Please Go

Okay, so I wasn’t going to post on this because everyone else has done it . . . and done it so so so so very well.  But I just can’t resist.  I mean the president of the United States of America just slunk off to a Christmas party because MO was presumably threatening another of her famed evil eye death glares.  Or something.  And he left, at the helm, former president Bill Clinton.  You know, the guy who actually is articulate and charming; the guy who doesn’t travel with or need ten teleprompters (or even one); the guy who doesn’t “erm,” “gaaaah,” and “duuhhh” his way through twenty minute non-answers; the guy who–let’s face it–speaks and thinks circles around the Idiot in Chief.  Whatever we think of Bill Clinton, and most of us don’t think much of him (or of him much), he’s definitely a better . . . well, just about everything than BO. 

Whose idea was that let’s go talk to the press right this minute plan?  And whose head is going to roll because of it?  My guesses:  Clinton’s and Gibbs’.  Clinton, savvy and smarmy and oh so good with the politicking, had to know, just had. to. know., that BO was going to look like the biggest loser in the world when he turned over the presser to Clinton.  Can’t you just hear Clinton sort of chuckling (with his trademark self-deprecation) over the bumbler’s latest idiocy?  With that twinkle in his eye, that “gotcha” twinkle we all got so used to in the ’90s?  And Gibbs.  Oh dear.  He’ll take the heat for this one.  After all, the Moron of All Morons in Chief gave him a direct order, to call last question and get Clinton out of there.  But gibbering Gibbsy is no match for the wily and slick Slick Willy.  Nope, Gibbs stammered, he stumbled, he got all red in the face and bloated-looking, but he just couldn’t get Clinton to give over.  Oops. 

Amateur hour.  For two more years.  Or maybe we can do what Clinton did and simply tell BO, “please go.”




15 thoughts on “Please Go

  1. @RR, omg, I thought so, too! He was standing there trying to look amused, but you could almost see the smoke coming out of his ears. Clinton is absolutely wonderful in front of the camera and great with the press and never snippy and nasty and rude like BO is. He must have been kicking himself for letting Billy Boy talk him into it the second he saw how adept Clinton is AND how much the press preferred the interchange with Clinton. That must have rankled, too. So smirking and trying not to snarl, he just hissied himself out of there. Pitiful. And woefully stupid.

    @Trestin, heh, who'd think that any of use would rather have Biden, much less Carter, than this boob? I really would rather have Clinton or Biden (or yes, gag, Carter).

  2. Hi Fuzzy! THis was the funny of the week. I saw this again on the Sunday news shows, and that twinkle of Bubba's eye was there, he was actually laughing at the tard. It was hilarious. One of the commentors said this was totally unplanned. I think it was Clinton who suggested, let's go have a press conf. right now….they walked to the room and the door was locked!!!
    Them bammy called gibbsy and gibbs said “give me 5 minutes”.

    Love it, Bubba set this up from the get go, and the pantload in chief played right into his hands.
    I hope you are having a nice holiday season. Too cold out here.

  3. I'd like to think that we bottomed out when Obama took office – but we need to make sure that somebody out there isn't in the wings waiting to be the newest worst one.

    I thought once Carter was gone that he'd be the last really bad president in my lifetime – and I couldn't have been more wrong.

  4. Aside from Shillary's 'vast right wing conspiracy' I don't recall Bubba Clinton or any other president ever referring to members of the other party as 'enemies' and 'hostage takers', I can't recall any other president besides little Barry berate the American people & even the press the way this hateful little idiot does. I think he's mentally ill and still using drugs.
    ANYBODY would be better than Barry right now. I've seen 7-11 clerks who are more professional & articulate.

  5. The man-child president let an actual adult have the microphone. Obama is a rigid Leftist. His ludicrous remarks, calling the other party 'enemies' and 'hostage takers' shows evidence of his rigid Leftist ideology again. He is so so immature and is the most disgraceful president ever!

  6. obama is literally an imbecile. Subjects he has tele-recited before, he can at least stay on the subject but put him in a new situation and he is as lost as lost can be.

    And then to use his wife ! Jeez. I'd have said, I've got to go order up some cruise missiles or something manly at least ! hahaha 'I gotta go, my wife's gettin mad.' LOL ! Hey guess what michelle, even if that was true, the prez is a 24 hr a day job !

    Imbeciles !

    Obama in the war room as N Korea begins hurling 500,000 artillery shells at Seoul. “I gotta go, Michelle is getting Seriously Pissed.” LOL.
    If the imbecile wasn't doing so much damage he'd be funnier than Joe O'Biden.

  7. @Odie, heh

    @Opus, hee! Silly wabbit.

    @Bunni, yeah, I tend to think that Clinton knew what this would look like. Funny how the leftist media is trying to this spin this into a positive for BO, but not surprising. They'd call anything he does wonderful, no matter how horrible and heinous it is.

    @LL, well, there will always be someone nefarious waiting in the wings, my hope is that America has learned her lesson on this one and never again elects a president about whom we know next to nothing. The fringe media put all their credibility on the line on this one, and lost. They won't have the power they did in 2006-08 ever again.

    @CL, he was, wasn't he? It strikes me how totally different he is when talking to the press, almost as if he actually *gasp* respects them as human beings. Crazy.

    @MJ, so true. He's a horror show, and he's so incredibly clueless, attacking everyone and anyone. What gets me is that people “poo poo” the president of the United States of America declaring any segment of the population as his “enemies.” He's head of state, that necessarily means that he's cast American citizens as enemies of the state simply for disagreeing with him. Let me think, where else do we have dissent being a crime against government . . . .

    @Teresa, well said!

    @Kid, he's got zero in the way of people skills, that's for sure. And I really do wonder, quite often of late, if he's got anything in the way of intellect. He seems to be the “sponge” sort of “learner” who absorbs information and ideology but doesn't actually understand it.

  8. Fuzzy, No, the understanding is not there. Just by the fact that he's far left would prove that, but otherwise, I have never seen him in an adlib situation where he didn't trip all over himself.

  9. I had stopped laughing at the Obama/Clinton exchange until I read your post. Now I'm LOL again. I think you are right that Clinton engineered the whole thing with a twinkle in his eye. I wish Obama didn't have the last laugh though.

    Thanks much for the link!

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