Flashback: Remember When BO Scoffed at George Stephanopoulos on Definition of "Tax"

I wrote about it at the time, but it’s worth watching again in light of Virginia’s ruling that the ObamaCare individual mandate is unconstitutional, in part because the administration was so insistent during the “debate” (steamrolling) that the penalty for not meeting the individual mandate was not a tax but is now fighting legal challenges on the basis that it IS a tax (better to break a campaign promise and raise taxes on ALL Americans, including those BO promised he’d never raise taxes on–those making under $250,000–than to have ObamaCare tossed out because it’s unconstitutional).

So, without further ado, here’s the interview from last September.  The tax stuff is the whole damn thing because of course BO can’t answer a straight question without waffling on for ages, but you can skip to 3:08ish when Stephanopoulos reminds BO that he was against the mandate before he was for it.  Then BO stomps his whittle feeties and pounds his bitty fisties demanding that poor old George believe that the penalty for not buying what the government orders you to buy is. not. a. tax.


Go ahead, George, send BO a dictionary for Christmas.  He needs one.




10 thoughts on “Flashback: Remember When BO Scoffed at George Stephanopoulos on Definition of "Tax"

  1. Remember, Obama is a lawyer by profession, and his education and training compell him to support any side of the issue that seems politically expedient at the time. Or, even both sides.

    Which begs the question: what's the difference between a catfish and a lawyer? (stop me if you've heard that one…)

  2. He and his friends on the Right are trying to raise taxes on everyone. The estate tax is going to 35% under this crap agreement. If you leave your kids the family farm or house, they'll probably have to sell it to pay the unethical death taxes.

    Thank you Congressman Boehner, you cry baby!

  3. Any time the government takes property by force for goods or services that the individual did not receive through a voluntary agreement to exchange, that's a tax.

    It's also stealing.

  4. @Kerry, heh

    @Deekaman, I know the feeling.

    @Fredd, I haven't heard that one, actually . . .

    @Odie, this is the most anti-American and unAmerican law ever. Taxing someone's American Dream so that his (or her) family is forced to sell off parts of it to pay taxes (again on the same money!). This is one of those laws that really really ticks me off. Right up there with ObamaCare, actually. It's THAT unAmerican.

    @Bastiatarian, yep. On both counts.

    @QR, hee, tru dat!

  5. and…. why are the people “who can't afford insurance” still not going to have insurance under the HC evilness.
    Why was McDonald's and Burger King, the employers of maybe the largest group of uninsured workers given a 'waiver'

    Jumpin Catfish.

  6. @Kid, we always knew that it wouldn't work, and I think they know it, too. The plan is to push the private insurers out of the market and take over health care completely. They've been very clear about their goals.

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