinion) think we should elect a governor or someone from the business world. Ryan has no executive experience, and that's proven to be a major issue with Obama (I know, that's an irrational comparison, but still – you see the point).

    We need to elect a leader who has been a leader, and who has gone through the process of appointments, delegating authority, and bringing parties together who otherwise would never come to terms. At least that's what I think…

    And as much as I like DeMint, he's said some things that the MSM will slaughter, and some of them very recently.

    He's much like Rick Santorum in that respect – probably very smart and might be a great leader, but I fear he'd be a ticket-killer.

  7. @Deekaman, I agree with your assessment here.

    @MJ, I don't know enough about Col. West, but from what I've seen, he is indeed incredibly impressive. We will need someone who can deal with terrorism, with potential nuclear threats, with a nation divided along the lines of race and class (BO's been working overtime on that one), and I think West fits the bill. I'd like to see him serve for a while, though. But that's the same with everyone I like at the moment for 2012: they're new and don't have records yet.

    @Bob, I like her, too, but not as president, at least not in 2012.

    @Deekaman again, Reagan had a lot going for him that Sarah doesn't. He was intelligent (just had the “actor” label suggesting otherwise, but anyone listening to him could hear that he knew what he was talking about inside and out), and he was also thoughtful and ready with a fast answer (not Sarah's strong suit, and she can't really have a debate and then go home and think about what she should have said and post it to Facebook).

    @Sol, just posted a lengthy response to your post on your page, so I think I covered this there.

    @Adrienne, you're right it was nothing like what is being done to Palin. Not in the same universe. I love Jim DeMint, but he may be too conservative for America (still a center-right country). I love Paul Ryan, too, and certainly hope that he considers running one day; not sure that he will in 2012, though. If he does, he has my support. I've been watching Jindal lately, he has promise. Maybe. Ugh, it's so frustrating to have no one at this stage of the game.

    @Sol, keep in mind that back then, the MSM put on a good show of being more fair and objective. They did cover both candidates, and while it was often evident whom they preferred, they didn't wear it on their sleeve like they do now. That didn't start until Dan Rather used fake documents to discredit President Bush, and from there, it went downhill until we all saw how the MSM was in the bag for BO. The media was never this bad before, not even close. And it's not going to get better, certainly not by 2012.

    This concept that the left is scared of Palin is probably over-blown. I think they were worried at one point, they said as much in the Journolist emails, but they did their attack work well, and now most of America sees what they wanted seen (and it ain't pretty). Not sure how or if she can undo that in only 2 years. I know that my liberal friends are totally concrete in their assessment of her, not budging. And as I asked you on your page, is the anything, ANYTHING at all, that BO could say or do to make you vote for him in 2012? People have just as strong negative feelings about Sarah as we do about BO. It's sad, I agree, and unfair, but it's fact. And I'm interested in fact because above all else we HAVE to win in 2012.

  8. If the state controlled media starts to “like” a GOP candidate, we need to RUN like hell. Remember what they did with McCain? He was their favorite GOPer, he got elected in the primary and then they destroyed him and Palin. So as long as they “dislike” Palin, that's a good sign.
    I'm not sure whether Palin will finally decide to run or not. I think (hope) she has enough smarts to know that if in the end it's not the best thing for the party, she backs down. She could get the nomination and lose the election…that would be a disaster (and a possibility). I like her a lot and think she would be a good president, I'm just not sure she's electable in a general. I would think that we would vote for anybody after Obama, though. Could it possibly get worse?
    Otherwise, I have no clue who stands out for the 2012 GOP candidacy.

  9. That vast middle is excruciatingly simple minded. Why do SO MANY people vote for a person and not what they believe in themselves. Sarah represents the beliefs of 70% of this country, but people will shy away from her because of the media. Look what the last “person vote” got us.

    PEOPLE! You know what you believe in … NOW VOTE that way … I feel better now!

  10. Wow, I am surprised at how rational these comments are. Normally when I see a post that isn't calling Palin our next president it is followed by a great deal of hate.

    I actually knew about Palin before she was nominated. I started telling friends about her right after it was clear that McCain would get the nomination.

    The main question to me in the primaries is going to be can they beat Obama. If I don't think that they can, I will not support that person. That is why I do believe that it must be someone that is off the radar to the squishy middle.

    I don't have the same test for the upcoming gop nominee that many on the right do. I don't see social issues as mattering very much right now. I also think that even Romney will be better than Obama. I am not a fan of his, but if we have a strong legislative branch, they and the tea party will keep him in line. I think that the senate candidates are more important. GOP has a real chance of taking the senate in two years. If we can get a strong leader who will keep the herd together, we will get Obamacare repealed and the size and scope of government scaled back. I will be ok with that.

    The government that we have today didn't happen in one cycle or two cycles. It was something that was done of a period of years. We need to look at this in the same way. We are not going to get everything we want in the election. We just need to get enough to derail our slide into socialism.

