Facebook Issues

Grrr . . . for some reason I can’t do anything on Facebook except play games.  I can’t post to my wall (update status), join chat, accept or send friend or game requests . . . nothing.  It’s very frustrating, and it doesn’t help that FB “help” sucks beyond all belief. 

Is anyone else having this problem or does anyone know how to fix it?




10 thoughts on “Facebook Issues

  1. Thanks, guys, it's all set now.

    @DeanO, they don't, really. Just user questions and no answers. Sucked.

    @Trestin, Firefox, it seemed to work again after I cleared the cache, but I was tinkering with everything and have no idea what actually worked and what didn't. I suck at 'puters.

    @Deekaman, I've had on and off probs. This wasn't too bad (last time my profile was gone, my pic was blank, it wasn't working. No idea what that was, either, it just cleared up after a few days to a weekish.).

  2. I was going to accuse you of being inept, but we all know that isn't true. You were there before at the first weekly “conference”. Facebook is changing things around and offering a new look to everyone. It would be my guess you were caught in a revamp snafu caused BY Facebook.

    SO, chin up and we'll look forward to seeing you there this Saturday.

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