  11. @TCL, I like Sarah a lot, too, but like you, I feel that she may well win a Republican primary and then be beaten (really badly) in the general. That to me is more than a possibility and more of a probability. And the main reason that I do not support her if she isn't smart enough to see that her running would be a disaster (and I think she IS smart enough to see that, I hope so, anyway). McCain was a horror show candidate, a prog RINO who may be more of a gentleman and may love America, but is really no better than BO for big government, big spending, entitlements, and amnesty. Probably not a socialist, but who the hell knows how far he'd work with them to achieve their goals? That Sarah supports him to this day makes me queasy.

    @Odie, you make an excellent point, and Sarah does share our core values. I'm just tired, truly truly weary, of “superstars.” I want a president in whom I can believe, that I won't worry about when nukes start dropping and when our allies need to be cajoled back into believing in us (BO has done a LOT of damage to us on the international scene, more than is really covered by our media). Can she handle it? Maybe, but she'd have to win first. And that doesn't seem likely at all.

    @JACG, Yeah, did you see the horrors that were said to that poor girl over at Legal Insurrection when she dared critique Sarah? Or at Pajamas Media? That's one of the benefits of having a small blog, only like-minded people tend to come by. This is great with me, I'd rather not have to bother with the koolaid arm of the Tea Party who rant crazily about Sarah as if SHE is the Messiah. I'm Messiah'd out. No more Mmm mmm mmm for me.

    You make interesting points about Romney, too, ones I'll have to mull over. I cannot stand him, but then I live in MA and “know” him better than a lot of conservatives who didn't see what his “initiatives” did to our commonwealth. But you have a point, he's actually just like tofu and kind of absorbs whatever flavor or smell is around him, so as long as he had a strong Republican House and Senate, and the Tea Party nipping at his heals, he'd probably do the right things. But do we really, really really, want a president who has no independent ideology, who believes only what is popular at any given time, and who will agree to anything as long as he thinks it benefits him? And what happens if we don't win the Senate in 2012, just the WH? And then lose the House in 2014? He'd be a disaster of the first order with a dem-controlled Congress (look no further than MA for evidence of that).

    Yes, we definitely have to stop the slide into socialism, and we definitely have to reverse it or start reversing at some near point. That reversal will have to be well-timed, though, and won't be possible unless we win the WH in 2012. That's my sole concern, and I don't want to run anyone against BO who cannot win.

  12. I'm torn about her. She says a lot of the right things, but the whole McCain thing still has me wondering. I think if she had not resigned as Governor I could get behind her. She should have finished her term.

  13. @Trestin, agreed, on all points (except the being torn about her, I'm pretty much deciding that she's not the answer in 2012, however much I may like her personally and resent the way that she's been treated.)

  14. The short answer is that we need someone new, but we need someone who has respectable significant leadership experience and can be checked out fairly easily.

    I don't know who that is today. Like MJS, I'd be more than willing to take Allen West. I'm a quick study on people and he is the real deal, just as I knew obama was a pile of crap in mid 2006 when that whole thing fired up. I'd like to see LTC West as the first black president, but I think it is overly optimistic to expect a freshman congressman to get the job done in 2012. Maybe 2016 or 2020 for sure if we get a two termer in 2012.
    There are some things I love about Sarah Palin, mainly her obvious love for America and freedom, but she is not going to make it in 2012. She is not electable to the White House. She should do Senator first, then maybe.

    I'd vote FOR a Bobby Jindahl or an Allen West. Short of that, I expect to once again just be voting AGAINST the Dem/Commie candidate as I did in 00, 04, and 08.

    God, I just hope it's not Romney, Huck, McCain, or any of the other usual suspects.

  15. I'm afraid that Palin is too damaged. Not only did the Alinskyites do a number on her, they haven't let up. She makes one miscue, and it's national news. The POTUS lies his posterior off, and all you hear is the sound of crickets.

  16. I like Palin too but am unsure whether she could win in the general election. Sol is right – the similarities between Palin and Reagan are uncanny. In fact there was a Times article posted awhile back criticizing everything about Palin (or was it a switcharoo?) to a T and then at the end you come to find out that the names were changed and the media had the same concerns about Reagan as they do today about Palin. She is the person with the largest following and I believe that her show can break the ice and persuade people to change their minds about her, see her in a different light, as a different person than the Left has tried to paint her.

    Now, I am not wed to Sarah Palin as being the Presidential nominee since I do like others such as Mike Pence and Sen. John Thune but I don't see anyone else who has the charisma like she does out there. Well, okay, there's Huckabee and he's pretty good (better than Romney IMO) and has the following without the political baggage but I see no other people at this point besides Huckabee and Palin who have the kind of following needed to beat Obama in 2012.

    The election is about 2 years from now and I am open to many of those possible GOP nominess who were featured on Fox.

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